Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Daddy's Little Helper.

Kris had a lot to do in the yard yesterday and Molly was more than happy to go out and keep him company. She loves her daddy. She was so cute. I love watching the two of them. She was helping pick up the apples that had fallen off the tree... one of our favorite jobs. She is a good helper.

Friday, October 23, 2009

First Hair Cuts!

I know! My girls have not had hair cuts EVER and they are 3 and 1. I know Kris likes long hair so I have kept Molly's hair long not to mention that I have never wanted my girls to have short hair because I don't want people to think that they look like boys... If I had boys I would be all about the short hair. Molly's hair is just so thin and fine and it looks like that when it's down, so I have to put it up everyday; however, when I do put it up there is still some hair in the back that is just not quite long enough to stay in the pigtails so it always falls out. And Stella's hair is getting so long in the front that I couldn't see her eyes when she pulled out her bow. It was time for a hair cut for both of them so after thinking about this for weeks and building up the courage to take them to get their hair cut I saw that my friend Brooke had taken her little boy Jace to get his hair cute at Cookie Cutters (kid salon). So I called to get the details and find out what she thought about it. Molly had gone to play with a friend that day and when I went to pick Molly up my friend Sara said something like her little boy needed a hair cut. I asked where she takes her kids and she said that she cuts hair and has a salon in her basement. R E KIDDING ME? I asked if she wanted to do the girls hair and we set something up and so Tuesday after I picked Molly up form school we headed right over to Sara's house and she cute the girls hair. It's so nice to be able to see Stella's eyes and yet still pin it up with a clip and what can I say about Molly's! I LOVE IT! I wish I wouldn't have waited so long to have it cut, but i think Sara was a big part of that. She did a great job and I think Molly loved that London her friend was sitting by here while she was getting her hair cut.
When we had gotten home form getting their hair cut the girls had both had it and were in desperate needed of a nap. So I came home and put them both down. When Molly woke up she was so funny. She calls elastics "Piggies" and so when she got up she said "Mommy I lost my piggies in my bed and I can't find them." I told her that she wasn't wearing piggies because she had gotten a hair cut. She looked at me and said "Oh I want to see." running into the bathroom she climbed up on her stool and just looked at herself in the mirror and then after a while she said touching her hair, "Oh mom, It's so cute. It looks just like Jody's. It's so cute." She loves that her hair looks like Jody's and she looks so much older to me and i think it's added more sass to Molly. It's darling Thanks so much Sara, you rock!

Molly and London (London wanted a bun like Molly had) They were so cute together.
I should have gotten Sara in this picture, she is so dang cute.
I love the stacked look of the back. And I can still put a clip or bow in to make her look even more like a girl, but I think she looks like a girl.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Few Hours Turned Into A 3 Day Obsession!

I had a couple of hours on Thursday when Molly was at preschool and I had put Stella down for an early nap, that never happens, but Kris was home and could go pick up Molly and Stella was so exhausted and kept falling apart. So I took the opportunity to do a quick pick up of my kitchen, long story short I was putting something away that lead to cleaning out a cupboard which lead into my 3 day clean out obsession. I can now say every drawer and cupboard is cleaned out and organized. It feels amazing. I almost want to just keep my cupboards open so that I can truly enjoy it. To bad that is not the part of my house everyone sees. I love to clean out and organize. This is one of my favorite things to do and I fell so much better when things have a place and are in that place! Some things just needed touch ups and others needed a full over haul, but it's done and it feels great! Now onto the desk and then onto the toys! Here is what my kitchen looks like now:) I didn't take before shots. I know I have to show it off... I mean when will anyone ever see it? I think I'll sleep really well tonight! Well lets hope!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Halloween '09

My 2 Little Witches! Full of only the good things witches are made of.
Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

With Home Ownership Comes...


