Thursday, May 19, 2011

Stella Post!

I realize in all of this catching up there are a lot of funny little Molly stories and things she has said, but I don't want to miss out on what is going on with little Stell Bell.
She is my crazy child she is gone in a flash and has no fear which equals total nut case for mom! I'm always holding her hand or wrist so tight because if she takes off I know with my back I stand no chance in catching her. There have been countless times she has escaped and ended up in the street. She is the life of the party, and if there is no party, well she creates it! We have recently put the girls in the same room and that has just about killed me. She has never been a sleeper and now that she has the freedom of a bed she can get in and out of, well lets just say she is out of it more than she is in it! I have gone in on several occasions and Molly will be totally out of it drooling all over her pillow and Stella has the shutters open and will be sitting on Molly's bed playing with barbies or polly's or just looking at books. She is so funny! It has gotten a little bit better lately lets hope we stay on this path.
Stella is one of the most modest people ever! There is Molly who wonders why I hold a towel up at the pool when she is getting out of her swim suit and into her clothes. Then there is stella who refused to have her diaper changed (expecially in front of boys) with others around, or even change her clothes. She will hide in her closet to put her pj's on at night so "nobody see me naked". As modest as she is she is in LOVE with her swim suits. she will put them on everyday (it's between that or a fancy dress, sunday is the only day of the week I don't have to fight her to get ready). She Loves to swim and is obsessed with it. She is always ready and asking when her next swim lesson is the sec she gets out of the pool.
She is Birthday obsessed! I will be in a store any store at all it could be the grocery store and she will say "Oh I really really really want that for my birthday! Can I have that for my birthday, really I want that! Please!" all of this before I can even respond. My response always... "We'll have to see!" she is always talking about what she will do for her birthday, what she will eat, the kind of cake she wants and on and on. I know that this probably comes from Molly. Molly is the same way and I think that come form preschool. I'm glad that I have 2 little girls who love their birthdays! I can't believe that my baby will be 3 in a few months.
Along with the crazy she is my sweet and sensitive one. She is always the first one to say thank you for dinner or anything for that matter. She is always excited about the little things I try to do for them. And when I carry her in form the car she pulls her little legs up and wraps her arms so tight around my neck I feel like I'm holding a little monkey! I love it! Really one of my favorite moments! But don't try to push any affection on her or from her.... it is on her terms and her terms only. She can be a turkey when she tells me "you are the worst mommy ever!" or Kris that "you are the worst daddy ever!" but she can also be the sweetest when she will say "I have the best daddy ever ever ever!" She wants to be just like her older sister and keep up with what she is doing. If fact the other day I was working on articles of faith with molly and Stella was in the kitchen with Kris saying one. Kris said "i think she could get this one" so with about 5 extra min of work with Stella she had the 10th article of faith memorized! That is not an easy one either! Just now she was going with Kris to pick Molly up form school and said "If you need us call us!" I just can't believe that my baby is growing up so fast! I love this little girl! I'm glad that she is ours! I'm a lucky mom!

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Katheryn Wiederhold said...

ha ha love the video. I especially loved the call I got to hear her recite her article of faith. and Molly's. Smart girls you have. I bragged about how my nieces are so smart to my in-laws. :)