Friday, February 26, 2010

Stella And The Drawer!

Oh This one is classic!
Last week was kind of a crazy week. A week ago Sunday I was scheduled to talk at New Beginnings for Young Women. Although I had been studding and making notes and studying more and making more notes I really had to take some time to sit down and sift though and collect all of my thoughts and put them into one talk. So Friday I really planned to sit down and go though everything. My kids are good kids, creative (sometimes too creative) and play well together, but usually need supervision. Well I knew they were playing in Molly's room and they were playing well and I had a lot to figure out so I sat at the counter studying and listened to them laugh and fight and everything in be tween. I could hear laughing and then Molly came out very distraught, almost in tears while I could hear Stella's screams from her room. She looked at me and the conversation went something like this...
Molly: Mommy Stellas crying.
Me: I know I can here her, why are you crying?
Stella: Crying gets louder and louder and more hysteric.
Molly: Mommy Stellas really crying.
Me: Molly I know Stella is crying that doesn't mean you need to be crying.
Stella: Getting louder and even more hysteric!
Molly: But Mommy Stella's stuck.
Me: Running to the room... "Why didn't you tell me that!"
Stella: Screaming even louder and faster and more hysteric.

I go into Molly's room and totally can't see her, but can hear her. I was thinking at first that she was stuck under the bed but then I realized that the cries were coming from the dresser. All of the drawers were pulled out and I was trying to figure out how in the world she got behind all of the drawers. I started to try to pull them out but I couldn't get them out. I was kind of starting to panic still trying to pull out the drawers.

Molly leaning against the wall sucking her thumb and clinging to her blankie. She was definitely panicking. Poor Stella was just screaming.

Then I realized what was going on. Stella was in the bottom drawer. She was sitting down was bend over like she was stretching her hamstrings. She was trying to sit up and that is why i couldn't pull out the drawers. she was stuck between the two drawers. Once I knew what was going on I was able to put my hand in through the side of the drawer and push her down more until I could get the other drawer shut!
By the time I got her out she was just shaking and crying. She hung on tight to me, that doesn't happen often, but she is one who bounces back quick and all though she was still shaking but was ready to go go go! She just cracks me up!

(This is the draw that she climbed into the bottom one to be exact.)

All In A Days Work!

Trying to prepare for the New Beginning talk this is what was going on... in addition to Stella in the drawer.

The girls emptied my snack bags in Molly's room... SWEET!

Dishes... Never ends. I remeber my sister in law (who has two kids about my kids age) telling me they only ran the dishwasher every other or every 3 days because they don't have that many dishes to do..... Are You Kidding me? We run it atleast once a day, if not more, I'm totally not kidding or exagerating ether!

Studying, so this isn't the most typical I'm usually preventing kids in drawers or emptying my kitchen drawers and the spoons in the toilet or snack bags emptied and dishes and cleaning and all that!

Fighting... Never fail sisterly love!

Running.... They are here and then they are gone

Dress up. Molly loves to dress up, but not as much with clothing (other than the stuff in Stella's closet that is the 3-6 month clothing, a whole other post) Yet she changes her clothing at least 4 times a day . Stella, she loves shoes! She was so funny. She put my boots on and was walking around the house but they are so big on her that she kept falling over and would get so mad. So then she does this downward dog yoga pose and tries to kick them off the whole time she just screams!

Dinner... 4:50 dad will be home in about 10 min, What's for dinner? Dinner, What's that?
All in a days work!

That night Kris and I were off to the temple for ward temple night and with out a babysitter I wasn't planning on going, but then I got a call from my sister who offered to watch the kids, until I got a phone call from my sister that was so kind to come with her husband and watch the kids so that I could go to the temple... It's been a long time since I was able to go with my husband to ward temple night for lack of a sitter. What a relief and what a nice end to a routine and exhausting day!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Captain Underpants!

Molly's nick name is "Captain Underpants"! This child is classic! The first thing she dose when she walks in the door is strips her cloths off and runs around in her underwear all day! You can bribe, threaten, or coax her, but to no avail! She loves the freedom and even at preschool she will fully take off her pants to put her snow pants on to go outside. The other day I went to pick her up and she was changing out of her snow pants back to her jeans and she had to get her pants out of her bag in the hall so here is my sweet little "Captain Underpants" walking down the hall in her underwear. Oh boy! So the other day Kris was outside washing the car and it was like 23 degrees out there. Stella had just gotten up from her nap and I went in to change her diaper and get her up and going again. I opened the shutters so that she could see and wave to daddy when I realized he wasn't the only one out there. There was Molly in her underwear and rain boots, that's all! REaLLy! So here is a snapshot of her headed back into the house!

