Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Molly's Funny Phrases for Today

For some reason Molly was really on a roll today and she was saying some hysterical things for a little 2 1/2 year old. Here are a few of them....

-I had just gotten the girls out of the bathtub and was getting Stella lotioned and dressed and Molly looks at me, standing there in her towel and said...
Molly- "Mommy, can you do me a favor?"
me- "Sure honey what can I do for you?"
Molly- "Can you get me a diaper?"

K can you said we should be potty trained? Seriously!

-After getting her dressed we decided to do her hair all cute and put some curlers in. I had just finished with her hair and she looked in the mirror and said...
"Oh, look at me! I'm growing up!"

I about died! She was so funny.

-So when we had finished doing her hair and I was getting her down form the counter in the bathroom, she looked in the mirror at herself and said...
"See ya latter!"

Saturday, February 21, 2009

New Mattress for Marnie!

So when Kris and I got married Kris had a king size bed. I had been given a California queen which is kind of an awkward size, but it was the most comfortable bed. But when I moved out I left my bed and took a standard queen that was older, but I also knew that it would only serve as a guest bed. I had put a feather mattress on top of it to make it really comfortable, which worked out well when it was a guest bed because I didn't have to make it all the time. I love those feather mattresses, but making the bed is such a pain. You have to unmake the whole bed, and when you are just using it for a guest bed that works because you have to do that anyway, well when we move Molly to a big bed that is the bed we put her in. It was such a pain to make it, so I took off the feather mattress. On that bed is really bad with out that extra feather mattress on it. And it's totally loud! If you were laying by Molly and she fell asleep you had no chance getting out of there with out waking her up. I did have to sleep by her one night and that's when I asked Kris if we could get her a new bed. He responded... I know it's bad huh? He had been thinking the same thing. So we have been on the hunt for a new bed for Molly. We finally found one that we liked. We paid a little more that we had hoped, but we also want to have it till she moves out. Well it finally came late in the afternoon on Wednesday and it was even later by the time I had gone to the store for a mattress pad for it. It was way past bed time by the time we got her bed made and her tucked in. But I said "maybe we should lay by you?" She thought that would be cool and Kris was on one side while I put Stella next to Molly and I was next to Stella. We sang several songs and Molly sang along with us while Stella smiled and bounced the whole time. She was loving being a part of the action and Molly was loving just as much. I loved that moment. I wish I could freeze it forever. For all of us to be together, no one crying and singing ABC's, Monkeys swinging in the tree, 5 Little Ducks, and I am a Child of God, Hearing Molly's little voice sing every word, those are the moments I never want to forget, all of the worries of the world, the stressed of the day and everything else just melts away, and nothing else matters. Those are my favorite moments in life! There is a picture of us all pretending to sleep, I love that Molly is pretending to be asleep, and that Stella missed the memo ha ha ha!

One Incredibly Humble Man!

You know I have been thinking a lot about my amazing husband. I can't even express how grateful I am to have such an amazing companion. I have these moments that I just find myself looking at him, wondering how I got so lucky. Time and time again I am reminded of one of his incredible traits, talents, virtues, and on and on. Don't get me wrong I usually know that he has that specific gift, I just am reminded how much I love him for who he is. Today I was reminded of his humility! Kris is amazing to me. He is confident, yet not pompous, arrogant, or self righteous at all, in fact he is the exact opposite of that. If I were him, and had his skills, intelligences, abilities and standard I would be a bit arrogant, or maybe more than a bit. He would never blow his own horn. Kris has a quite dignity about him, yet he is comical. Her are a few times in which I was amazed at him humility.
-I don't think we had been married long when I was looking at pictures at Kris's parents house. There was a picture of him and his parents and I think one other man in the picture. I asked him what it was and if it was a picture of him at graduation (with his doctorate) He told me yes, and then I asked why he was not in his cap and gown. It was only then that I found out that he had graduated with honors from one of the top schools in the country, and this was an honors dinner or something. K- Really how did I not know that?
-I can't tell you how many times he has come home form work early and I ask why he had gotten off early. It's only then that he tells me he has taken work off early to go and participate in a word service project. He never takes off work, he feels like he his loosing money and he sacrifices a day of work or a half a day of work to go and participate in a service project, with out the need of someone recognizing his good deed. In fact he would prefer it not be recognized.
-There have also been many times when he has gotten up early on Sunday mornings when it has snowed to go and shovel the walks at the church. He is never asked, but always is always willing to get up on a morning when he can maybe sleep in a half hour early, and gets up earlier than normal to get it done and get home to shower.
-Not that callings are really anything to brag about, but some feel the need to share exactly what calling they are serving in and where they have served to make a point of their importance. I don't think that Kris's family would have any idea that he was serving in the Elders quorum presidency had I not told them when he was called.

