Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rosander Christmas Party!

This year we had a fun family Christmas party with the Rosanders. Santa came and brought gifts for each of the children and I was so shocked that Molly was so brave... honestly I think it's because Beckham and Mason were so happy about the whole thing and were excited and of course Molly has to try to keep up with her cousins she she was thrilled. She was laughing so funny which tells me deep down she was really nervous, but she put on a happy face and was thrilled with her little princess Polly Pocket that Santa had brought. Stella was totally freaked out and didn't want to sit on Santa's lap at all, but she all so got a darling princess Polly Pocket. It was so funny because After I sat down with here in the quietest vice Stella said "Thank you Santa" no prodding no prompting just pure gratitude. She is always so sweet that way! But the poor thing was so scared of Santa her whole body was just shaking the whole time and had to be held, but even thought she was scared to death she was so grateful and said thank you. No body but me could probably hear it, but she did say it louder so that he could hear later. Anyway fun night!

Poor Stella was shaking so bad and refused to be put down. When we came in the room she clung to Jody and then she moved to our lap and really wouldn't leave our side until Santa left.
Molly just soaking up every second of Santa and watching all of the other kids sit on his lap and get their gifts!
Stella working to get her gift for as far away as she could get!
Molly a little nervous, but acting brave!
Rosander fam!

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