Birthday Boy!

Wow!!!! 37!!!! After last years birthday (which was more like mine than Kris's) I decided to try to redeem myself this year! I had several gift ideas all of which fell though, but won't discuss them in hopes that one or two might pan out for a future birthday.

The morning started off early for me. I couldn't sleep and so I got up and got balloons and streamers out and then I headed to the store for a few things. I left everyone sound asleep. On my way out of the store I called Kris to see if he was up and if the girls were up and to warn him not to make breakfast. Oh the way home I picked up hotcakes form McDonald's and some chocolate donuts from the gas station (he loves the chocolate donuts). I got home and Kris was on the treadmill... good thing it was a high fat high calorie day! I had breakfast out and waiting for him when he came up and we greeted him with "happy birthday" song!

Then it was all up to him. He said that he wanted to watch "Up" with the girls and and then we put Stella down for a nap and Kris went to wash my car! Molly and I cleaned out her closet and did some much needed cleaning and waited for Kris to get home. When he got home Stella was up and he was just finishing his car out front. I went to get Stella up and changed and looked out the window at Kris and guess who was outside with him? Yep Molly 23 degrees and she is out there in her underwear and rain boots! Oh boy!
Once Kris was done with the cars and I had retrieved Molly, Kris wanted to go swimming... so we all went. The girls loved it! Not only do they love swimming because they just love it but their favorite thing of all time is spending time with their daddy! They are both very much daddies girls!
We stopped and picked up food from one of Kris's all time favorite Italian restaurants and come home to eat it. We ate a late lunch early dinner and then Kris took the girls and put them into the tub while I worked on his birthday treat! Kris isn't much of a sweet lover and he likes yellow cake ok but usually takes off half or all of the frosting. Being as he just likes cake ok I opted for something different this year, peach cobbler! This is one of Kris's favorites! So that is what we did sat and sun. We had cobbler and ice cream and then opened gifts.

We got the girls into bed and finished getting ready. We had a sitter come about 7:30 and we went to look at speakers for the basement and then picked up diapers form the store and then we picked up a movie and then we headed home (there by 9:45. We watched a little of the Olympics but were both so wiped out we headed to bed early! It's not the day I would have dreamt for him, but I think he had a good day!
I'm so luck for this amazing man! I couldn't think of a better life with anyone! I am so lucky that I married such an amazing man. He is such a great father and husband and is just so much fun to be with. I'm grateful for each year that I get with him and hope to celebrate another 50 birthdays with him! I love you Babe!!! Happy Birthday!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Some Funny Molly Conversations!

*Sunday Feb 14 in the afternoon. She was excited about the tea party and kept asking about it but playing pretend with Stella earlier that day...

Molly to Stella: Come on Stell we need to go to our tea party (trying to pull her into her bedroom) Joseph Smith will be there, lets go!

HUMMMM.... wonder what she learned about earlier that day in primary.

*Molly and Mommy: I was trying to explain something that didn't happen the way it was supposed to and this was the following conversation....

Mommy: I'm the bad guy Again!
Molly: (laughing and thinking that sounded funny) Oh mommy, Your not the bad guy!
Mommy: Feeling like my child would love me despite the bad news I was giving her.
Molly: (Not laughing anymore) You're just the Mean Mommy!
Mommy: All feelings of her thinking she would love me anyway GONE!

*Yesterday we had gone to Discovery with some friends and any way long story short I have to go back down on Mon and was thinking it would be fun for my sisters to take the girls...
Mommy: Did you have fun today at Discovery?
Molly: Nodding her head yes!
Mommy: Do you want to go back on Mon with Kat and Whit?
Molly: They will LOVE it! (with a huge smile!)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

