Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Love My Thoughtful Friends

How cute is my sweet friend that knows I love these chocolate twinkies!
I went to pick up carpool and out comes cute T with this box all wrapped up!
Man I have such great friends.
Love you B! Thanks!
Totally made my day!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"Mom did you know you were wrong?"

So today while we were eating lunch Molly said...

"Hey mom did you know that you were wrong.
When you told us that Nephi's first home was America.
His first home was Jerusalem!"

-First off I never told her that Nephi's first home was America.
We may have talked about how Nephi lived in America,
but I never said that his first home was here...
-Second... Really! I'm glad she is listening, learning and loving it!
Love this kid!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Nora's 9 Month Stats

Weight 14.75 lbs 1%
Height 26 in 8%
Head Circumference 17.9 in 88%

Some of the fun things I didn't mention in the other post
She loves to play peek a boo! She will pull her blanket or burp cloth.
She gets so excited when she sees a bottle or any kind of food. It's kind of a giggle and kind of suppressed cry. But she just gets so excited when she is hungry and she knows it's time to eat.
She is growing well and she may be little but she has a big personality and it will be fun to continue to watch her learn and grow.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Night Away!

I have the best husband ever! He surprised me by booking a fun get a way for just the 2 of us! His sister and her husband watched the kids and we headed to Park City for the night. We did some shopping went to dinner did some hot tubing and watched the Jazz game. The next morning we headed to Heber for a day in the mountain on snowmobiles. It was AWESOME! The day was amazing. The weather was perfect. Honestly one of the funnest parts was watching Kris! He was like a little kid. There weren't a ton of people up there and the snow was actually really awesome! It was the perfect day away. How blessed I am to have an awesome husband like Kris! Thanks for the break! I can't wait to do it again! xoxo

Spring is Here!

This is the way we spent our nice spring evening. Molly said "This is great! Getting to go to dance! Getting treats! Usually I just have to come home and go to bed after dance!" I will admit this is the life!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Getting Away!

Kris is the best husband ever! So he surprised me with a nice little get away! Kerry and Ben were so nice to watch the kids over night. I have left Nora with a babysitter only a hand full of times so leaving over night was kind of crazy for me. But I was really looking forward to a full night of sleep. So we left just after 5 on Friday night and headed to park city. We got some dinner and then did a little shopping at the outlets and then headed to our hotel. We hit the hot tub and enjoyed the quiet. We watched the Jazz game and then we were ready for bed.... K, It would have been better to stay home and get up with kids... worst bed ever! Holy cow! We were both sooooo sore when we got up the next morning. We got up and got some breakfast and then headed out for a fun day of snowmobiling. We spent the day in the snow. The day was amazing. The weather was beautiful! There was still a good amount of snow and really it was just fun to be together and away from home. One of my favorite things about the day was watching Kris. He was like a little kid in a candy store. He had so much fun on that snowmobile. Once we were done we headed home. I loved everything about that little get a way (minus the bed). The best part was being with my amazing husband. I told him over and over that day that we needed to do this more often. What a great day! I'm so lucky to have such a great husband!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cleaning Up!

Nora's down for a nap, Molly and Stella are playing outside, time for my indulgence "Chocolate Twinkie" I'm not a huge twinkie lover, but these are awesome!

Hate this! I'm putting away 3-6 month baby clothes. I look at every one of these tattered little outfits and see each of my girls in them. Totally stupid but it makes me cry. How has this all gone so fast? My babies are growing up. It's sad to think I won't be pulling this stuff out again. They are hammered, old and yellowed, but the memories... Some days are REALLY long, exhausting, frustrating and I feel like they will never end, but for today I'm feeling a little sad it's moving so fast!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Nora's 9 Month Check!

Nora's well 9 month check. I came with 3 fairly healthy kids! With all of the crap here I'm sure we'll go home with something awesome. Hate Dr visits like this. Breath Linds, Just breath! I'm a little bit of a germaphobe, stuff like this really just grosses me out. Did I mention one of the little girls asked Molly "What's your sickness?" Ya totally helping me not freak out!