I could go on and on about this amazing man. I love him more and more everyday and am so thankful for the man he is and everything he teaches me. I wish I could open my heart and show you what was inside and how I truly feel about him. I feel lucky every day to have a husband and father for my children like him! I love you Kris!

One Year!

Holy cow! I can't believe that I have been blogging for a year! I know for you out there who are thinking I'm a nerd for posting this well then you don't have to read it. I love blogging. I have to say I started out not quite sure what I was getting myself into, but I was just doing it to keep a journal for myself and my family. There are always funny little things that happen and I wasn't writing them down, and I was always told by Elder Terry (a senior couple from my mission) "A dull pencil is better than a sharp mind" I have never been a good journal writer, but I have been very consistent and I now have a journal of the last year. This post makes it 188 post. That is 188 more times than I would have written in my journal. It's really fun to look back and see what has happened in a year and the things I would have not remembered. So much has happened in such a short time. Wow! Really I love it! I'm glad I have found a way the helps me keep on top of a journal! Here is to one year and many more to come!

Happy Birthday to Me, Oh I Mean Kris!

Kris's birthday! Oh boy! Well he had convention, but didn't end up going that morning and so I got up early and made his favorite pancakes, I'm sure they weren't as good as when he makes them, he is a true master. But I made him pancakes and got everything ready for him to eat breakfast in bed. I also added the jar I had made 36 reasons I love him plus a few reasons Molly loves him. Then I took him breakfast in bed. He is not one that really loves to read, watch tv, eat, or even just lay in bed. He just feels like it's not really comfortable to sit that way to read or watch tv. He was a good sport and ate in bed. I kept telling him that he could go in the kitchen but he sat in bed and ate his breakfast while Molly sat on our bed and watched the Wiggles. I had put up some balloons and ribbon in the kitchen for him, It's a birthday, it's got to be a big deal. So after breakfast he got up and cleaned the house while I got the girls ready, fed and got ready myself. Then I asked what he wanted to do. For his birthday we are going to get a tv for the gym ( well, it's a work in progress) but we were going to go to Costco to look at tv's. I have been asking him for weeks to think about food storage and how we should go about getting it. I don't know why but this has been really pressing on my mind and I think now I know what our family eats and what and how we should do food storage. Kris said that we should maybe go and get the food storage so we stopped at walmart and then off to Costco, to finish off the food storage shopping. By the time we had spent all our money on food storage, Kris thought it might be best to hold off 'till next month to get the tv. The poor guy got food storage for his birthday. His 2 favorite things to do... shopping, and spending money! I felt kind of bad, but I do have to say it feels really nice to have a handle on the food storage. We got home and worked on the basement for a but and then my sister and her friend came up to spend the night and watch our kids so we could go out and celebrate. Kris decided on Olive Garden for dinner and it was really good. During dinner we were discussing things that we could do after dinner to celebrate his birthday. I kept coming up with ideas and one that I though out was going to Circuit City to check out the going out of business sale, maybe they had a good deal on a tv. Kris thought that sounded like a good idea so that's where we headed. K there was nothing there, only really large tv's and they were still really over priced. I did however find a case for my ipod to put around my arm while I do the cleaning around the house... and help drown out the screaming which I have needed to do on several occasions. I also found some DVD's that I could use to burn my movies I buy from itunes. Here is the funny thing. I had left my wallet in the diaper bag and with out my kids why take my diaper bag? Right? So that's right Kris had to pay for them, not that he wouldn't anyway, It just would have had to come out of my budget. Like I said... Happy Birthday to ME! Poor guy. So then we decided to go see a movie. We went to the ghetto theater by us and the only thing that was playing really was "He's just not that in to you." K can I just say there are some guy's out there that can do a chick flick and enjoy it... not really my husband. But you know what? He went and didn't complain once and was just a good sport. On the way to the car I just started to laugh and he asked if I was tired, I get a bit giggly when I'm tired, but I just couldn't stop laughing. I told him... You got to buy food storage, you didn't get your tv. You had to clean the house, you got to buy me stuff from Circuit City, and they you got to go to a chick flick... Happy Birthday! We both just started to laugh. We did come home and watch Burn Notice, and that was fun. He amazes me. I just love to be with him. I really wish we could have done something he would have loved, but hey we can try later right. I just hope next year is better for him. Anyway I love him, I'm glad that he was born and that he decided I wasn't such a bad catch. I definitely married up! Happy Birthday baby!
I know I didn't get any pictures of him eating his breakfast, didn't think anyone wanted to see him in his G's;)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy Birthday to My Love!

