Thursday, May 19, 2011

Visit from Ryoko!

We were lucky enough to have Ryoko come and stay with us in early March. She is such a darling girl that my parents and sisters met shortly after getting to Japan. My sisters and parents were introduced to her and her mother by one of their teachers from the MTC. She was in Japan visiting her family in my parents mission and brought Ryoko and her mom to the mission home to meet my family. Well one thing let to another and rather than going to dinner like they had all planned my dad had the AP's come and teach them the first lesson. Ryoko's mother is a member of the church but has not been active for years. Ryoko fell in love with the gospel and they continued to come over and be taught by the missionaries. My sisters felt such a part of this whole thing and fell in love with Ryoko and her mother. When I went to Japan I got to meet Ryoko and her mother and they took such great care of us! They took us to this water park and we got to spend time doing all kinds of fun things with them, including sitting in on a discussion. Ryoko we baptized this last winter and come to visit friends in the states before she started her new job. So we got to have her come and spend a few days with us. We did a lot of shopping, went to Tangled with the girls, and got to have a party, and going to Jump on it, then to Taco Bell (my kids are still talking about when we got to go to Taco Bell with everyone) with her and other family members! Here are some pics from Jump on it!

We had so much fun with her! She was such a delight to have in our house! Our girls fell in love with her and infact she never sat up front with me because the grils would freak out that she wasn't sitting by them! They followed her around and even found her make up (K I was totally enbaraced that they got into her stuff). She make Curry rice for us one night.... so good by the way! LoVe Curry! She left us all with little gifts! Thanks for comming to stay with us and taking such good care of us!

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