Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Molly's Apartment!

So Molly has this little spot in our house that she calls her "apartment" It's this tiny corner between the wall and the entertainment center. She will sit in there and open one of the doors on the entertainment center so that is her door and she feels closed off from the rest of us. Really it's about 16 in by about 16 in deep. She sits on the soft toys and will color or read books or sometimes just hide, but she always refers to it as "my apartment". One day after she had spent a long time in her apartment (I had not really been paying attention, I mean how much trouble can you get in in a tiny space?) Well this is what I found....

She had decorated her appartment with all kinds of pictures that she had drawn some out of coloring books. She had put them all up using post it notes to keep them up! Well she has her own ideas for decortating. So funny! I sure love her creative brain! This was in Nov 2010

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