Here are 36 reasons I love you! I love you so much and you are my best friend ever! I can't imagine my life without you! I asked Molly why she loves daddy and here are a few of the things she said, word for word!

1- I love because you are thoughtful and kind to everyone, especially those that are closest to you, which are sometimes the hardest people to be kind and thoughtful to.

2- I love you because you are intelligent!

3- I love you because you are a hard worker!

4- I love you because you comfort me when I need to be comforted!

5- I love you because you encourage me to try new things that I really want to, You encourage me to follow my dreams.

6- I love you because you are one incredible dad.

7- I love you because you really do try to understand me, even when I’m totally irrational.

8- I love you because you walk the walk more than talking the talk.

9- I love you because you have a strong conviction of the gospel.

10- I love you because you humor me, even if my ideas are a little, or a lot crazy.

11- I love you because you take time off of work to participate in ward service projects.

12- I love you because you have a tender heart.

13- I love you because you are soooo helpful around the house.

14- I love you because you are forgiving. Over and over and over.

15- I love you because you are generous.

16- I love you because you are generous.

17- I love you because you are athletic and coordinated.

18- I love you because you are affectionate toward the girls.

19- I love you because you are affectionate toward me.

20- I love you because you have a sense of humor.

21- I love you because you are confident, not to be confused with arrogance.

22- I love you because you have confidence in me.

23- I love you because you set out a bottle of water, to make it easier for me when I get up at night with Stella.

24- I love you because you always keep gas in my car.

25- I love you because you keep my car clean.

26- I love you because you always make time for family.

27- I love you because you are dedicated and focused.

28- I love you because you’re handy.

29- I love you because you are never too busy to stop what you’re doing to play a game with Molly.

30- I love you because you are always willing to watch the girls when I have Y.W.

31- I love you because you are so patent.

32- I love you because when I start talking to you late at night, you don’t get mad, but you listen, or pretend to at least.

33- I love you because you are handsome!

34- I love you because you always encourage and fallow though with family scriptures and prayer.

35- I love you because you are my best friend and I know that no matter what you will love me be there for me.

36- I love you because you read my grandpas history and get genuinely excited about the stories.

1- Molly loves daddy because “Daddy go to work”

2- Molly loves daddy because “He gets my crackers out, last night.”

3- Molly loves daddy because “Gives me hugs and kisses.”

4- Molly loves daddy because “Cause I love him.”

5- Molly loves daddy because “Daddy give me chocolate milk and wiggles.”

6- Molly loves daddy because “I don’t know give me a second.”

7- Molly loves daddy because “He plays games and gives me pop tarks.”

8- Stella loves daddy because “da da, a da da.”

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

No Sleep Till Brooklyn!