Ok to preface this post we have to rewind to this last summer when Molly went to a friends birthday party. They had a "Pinkalicious Tea Party" and Molly was in LOVE! She was so cute and has asked me over and over at least 3 times a week if she could have a tea party. (At the party they took pictures and sent them to us, so cute, but my new printer is lacking a scanner so I will try to get them posted... so cute!
Fast forward to Jan. Kris and I had gone out and were picking up a few things that we needed at Smith's for something. Walking past the dish section I saw a darling pink tea pot. Being as Molly had been begging for months to have a tea party I thought that it would be a good precious and knowing that there is another girl (Stella) that I'm sure will love it as much as Molly and it was totally on sale! So as we were walking around the store I got an amazing idea! I would let Molly have a tea party for her friends on Valentines day. Walking though the store I kept having all kind of thing go though my head of what we could do for this valentines tea party, but when reality hit... I really don't want to entertain 4-5 little girls for a valentine tea party, I mean it's not like it's her birthday! But when I looked at the day and realized that Valentines fell on a Sunday I was thinking "why would I do this for 4-5 little girls, we can just do this with our family for dinner. So I have been planning and preparing for this for over a month now. It's been so fun to plan this and prepare for it for several reasons, I knew my girls would LOVE it, and then I have needed something to look forward to, it's just been so cold and blaaa and I'm just getting a bit stir crazy!
Growing up we always go fun Valentines presents and I have kind of tried to keep that tradition going. I remember when I was little mom and dad putting our gifts on the front porch and then ringing the doorbell and running back in through the garage, I don't know that we ever caught them. As we got older my mom would just put them on our beds. This is the tradition that I have kept going in our house, but as my kids get older maybe we'll have to try the ring and run way. I got Molly breakfast and then while she was in the bathroom put all of her stuff on her bed. Stella, but the time I got her up we didn't have time to put stuff on her bed, we just had to get ready and run. They both got pettiskirts, rain boots (one of my obsessions) and then a bow/ headband. I was going to make the pettiskirts I had the pattern and the material and when I went to have my mom help me make them she called a store that see has seen them at and asked how much they were. They were WAY less then I has seen them anywhere and my mom told me that she would get one for them for their valentine form here so we went to get them and when I was ironing them the night before and it took me more than 3 hours just for the top layer on them, I was really glad that I hadn't made them. I did start them so I will have to keep working on them. When Molly was done in the bathroom I told her to go get dressed in her room. She asked what she should wear and I told her "I don't know. What do you want to wear?" She said her tutu and I told her know so then she said she wanted to wear her blue petti skirt, she was so funny, she kept waking past the skirt without a clue it was there. Finally I had to tell her to look on her bed. She got all wide eyed and was so excited. Funny little girls! And no they didn't wear their rain boots, not to church anyway!

We headed to church witch was a great day! Both of my girls were great and we didn't have a meltdown or have to take them out once. They were quite and oh that made my valentines day! We got home and the girls took naps and I worked on a few other things that I had to get done for the tea party and Kris and I watched a movie. After the movie the girls were up. We make lunch and cleaned up the kitchen for the 3 time that day, I made a huge mess making all of the stuff (The main reason I hate to cook, I hate the mess.) We delivered our valentines. We had dipped oreo's and then put this transfer stuff on them... they were cute and fun to make, that helped add to my mess!

We got home and the girls watched a movie while Kris layed down and tried to get rid of his headache, and I worked on the rest of the stuff for the tea party!

The decore, I found this little netted tent ant worked perfect and then string lights across the ceiling above the tent to give it the low light under the stars feeling! Molly was so cute when she saw all of this she is a true girl!
So I have found my new obsession... tea cups! If anyone finds a yellow one let me know! My favorite thing was the sugar bowl. I put mini marshmellows in and then I found sugar tongs for the marshmellows. The girls both had a new little doll waiting for them at their place on the table .
The food: I made this pink cake, totally nostalgic, this is the cake my grandma would make for me every birthday. The heart shaped sandwiches were BP, Nutella, and banana, then cucumber sandwich, and then just turkey. Lots of fruit. Fruit tarts, these were a labor intensive recipe, but they were yummy, I did mess up but they were still ok. I didn't make the homemade shell, I was done by the time I got the filling done. Then the oreos that we made for Valentines and pink wafer cookies and mini vanilla wafers. The tea was hot chocolate and then the mini marshmallows were fun to put in the hot chocolate.

After I was totally done with the prep We started off our tea party with a game. My mom gave this Fancy Nancy Dress Up game to Molly for Christmas and she LOVES it.

So we played it but instead of dressing up Nancy we dressed up the girls....Kris even scored a new pink and blue new tie, but he hates it and I will probably take it back today!

Now that we were dressed up and ready to go, we headed down stares where they were met by the new friends.

Then it was time to eat and enjoy...

And after we were all stuffed and done...

We went upstairs and I got to read to the girls the Valentines books we have been reading all month. "Amelia Bedelia's First Valentine", "Roses are Pink, Your feet really Stink", "Fancy Nancy Heart to Heart", and last but not least the girls favorite... "Snuggle Puppy" this is such a cute book but you really have to be willing to be goofy! Kris was so nice and got started on the clean up while I was reading and then after I had them ready for bed he helped get them in and then we finished the kitchen together. What an amazing husband to be such a good sport! It was so much fun. Sat night Kris was laughing at me with all of the work I was putting into this and said "I think it's cute how excited you are." I explained that I was really excited but trying not to because the reality of it all is the girls would probably fall apart, be grumpy and fight and things will all just fall apart and not be fun at all ending with me being mad and the girls going to bed without any dinner and screaming... Oh what a pleasant surprise! It was so fun the girls were great and I loved it. At the end of our clean up I found a gift card on the counter... Oh I wish I would have gotten him something else to go with the tie he hated... I still have a birthday to make up for it next week! Any ideas? Happy Valentines Day!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentines for School!