That's right our basement flooded a week and a half a go and now we have had to pull up the carpet & mat due to molding and replace it all... bitter sweet! I really wanted new floors down there and wasn't loving what we had, but we would have liked to put money elsewhere. It's been fun to figure out what was leaking... luckily for us it wasn't a huge deal. The main water valve we dripping, so we just replaced that and the water has seemed to stop. Drying out the basement was a whole other thing. It took several days and thanks to my neighbors fan it went a lot faster. The smell has ether gone away... or I'm just getting use to it (I really hope it's not the latter.) We are now looking at new flooring for that room and I'm hoping to get the other 2 rooms done as well. We might as well get it all done in one shot. This just happened at not the best time. I have one room in the basement totally done (the play room). The work out room was almost done. Now nothing is done because we hat to move all of the stuff from the work out room (that was the room that flooded) into the playroom. Oh the basement will never get done!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Thriller '09

Last year I loved Thriller so much when my mother in law took all of us girls. When my mom called me a few weeks ago and told me that she had tickets for all of us to Thriller I was excited to say the least. This time we took spouses which was so much fun. I loved going with Kris. We had a blast and it was so nice to have a babysitter and have 2 hours alone in the car with just Kris and me. It was so nice to just talk and spend time with Kris. I loved Thriller and was not 1/2 as creeped out by all of the wandering zombies this year. Oh I just love this so much I could go every week, it just gets you in the Halloween mood. Now if I can just get the girls costumes done we will be ready for the spooky Halloween.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Long Over Due Stats Post!

O K! I've been meaning to write this post for a long time. I took both girls in July for their well child check ups. Here are the stats and a little of what they were doing at this time.

Molly's 3 Year Stats
26 lb 9 oz 6% (Finally made it out out of the 2%)
3' 0" tall 20%

Molly has hit a very Independent stage. She wants to do everything by herself.
She is a huge Chocolate Milk drinker and will only drink that.
She is loving having a playmate, best friend, her Sister in the house with her all the time.
This is the year she starts Preschool.
She Spells and Writes her own name (with the exception of the y... that's a tricky letter for her)
She carries her Green Blankie everywhere with her.
She Sucks her Thumb (only when she has her green blankie.)
She loves Movies, Barnie, Elmo, Strawberry Shortcake, Incredibles, rescuers
Her Vocabulary is amazing. She shocks me all the time.
She loves to Read, her favorite book is Pinkalicious, but she loves to read anything.
Her favorite color is Pink.

Stella's 1 Year Stats

20 lb 0 oz 29%
30 1/2 in long 85 %
47.5 cm head circumference 95%

Stella got some shots and Stella didn't like that but Molly didn't either. She is always so worried about her little sister.

Measles, Mumps & Rubella (MMR)
Chickenpox Vaccine
Hep A

Stella is a Daddy's Girl.
She loves to Chew on anything and everything.
She is a Runner, I don't think she walks anywhere.
She has Energy, and it's electric.
She says Mama & Daddy (I think some times she gets those mixed up.)
She is a Climber, anywhere she can get to. She can't always get down, but she can get up.
She has a true obsession with the Toilet, that is her favorite place to play.
She is a Goer, she can't hold still for long. She has to be going.
She likes her Milk a certain way, but has a hard time holding still long enough to drink it.
She loves her Pink & Brown Blankie, she carries it around the house.
She loves Babies, she will carries dolls around our house and say "Baby".

Friday, October 9, 2009

My New Favorite Molly Story.

I had picked up Molly form preschool yesterday and she was so funny. She said "Mommy, I'm so proud you came to pick me up, but I really miss daddy and want him to come home form work." I totally agreed and so I told her we could go and see daddy at work. On our way home from Kris's office I was asking her about preschool. She was telling me how she
"went on the see-saw with my friend Elizabeth."
"I like my friend Elizabeth, and my friend Anna, but Stella is my BEST friend!"
(She really stressed best)