Here are the last 2 nights in review....

Monday Night:

7:30 p.m.- Molly in bed and asleep
10:15 p.m.- Molly wakes up screaming. She keeps saying "My nose runny!"
11:00 p.m.- Stella goes to bed.
2:15 a.m.- Molly finally goes back to sleep.
2:30 a.m.- I get to go to sleep finally!
3:20 a.m.- Molly wakes up screaming again "nose runny."
3:40 a.m.- Molly goes back to sleep.
3:50 a.m.- Molly had woken up Stella. Feed, change, burp Stella.
4:45 a.m.- Stella's back in her crib going to sleep.
8:30 a.m.- I get up to start my day!

Tuesday Night:

7:00 p.m.- Molly goes to bed
12:00 a.m.- Stella goes to bed
2:00 a.m.- Molly gets up with "nose runny" Wipe her nose 10 times, sing her 3 songs, give her medicine, but she still won't let me leave her screaming has woken up Stella and they are both screaming. I try to get Molly to stop so I can go get Stella, but she won't and I try to get them both quite so that Kris can get some sleep. The poor guy probably didn't get any sleep at all.
2:30 a.m.- Molly finally stops crying, and is trying to go back to sleep.
2:30 a.m.- I feed, change, and burp Stella.
3:00 a.m.- Stella goes back to sleep, so do I.
4:00 a.m.- Stella starts crying, more screaming. She is on her stomach. I walk with her. I burp her. I rock her. I bounce her. I try to put her back in bed more screaming.
5:00 a.m.- I give in and put Stella in her swing, She still cries for 15 more minutes. I go back to bed.
8:15 a.m.- I get up for the day

P.S. the No Sleep Till Brooklyn is a Beastie Boys Song, and that's what Kris calls Stella a lot of the time. Just FYI

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mothers of Faith

So I am the beehive adviser and we keep talking to the girls about personal progress, and how important it is for them to do and they should be working on it, however, I feel kind of like a hypocrite because I have never done this program. I did the one they had when I was in young women, but they have changed it quite a bit since then. I have decided that if I'm asking the girls to do it, then I should be doing it as well. So I have been working at my personal progress, but there are several thing that you are supposed to journal, and since this is my journal I will just record my entries for personal progress on my blog.
I read in Alma 56, and 57 about Helaman's stripling warriors, and then read over "The Family; A Proclamation to the World" about what it said on mothers and the value is Faith. I have also talked to other mothers about how to teach our children to have faith and this is what I have learned. What I have come up with on how to teach my children to have faith is not by word ONLY but also by deed. I believe our actions speak louder than words. I know that my kids hear what I say and I know it's important to teach them how to have faith by reading the scriptures, saying our prayers and attending church, and the list can go on and on.
I go to church every week knowing that I will go home with not much more than a headache from trying to keep my kids quiet and entertained, and it would be a lot easier to come home and put them down for their naps, but I go every week, because whether I get anything out of the meeting or not, my children see that I go, and they will understand that it's vital that we go to church and that will help them to gain faith and feel the spirit in their lives. I also need to read the scriptures with them, and have family prayer, and they need to be taught to feel the spirit and as they do, they will learn for themselves to have faith. I am grateful for this time to reflect on how I can teach my children to have faith. To sum it up what I think it takes to teach your children to have faith, is to be a mother of faith!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our Parrots!