This is what Nora did to pass time while waiting to see the Dr.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

What a fun St. Patrick's Day!
Lil our leprechaun came.
She sent the girls on a treasure hunt,
And left a pot of gold,
along with lots of green foot prints all over the kitchen and in the girls rooms.

We had a great breakfast!
Green eggs, green pancakes, green milk, doughnuts, and lucky charms.
Oh and gold gum balls! What's breakfast with out gum balls?
Lil even left little pots of gold on the breakfast table!

I fixed a dinner for the girls of green sandwiches (love that green great harvest bread only made on St. Patrick's day), green shake, the girls favorite (one can of Fresca, one cup spinach blend together really well and then add a cup of frozen fruit, and blend really well again! So good and so healthy. They also had green grapes and kiwi and to finish it all of there was a cup of pirate booty (bowl of gold) and a rainbow jello! They had a baby sitter come hang out with them for the party and get them to bed while we....

Headed to the Roller Derby for a night of fun and to celebrate my brothers birthday! It was so much fun! My brother and I would watch roller derby early sat mornings when we were growing up. It was so much fun to relive that memory in person!

Giving the girls five!

Us with Cookie one of the stars for the night. The home team "Molly Morbids" killed it at like 157 to 70 something... After we headed to the park and released floating lanterns! It was so much fun! Thanks Sierra!

The Night before St. Patrick's Day!

I LOVE holidays! So much fun! Really it's one of the funnest parts of being a mom!
We have a little leprechaun that comes every year on St. Patrick's Day. Her name is Lil and she always leaves a pot of gold for the girls. Every year the girls get so excited. Honestly you would think it's Christmas eve. The girls have been working for weeks on how they are going to catch Lil. They have had a plan all worked out. So last night while I was working on getting a few other things done I noticed the girls working though some ideas. This was the final product of their leprechaun trap! So cute and I think it's totally brilliant! They got all of our gold/ yellow (because leprechauns LOVE gold) pom poms and made a trail thought the living room and around the corner. Where they put one last pom pom into a plastic bin. They had the lid close by and planned on closing it when Lil followed the gold trail into the box!

(side note... we didn't get Lil this year. We ended up sleeping right though it. She was just too quiet and sneaky. She did take all of the gold pom poms. It was nice of her to add them to the pot of gold. Well, we will try again next year.)

Friday, March 16, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Prep!

Breakfast is set up and ready. I just need to make the green eggs, green pancakes, and green milk! Rainbow Jello for lunch is done as well! The rest is easy. Have I mentioned I love holidays? I think that comes from my mama! Love you Mommer!

Lil Steps!

Getting ready for Lil our leprechaun to come tonight! She seems to leave foot prints every year! Silly Lil!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Flu Season!

One kid barfing every 15-20 min. One leaving a path of destruction thought the house. The other being left in her crib until I can get there! Who do you help first? Did I mention a husband with the flu how had to work! Another day without a shower!

Our Calm in the Rosander Storm! Baby Nora.