I still can't believe she is big enough to take valentines to class. Molly was so excited about this day. We have been talking about Valentine day for a long time. We have been reading some fun books about Valentines day so she gets it! She picked out Valentines for her class and friends and she picked the playing cards. She so proudly wrote her own name on each card. I think she was enthralled with the Tinkerbell and Princess cards. They had made Valentine boxes earlier that week and so they each got to put their Valentines in everyone's box. Molly was really concerned that Ryan wasn't there, but "we put Valentines in his box, I don't think he will want them if he is sick." I love that she is so worried about others around her. They make heart shaped cakes and got to decorate them. I'm so glad that she like it and had a fun Valentines day party with her class.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sleeping! REALLY!

(If I would have waited a few minutes you could have gotten the head up and mouth open)

So here is my little sleeping beauty... The funny thing is that she has not been sleeping much at all, hence the reason for falling asleep on the couch in the middle of the day. Molly kept both Kris and I up ALL night last night, really not kidding! She would come into our room every 20 mins crying about something else, "there's a spider in my room!", "I want a drink!", "I don't want to go to sleep!", "I want to watch tv!" "I need to go potty!" It was really old by 1am but by 5am Kris and I had had it! This is getting really old. Stella will have a horrible night and then sleep all night and Molly will have a horrible night. I just really am ready to go crazy! When they are awake they just cry, no matter what I do, where they are, or what I try, they just scream. My ears are ringing and my head is pounding... Oh Boy! Well Stella is screaming and pulling my jacket because she wants to be on the chair playing on the computer.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It's Been Pouring Tears At Our House!

So with both girls sick they do nothing but cry, not that is different than anything that they normally do, but it's getting old.

Me... well I have been thinking a lot about my mom and dad...

Last week we got a visit from my parents and to make a very long amazing story short... They will be leaving for 3 years to serve a mission in the NAGOYA, JAPAN Mission. I'm so thrilled for them and can't wait to visit, but I have been crying at the drop of a hat all week. What will I do with out them for 3 years, all that they will miss. I know they are not dead but Japan is a long way away and where they won't be able to leave... see I'm crying again! I will just really miss them. I will miss having a place to go to get a way and feel like I can drop my stuff and be home away form home. I will also miss my little sisters so much... see here we go even more. Kat and Whit are so much fun and my buddies! I will miss them. Whit will be submitting mission papers for herself in Sept, she is able to go a year earlier than normal. Who will I call when my kids are sick in the middle of the night with croup? Or help me with my projects that I start and get in Way over my head. All of those little things that you do with a mom. Who will be my sounding ear and bring me back to reality or help me with talks or lessons, who will be the one to listen without judging (and lets be honest it's me, a little crazy and out there) and then calmly express heartfelt feelings of comfort for what I'm feeling and then wise council like my dad.
I really am thrilled and I know that we will do skype and keep in touch and go visit them, but I'm still a little apprehensive about it. All that put aside. I know that they both will be amazing! They have prepared their whole lives for this and I know that like Elder Hales told my dad "Ever thing you have done, every call you have had, every client you have worked with have all been preparing you for this!" I know with all my heart that we will be taken care of and watched over and feel those real blessings. I have a deep and true testimony of that. I will just really miss them! I love you both!

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Big Girl, Stella!

Look at Stella! She is so funny! we had been out and about and when we got home I told the girls to jump in their chairs and we would get them some lunch. Molly got on the stool and Stella just held the stool like she was trying to get up and cried, code for "I want to sit here." I don't know that I like that she is growing up, but she was so desperate to sit on the bar stool so I let her. Now she in not wanting to go back she feels like she is a big girl and that she should sit with all of us. She has done well, which is just more of a realization to me that she is growing up... still not talking a whole lot, but hey still growing and the talking will come all too soon i'm sure.
I know the girls look kind of hammered here... still sick and they look it, their poor eyes. Here are just a few more pick of my little sickie and her loves whether sick or healthy!