Molly is really quite funny and comes up with some of the funniest phrases. Some she comes up with on her own, but most of them are just repeats of what she hears. I have a lot of phrases that I'm starting to learn are maybe not the best things to say. Some of the things that I have hear are really funny like... "Oh, Are you kidding me?" "Oh that's ok, no worries" "I don't know" "Last night" Every thing is last night! "What happened?" "Gosh" "Actually" "Let's Do It!" "Give me a second!" "Stop it!" (This one can be either funny or not so funny depending on her tone) "Oh, Man!" "What are you doing?" There are more I just am having a hard time coming up with them right now.
Some are really not that funny at all and kind of make me feel bad, for example. The other day I was driving and there was a truck in my lane facing the wrong way just sitting there, not really a way around him I said "Are you kidding me?" Molly responded "Mommy, what happened? I driving you crazy?" Oh my gosh! I could have crawled under a rock and never come out again. I felt so bad. She was hearing me at my most frustrated times and was now repeating what I had said. She hears, she knows! Luckily she is very forgiving and I told her I was sorry and I shouldn't say those kinds of things. Her response. "It's ok mommy, no worries!" Some others were just the other day Molly said "Stupid" She then proceeded to call Stella Stupid. Now I don't call people stupid, but what I do say is "That's so stupid" It humbled me again! Last and not least Kris and Molly went to dinner tonight at Kris's parents house. I stayed home with Stella who is sick and finally sleeping for the first time today. When Kris came home he said that Molly had come up with a new saying. He said that he had not heard it, but that his brother had heard her say it. Her phrase was "I suck!" Man do I feel like I deserve the mother of the year award! Yes I say that ALL too often. I am really hard on my self and I have never really seen that until now! I have always known that this is something that I struggle with, but this is my struggle not Molly's! I am realizing more and more that these little eyes are watching, but more importantly these little ears are listening! I really need to change the way I talk to myself, because I would never want Molly to feel that way! I think I got a small glimpse into how our Father In Heaven feels when we put ourselves down like that. Having children gives you a new outlook on life. I have a lot of changes to make in the way I talk and the way I act! I'm completely embarrassed and ashamed of this, but humbled and now I know that I must change. I have always been glad that I'm not one who swears, but you know really how much better are these phrases? For now I need to remember I have not just one but 2 little parrots who are looking to me as an example and mimic me!

Happy Valentines Day!

We had an awesome Valentines Day at our house. Kris and I got to sleep in a little (well not counting the getting up with Stella at night) and I had put Molly's Valentine at her door. It was a little bear and cup with some balloons, I just knew that she would love the balloons and she did. Stella got a pink flower for her head band and a little bear. We stayed in our bed and watched Noting Hill It was on TV edited and I hadn't ever seen it. Then Kris was awesome and helped clean up the house and we finished up our valentines and then delivered them. It was all in all a good day and we had fun with the family! Kris and I are waiting for my little sisters to come up and spend the night and watch our little girls so we can go out to dinner (wink wink)! No really it was an awesome Valentines day! Here are the pictures we were working with for our Valentines cards. I wish I would have had more room to use more than one on the card! Molly loved taking around Valentines, but she wasn't so sure that she liked just ringing the door bell. She kept saying "I see them come to the door, mommy!". The two doors I let her stay at one past nursery leader and on that is her nursery leader now, she kept saying, "I go inside." She is a funny one that Molly! We ended the night with a visit to my grandparents and then a visit to my parents. It was really good to go and visit with grandma and grandpa. I always love spending time with them and I don't know how much longer they will be around. We have to make time count. I really hope my girls will remember them.
For some reason these pictures are getting cut off and I don't know why, but oh well you get the idea, right?