This baby is as sweet as they come! Today I was really reminded of that. Nor got up early about 6:30 and while I was feeding her I could hear Molly start to cry. I new that she would be throwing up soon. She had been up twice last night complaining that she didn't feel well and typically this is how it all starts for us. I took Nora to Kris and I headed to help Molly.
Nora has had to take 3rd seat all day to a puking sister and hurricane Stella, but has played pleasantly in her crib till I could get to her (mind you she was ready to eat) and then watched attentively while I tried to help Molly and then Stella, all while she is ready for lunch.
Nora is most definitely our calm among the storm. I'm so grateful that she is here and healthy and we are truly blessed for having her! She is 9 months tomorrow and I can hardly believe it. She has stopped spitting up as much as she used to... don't get me wrong she will still spit up all the time just not a huge amount. So nice that she is not sliming us every time you pick her up.
She has finally kind of got the sitting up thing. Still not perfect, but doing so well. She has also realized she can get anywhere she wants by rolling and she has that awesome bald spot on the back of her head to prove it. But man she can move. It's really funny to watch how fast she can get from point A to point B by rolling. I LOVE more than anything how excited she gets when I come in to get her out of bed. She is so happy to see me any time and smiles come very easily for her! She has a little bit of a crazy streak in her. She loves to be thrown in the air (We don't do anything too crazy, and you really have to be cautious due to her reflux you could end up covered in spit up) she loves wild play, tickling, jumping and squeezing. I have not been super consistent with feeding her solids. She has had kind of a hard time and it has taken a little while to get use to it, I think due to her Laryngomalacia. But she is doing better and we are figuring it out together. She is sleeping really well and loves her daddy. So funny. When Kris gets home he usually heads right to the bedroom to change. If Nora sees him come in and leave without stopping to great her she gets whinny and starts to cry. So cute! She also loves her big sisters. The other thing she loves is her lamb that was given to her by a woman in our ward. It's so funny to watch her with that lamb. She gets so exited and kind of tackles this lamb, she hangs on tight to it and is always giving it big bear hugs! Did I mention how much I love those sweet blue eyes? Wow! I just can't believe how fast this has all gone. I love this baby!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Story Time With Daddy!

These girls have the best dad ever! This is a typical seen at our house. 2 or three little girls snuggled up on their daddy's lap with a good book. What a great dad to come home and read them stories before bed. These girls love their daddy more than anything. When they hear the garage door going up... pure joy! I'm so glad that I have the most amazing husband ever and that he has turned out to be the most amazing father ever.

Stella Snack

While getting Stella ready for school I grabbed her bag and looked inside as we were walking out the door. Look what I found! I started to pull it all out she got really flustered and said "No mommy I'm still hungry! I'm taking a snack! Nice. I wonder where she gets that from?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

One Crazy Day!

8:30 am and 54 degrees. It's going to be a beautiful day... or so I thought!

Kris had asked me the night before to keep the girls away from the fence because he was working on repairing it and was worried that it would fall over on top of them. I assured him that they would not be playing in the back yard because they were grounded from playing outside because they had lost that privilege. Well when I had turned to get Nora up from her nap they were outside and when I looked out look at what I saw... the fence on the ground and the girls filling the holes back in with dirt that Kris had worked so hard to dig for the new posts! AWESOME!

Love this sweet baby. Sneak preview of what's to come. This picture was taken just before the girls snuck out and went over to my friends across the street. They knocked on the door and asked if they could spend the night because they have the "meanest mom in the whole universe"! My friend was sweet and gave them each fruit snacks and a gum ball and told them to come give me a hug and say they were sorry, because an "I'm sorry" will go along way! She is way too nice!

It's hard work being a kid with the meanest mom in the whole universe! She feel asleep on the floor! Wow what a day! I think I could fall asleep on the floor as well! She sure looks peaceful, and really sweet when she is sleeping!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

True Obsession!

Yes one of my newest obsession is the silhouettes! It started off in the girls room, then worked it's way to my bed room and then it made it to Molly's new room. I don't know where it will pop up next! For now I love seeing those little profiles!

Back and better!

So today in church the theme was gratitude. However one of the speakers talked a lot about journaling.... I don't know why I always feel this push to journal. I'm really bad at it, but there is something in me that compels me to do it. I need to be better. Blogging is my only journal and so here I am. I want to look back and remember what we did for the girls birthdays, holidays, back to school their yearly stats and all of those BIG moments, but what I want to remember is the day to day. I often don't remember what I did the day before so with all of the big moments I really want to capture the day to day! So I will be doing a lot of catch up. Some Big and some boring stuff nobody but I would about. But it's the real stuff we deal with every day! So bottom line... I'm back and going to be better!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spring cleaning!

Nothing feels better than a sparkling fridge. Every nook and cranny scrubbed and organized! Ahhhh love that feeling!