She LOVES Boots! she is so funny. She tries my boots on but they are so big she just falls over them and then gets really mad, Molly's are her fav, big, not too big, but just fun! She is a fast little thing and is always running around the house sick or not, you would think that being sick she would kind of calm down... not so much! Bows! She loves them and want them in her hair and yet as soon as I put it in she pulls it out! I feel really bad when I look at those eyes. You can just tell she is not feeling well. Poor baby!


In November I posted about our over 4 hour wait outside in 32 degree weather with lines winding around the building to get the girls their H1N1 vaccine. This morning I was up at 5 am after going to bed at 12 and getting up with both of my girls, to go put my chair out and sit in my car waiting for a # to get Molly registered for preschool! YES PRESCHOOL! It brings back memories of watching "Baby Boom" where this business woman inherits a child when both parents die. She knows nothing about raising children and is one day sitting in the park and the other moms and nannys are talking about schools. She over hears their conversation and asks a simple question like "When do I register her for preschool?" the women go on and on about how if she was not on the list before she was born there is not a chance of her getting in to any preschool worth going to! Who knew that that is kind of how preschools are around here.
Last year about this time people started to talk about preschools. Being as Molly is my first I had no idea what to do or what age to send her, but knew that she was getting to the point where I knew she would love something like that. I had talked a friend who had recommended several schools all of which were most likely not accepting anybody. I called around and there was no chance she was getting into the schools that I had heard about. There were waiting lists for the waiting lists. So the summer came and I could not shake the feeling that she needed something like a preschool. Molly gets bored and is really smart and likes to be with other people. I just knew that she needed something like that. I didn't know were to look or turn and I finally one night just got on my knees and poured my heart out in prayer. I talked about how I really felt that Molly would love preschool and that I felt she was ready. I also asked that if that were the case and that is what she needed that I would find the best place for her to be.
I am not kidding the next day i got a call from one of the preschools that I was told there would be no way at all for Molly to get in that year and a small chance if at all for the next year 4 year old year. They had an opening and could take her that coming fall. Oh she was so excited and just has loved her class, teachers, school and all that goes with it. I have been happy as well. The school is so close to my house and again love the teachers, class, kids, parents, administration and etc. Well today was early registration for those that already have kids in school. Registration started at 8:30 and they opened the doors at 7:30. So I was planning on going at 7:30. My same friend called last night and she said that she was going at 4:45 am to wait in line. So I called at 5 am and checked out what things were looking like. I went back to bed thinking I'd go about 6 and then I couldn't go back to sleep and was afraid that if I did go back to sleep that it would be worse to get up. So I ended up down there at 5:30. There was totally a line... Like really people who gets up this early to get your kid into preschool. Oh well! We all new that we were crazy and I did get the class that I wanted so that was good. I just can't believe that i did that... Preschool!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Little Sickie!

Yesterday was the start of something not so great. Molly seemed totally fine in the a.m. and I got her ready and sent her to school. When I picked her up she was sounding hoarse and as the day went on she sounded more hoarse. That night about 6, while my parents were here, she was laying on the floor and wouldn't eat and just would want to be held and cry. We went for a drive and she fell asleep and so we come home and put her to bed. 10:30 she started to cry out and Kris went in and she had the barking cough and couldn't breath and just felt lousy! I turned the shower on as hot as it would go to create as much steam as I could and just sat in the bathroom for a long time with her while Kris was trying to get Stella back to sleep form Molly's earlier coughing fit and crying. I called my mom about 11:30 and she said bundle her up and take her outside (which I was really hopping to avoid at 11:30 at night. But we decided to have Molly sleep in our room just in case she woke up again coughing like that and then hopefully Stella wouldn't wake up. Kris went into her room and slept there and I bundled her up and we opened my bedroom windows and it seemed to help. I finally got her fever and down and the coughing down and she went to sleep about 2. Then about 4 she was up and coughing again. I got her some more meds (trying to alternate ibuprofen and Tylenol) and then helped her go potty and got her back to bed. About 4:30 she threw up all over my bed (It was kind of nice that she hadn't eaten in almost 12 hours, just fluids) none the less I got her out of bed, wiped her off, clean jammies, changed the sheets, clean blankie, got Molly back to bed still with the temp of 102.6 and then went down to do laundry. I got back into bed about 6:30. The poor kid has not eaten anything today and she has just layed on the couch and on my lap and i just am having a hard time keeping her temp down. 45 min after her last dose of meds her temp was 103.5. I know that is why she has been throwing up, her temp is just so high. I did call the Dr office and the nurse told me watch her for a few days and make sure she is getting tons of fluids. Oh I just feel so bad for the this little on. She is not talking (which is HuGE!, eating, she is just so not herself. I don't know what to do.) I'm sure she has Croup but with a temp like that should I be worried? Sweet girl.