Grandpas Blessing in Disguise

I have the most amazing grandparents ever. They always make you feel like you are the "favorite" grandchild, and I know that all of my siblings and cousins feel the same way.
About 3 weeks ago my grandparents were going to church and they both slipped in the icy parking lot. During sacrament meeting my grandpa was feeling very ill. But he made it through the meeting and then 2 of the men from their ward helped him out to the car and then met then at their home to help him get in the house and in his chair. One of the men from his ward was a Dr. and checked grandpa out and told grandma to keep an eye on him. He had started to recover and went to a chiropractors appointment. Two weeks after his fall he woke up early and was so sick but couldn't make it to the restroom. He was throwing up every where and my grandma had called my Dad in hopes that maybe she could get someone to help my grandpa get to the restroom. My dad wasn't home but my mom offered her help but she grandma said she would call one of my uncles. After she got off the phone my grandpa said "just call the ambulance" K you know it's REALLY bad when grandpa goes to the Dr. and now he was asking for an ambulance. He was so sick and knew something was REALLY wrong. Grandma had call my uncle Denis and he and his wife came up quickly. They live really close and were there really fast. When they got there Dennis asked my grandpa if they should get him dressed and take him to the hospital. He looked at my grandma and said "would you quit calling the kids and call the ambulance." Grandpa told Dennis just to call the ambulance and they did. He was in really bad shape when he got to the hospital and they discovered that in his fall he had punctured his spleen and was bleeding internally. He was also on Coumadin which thins the blood and so the bleeding was not stopping. Apparently he had stared to heal from his fall, but when he had gone to the chiropractor, his spleen had been re punctured and he was bleeding internally. They had to give him 8 pints of blood. When they opened him up they didn't only find a punctured spleen but they also found 2 aortic aneurysms they refer to these as "Ticking Time Bombs" Because when they burst your gone, no chance. They usually operate on these when they are (pelvic)3cm and grandpas is 9cm and (stomach) 5cm and grandpas is 7cm. These are in no way related to the fall or the spleen but have been accumulating for a while now, but had he not gotten so sick from his ruptured spleen, the Dr. wouldn't have found his Aortic aneurysms. and it was only a mater of time before one of them ruptured. Grandpa spent a week in the ICU until he was well enough to come home. He is now home and recovering and looking great and will be back in the hospital for surgery on his aortic aneurysms on Feb 24. This is quite an invasive surgery and will take a team of about 15. 4 hours long with about 4 different Dr. anesthesiologists, nurses, product reps, assistants the list goes on. Man her really did give us a scare and we really did think that we were going to loose him. I truly believe that he is meant to sick around a bit longer. Some one is really watching out for him. As scary as this has all been with grandpas spleen, those aneurysms would never have been found and who knows how long he would have been around with those "Time Bombs" inside of him. What an amazing man he is. This is not the first time that he has cheated death. He truly is a man of great faith and a strong reliance on the Lord and his healing power. I'm grateful for such amazing examples of faith i have all around me and only hope that I can have that kind of faith and learn from his example.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Baking With Mom!

There was a kitchen place by Bounce'n off the Walls and we stopped wondering if they had heart shaped cupcake pans. Well I shouldn't have told Molly that is what I was looking for because then she kept talking about making cupcakes. I didn't have time to do it that day but told her we could do it tomorrow. She was fine with that, but I knew that I had to follow though. So the next day we made our cupcakes and with no heart shaped pan we just stuck a ball of foil in to make the cupcakes heart shaped. Molly thought that was so cool. She loved her cupcake, but needed more frosting on when she had finished licking or biting it all off. She is a funny little thing.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bounce'n Off The Walls

Wondering what we could do to keep Molly busy and happy I came up with taking the girls to "Bounce'n off the walls" and Molly had a blast. It was a tone of fun. Molly had a hard time going up the slide and down the slide by her self so I helped her the first few times (I really don't know if I was supposed to take Stella, but hey what was I supposed to do... leave her in her car seat or with strangers? So up we all went and down we all come. Molly loved it and warmed up to the idea of her doing it herself. There was a bounce house and an obstacle course and a basket ball court. Molly had fun running back and forth. She is really cute. I was a bit worried about taking Stella, she already had a cold and I was worried that she would end up with RSV ('tis the season) She still sounds horrible so we will not be going anywhere else until she starts to sound and look like she is feeling better. But all things considering, I was really glad that we went and that Molly had so much fun!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Huge Strides for Stella!

