Thursday, May 19, 2011

One Wedding, One Farewell, and One visitor!

One major benefit to having a sister get married while my parents are serving in Japan for 3 years is that my mom got to come home. My dad obviously couldn't come but was put on a large screen so that family and friends could talk to him on skype during the reception. It was nice to have my mom here for a bit. The time went way to fast and she had a ton to get done while she was here but we will take the time that we can get. Also We got to have Whitney's farewell while she was here. After all of the fun craziness of Kathryn's wedding and Whitney's farewell my mom left and took Whit with her. Whit came back just a week before she went into the MTC. We all piled into one car and dropped her off at the MTC. I don't know that anyone had ever seen a car with people that just kept piling out but it was nice and hard to be able to say goodbye at the MTC. Cute Side note and funny story about Stella.
So when I go to the hospital for my Dr. appointments there is this big apartment complex right by it that we pass every time. And it's kind of that orange yellowish color brick, it looks just like the brick they have used at the MTC. So we pass it all the time and then one day out of the blue Stella said "Look mommy, there is Whitney's mission." It was so cute! It took me a sec to try to figure out what she was saying, but she totally remembers taking Whit to the MTC and the fact that she would link those two things together and the appartment compelx could totally look like the MTC. I love that my kids have those memories and that they do remember them.

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