I just wanted to start to cry right then. I was so touched by her honesty and her grasp on the fact that she and Stella spend so much time together and that Stella is truly her best friend. I hope she always remembers that. They have their moments, but in the end it's family that really counts and I'm so glad that she thinks of Stella as her best friend. Especially because she is so young and I know she has no idea that she will have a lot of friends that come and go in her life, but there will always be family. This was such a tender moment for me as a mom. It's moments like this that I love to witness. What a sweet little girl I have.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Kris went to pick up Molly from preschool today and was greeted by on of her teachers and was told this funny story.
She and Molly were playing on the little pretend car out on the play ground, and the teacher asked Molly were they were driving to. Molly said she didn't know. The teacher said "I like McDonald's. Maybe we should go there and I can get a Diet Coke." Molly said back I like McDonald's too, We should go there. The teacher said that they should pretend to go. Molly shot right back with... "You can go in your real car, and I will wait here for you."
Oh my little fry lover! This girl just cracks me up.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Conference Weekend.

Oh I love Conference weekend. I love the feel and smell of the air the relaxed feel of just sitting together and listening to such inspiring words of the Prophets and Apostles. When we were planing our trip to Powell I told Kris I had to be back for conference. I didn't want my parents to have to wrestle with the girls during conference and I wanted to be home with them.
Sat morning we got up and I made German Pancakes for breakfast....so good high in fat, but hey it's conference weekend. Then we enjoyed the 1st session and the girls were actually really good. Then Kris went out to get the lawn cut and taken care of and there was an ice cream truck that went up our street... K, I totally remember those when I was a kid and I have not seen them for years. I stuck my head out the door and asked if he wanted to take Molly out there. Molly picked a snow cone... funny girl. The second session was really good too. Stella was sleeping and Molly occupied with a movie. I know I try but how can I expect a 3 year old to sit and watch all of conference? So then Kris went to Priesthood with his brother (who didn't go to Powell due to he and his wife having twins a few months ago, We totally missed them) and his grandpa. I had a babysitter and then did some random running around and shopping. That night when I got home Kris had gotten home just before me and had put the remaining unsleeping child in bed and then we got to just hang out... after all no 9am church to get everyone ready for. I love that.
Sunday.... Ok I know this is kind of funny, but I loved it and think it will become a new family tradition. Sat night I had to Kris's dismay put up the tent in our living room. He kept asking me what I was doing and i told him that he would see. So Molly was totally enthralled with the tent. She kept asking why the tent was up. I kept telling her I would tell her in a little bit. I make our homemade buttermilk pancakes (thanks Cam) with homemade syrup, SOOOOOOOO YUMMY! I put it all on trays and then took it to the tent so we cold eat. I opened the little kids scriptures and talked to Molly about how a long time ago people didn't really have nice houses like we do today. We talked about King Benjamin who was a great kind and leader. He was getting old and wanted to talk to all of his people and tell them the things that he was feeling Heavenly Father wanted them to know. So he told everyone to come so that they could hear what he would say. I told Molly how he stood on a tall tower and everyone put their tents with the door open toward the tower so they could hear what King Benjamen would say. Then I told her all about President Monson and how he was a prophet form God and that he was going to talk to us, just like a long time ago when King Benjamin talked to his people. I told her how important it was to listen to what he had to say, and that he would tell us such amazing things. It was actually really fun. I let Molly come and go and told her that she did need to listen as soon as President Monson was speaking. She did pretty well. Both Molly and Stella love the tent. It did come down as soon as conference was over and Molly has been asking about it ever since. I feel that I was spiritually feed. I loved all of the talks. I loved to listen to President Monsen and I loved the heart surgeon that talked about heart transplants and then related it to being spiritually hardened. I actually loved them all. It's so hard to feel like I want to narrow it down. I can't wait to read them again. Oh I love the fall I love conference. What an amazing blessing it is in my life.
K sorry I forgot to flip this pic. Oh well. Our Sat morning German Pancakes.
Breakfast time.
Molly on her way out to help daddy with the lawn.
Ice cream truck.
Molly and her snow cone.
Sunday morning breakfast.
My girls loving the tent. Let's pray and eat mom! Really! Ya gotta love conference... you don't have to do your hair and you can hang out in sweats all day long!