Stella has been sleeping in her swing for the last (well how old is she? 6 months) Ya, she sleeps in her swing, It was the only place I could get her to sleep longer than 10 min at a time. So I gave in and she has become accustom to sleeping in the swing. I have just really struggled in that I know she really should be sleeping in her own bed and not only that there have been 2 times which if we hadn't buckled her in (We all ways do) she would have fallen out. I just know that as she gets older it's going to get harder to break the habit, so the past couple of weeks I have been trying to put her in her bed for at least one nap everyday. I have really been working up to it. We started off with 2 hours of crying and then I gave up and put her in the swing and from there we have been on average about one hour of crying. Last night I took the leap and put her to bed in her crib. She only cried for a half hour. YEA! She did get up about 5 times, maybe six, but I was not going to give in. She did sleep the whole night (other than when I fed her at night) in her crib! I know It sounds mean, but I'm at a total loss. Molly was such a good sleeper and she never was this stubborn when it came to sleeping. The second thing that I did today... I am so worried about my kids being the ones that are 6 years old and still taking a bottle to church, really I've seen it! So I like to get my kids off of bottles as soon as I can. I have this awesome transition cup that is called Born Free. It's totally like a bottle, it just has a different top. More of a sippy cup top, but is still totally like a bottle. They are awesome. I have tried it with her before, but she is not the most coordinated eater, which is funny to me because she is a very coordinated baby (at least in my book) anyway I know I get so off track. But the 1st time I tried to use it she wanted nothing to do with it and I had to transfer the milk into a bottle. But today she seemed to get the hang of it. It took a little bit but she did it. I know I seem like a crazy mom, but I just keep trying until we get it and if we don't, well then we try again later oh well, it's just like the potty training (oh that is a whole other story)! Anyway I'm so proud of Stella what big steps for her! Now if we can just get that sleeping though the night thing down:)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Molly Doing the Shopping!

So today I was out and about doing some errands and I had to stop by the grocery store and get some shopping done. I went to Macy's because it was close, I usually don't go there. When we went in Molly wanted to get in the big blue cart, and there was a little kid cart back by it. So I have her the option of carts and she wanted to get in the big blue cart. So I put her in and then she changed her mind. She wanted the little basket. She was so funny. It took me forever to shop, but you know what... that was totally worth it. She was soooo good the whole time and she thought she was so cool. She stayed right by me and helped me out a tone and when she would pull stuff of the shelf and I told her we were not going to get it, she put it right back no arguing or complaining. She was so cute. She wanted to tell everybody hi! She would look at everyone and wave her little hand and say "hi" She is just so funny! We got to the cheese aisle and she was so funny she stopped and put her tow behind her and her finger up to her chin and was saying "let's see!" that's when I had to pull the camera out of my purse... I'm so glad I keep a camera in my purse. Anyway like I was saying it may have taken a little longer, but Molly was an angel and I think she really had fun! Those moments are worth taking time for.

Stella Stats!

Last week Stella finally had her 6 mouth well baby check. She is growing and developing great. She is so funny. She has pretty much mastered sitting up and now is not happy about laying down EVER! She is getting to the point that she will stick her arm over her eyes and play peek a boo with us and she is so funny when she does it! She loves her toys and is eating peas and peaches. She is still getting up at night and I really wish that she was sleeping in her crib, but she is sleeping in her swing. I know I should really get her into her bed, but this kid does not give up. She will scream for hours and i just can't function on 4 hours of sleep. So one day we will have to get her sleeping in her bed. She is growing and I just wish that time would stand still. She is such a sweet baby and although she still has her moments of screaming and won't let me put her down she is such a pleasure in our home. I do have to say that it was quite funny at the Dr. office. So they had just given Stella all of her shots and the cute nurse had brought Molly a sucker. Molly was crying because I told her she couldn't have it till she ate lunch. They were both crying and finally I had gotten Stella settled down, Molly still having a cow. So I put Stella on the table to get her dressed and she really let loose and started screaming. She didn't want to be put down and she was so not happy about it, but this is how it is at our house all of the time. Well the cute nurse popped her head back in and said..."is that Stella?" I told her it was and she asked if she was ok. I told her that this was normal and we were sorry for being so loud. She told me that it was completely fine, she just wanted to make sure Stella was ok after those shots. May we make a scene pretty much where ever we go. Well any way. Stella got 4 shots and an oral vaccine.
Stella's 6 month Stats:
24% in Weight
94% in Length (I know she is way long)
79% in Head Circumference

My sweet baby is just growing up!