Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Walking Our Babies!

We were getting a bit stir crazy in the house and so we decided to head out for a walk... I had no idea that it was 103 degrees outside. We packed everything into the 2 mile long stroller and headed to the church. When we got there we pulled out Molly's baby and her little stroller and made a lap around the church with a short stop to sit on the grass and just run! We only had one melt down, but that is really good for these days! We just had to add this picture so we remember this face.

Molly Time!

Molly loves her little sister and enjoys every minute that she can get with her, however she is struggling with me! I know that this is probably really common with kids when they have a sibling come along, but being as she is already a daddy's girl is making it that much more difficult. I have really made a continuous effort to have "Molly Time" everyday, just the two of us. The other day during our Molly time we made cupcakes and Molly thought that that was just the coolest thing ever. I let her decide between the big cupcakes and the small cupcakes and then she got to pour everything in, I did do the eggs. She helped in every way form start to finish! It was so fun to see her so excited about the time we were spending together. Not that I have a problem with her only wanting her dad to change her diapers:) Thanks for a fun afternoon Molly!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Beyond Blessed!

So I told Kris this experience earlier today and then when we were out to dinner with our friends Jeff and Camille Easton both of our husbands mocking us for our blogging, I shared this with them and Kris said "Oh great I feel another blog coming on"... He was right! This summer has been an interesting one. There have seemed to be tragedies all around and it's been interesting to me how the people in these tragedies have handled them. But more than that it brings to my mind the great peace and comfort that the gospel brings. I told Kris earlier that as I was driving home from the store I was so close to my house and I got a little teary eyed. I just couldn't help but think that I had just gotten home form from the store where I had purchased the groceries and treats not really warring about cost, and how I have been blessed with two amazing girls (see I'm getting teary eyed again) who are healthy and just amazing, I really do cherish every moment I have with them, and my husband, my eternal companion. I have such an amazing husband and I just feel so blessed that I have married someone as wonderful as him. Not that we are made of money and I don't have to worry about how much I spend at the grocery store, but I realize that there are people all over the world wondering where their next meal will come from, and some in our mist that we have no idea. There are others walking around that are struggling with the loss of a loved one and other challenges that we just have no idea. I remember when I was training for my marathons I would walk into stores or go to work or so on, but I remember thinking on several occasions..."No one has any idea that I just ran 18 miles", or how ever long the run was for the day. My point is that there are people all around us that are hurting and thinking "no one has any idea... what ever it is". In todays fast pace world we get so caught up with what is going on in our lives, and that's fine, but are we becoming less and less tolerant of those around us? What about the lady in the car that totally just cut you off, did you lay on your horn? Or the poor lady just in front of you in line who seems to be taking for ever? What is it that they are thinking "no one has any idea"? As I realized how blessed I was I also became aware of how intolerant I have become as well. I am so grateful for all of my many blessings and when I start to count them, I realize that I could go on forever and ever. I am going to start to pray that I might have more tolerance for those around me, those I know and those I don't know. Now watch I'll have something horrible happen to me... but you know what? this is something I need to learn and I pray that I can learn it, so however the Lord chooses to teach this to me so be it! Thanks for letting me ramble. I just want you all to know that I am extremely blessed and I know it. I am grateful for the watchful care in which the Lord has kept us!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Thanks Kiki!

So during our running around yesterday my sister in law called and said she wanted to come and see Molly and that she had something for her. We were just heading out the door to go to Papa and Vondas and Molly started to have a major melt down in the car and Kris said that maybe another night would be better. So he called her back and Kerry (who Molly calls Kiki) said she just has something she wanted to drop off. We were at Papa's and Vondas longer than we had planned and when we got home on the porch we found a box of cupcakes form So Cupcake. It was time for Molly to hit the sack (actually past time evident by the melt downs) so I put them in the fridge and pulled them out today after lunch. Molly was in heaven! Kerry thanks so much for thinking about Molly at this time of transition in her life. Your the best we love you!

In Sync!

Since I got home from the hospital I have just been ready to go! I bug Kris all the time "Where are we going to go?" In fact I almost went to church, but I have to remind myself that church is worse than taking her shopping or other public places. I can stick a blanket over her car seat and no one really will bother us, but at church everyone is just so excited that you have a ton of people looking, touching and breathing on her, so I opted not to take her and follow the 6 week rule. I was going crazy and so we decided to make the 45 min drive to my moms on Monday. Stella cried here and there but was pretty good over all. When I had put Stella in the car I noticed that she had the hiccups. Once I got on the free way I started to notice that Molly had the hiccups as well. They were totally in sink. I just couldn't help but smile and just think how lucky I am to have such an awesome life. How cute are these girls and I really look forward to each day and what it will bring. We got about half way there when Molly said "Shoe" pointing to Stella's car seat. She had put her shoe in Stella's car seat! Nice! I knew there was nothing I could do until we got to my moms. So when we got there my mom was outside watering her flowers and walked to the car. When we opened the back doors, sure enough there was Molly's shoe soil side up and Stella was sucking on the sole. SICK! Once again I just had to smile. What a kind sister to share with her younger sister. They are so much fun! I really do fell so blessed to have such healthy, happy and amazing girls. Not to mention my amazing husband, he is such an awesome husband and father! I think I'm the luckiest girl ever!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Crazyness Of Two!

You know I know that I said in my last post that I was loving every minute of having these two little angels in our house and that is so true and it just becomes more and more fun. I was chuckling this morning at the chaos of it all though. Molly had swim lessons at 10:15 and to get there on time and get changed and all of that jazz we have to leave the house at 9:30. Well at 9:00 both of my girls were still sleeping. I love that I have awesome sleepers but I had to feed them both at the same time. While I was trying to convince Molly to eat her toast I was sitting on the couch trying to get Stella to stay awake so I could nurse her before we left the house. Then I had to change Stella's diaper and that is when it got comical. She peed all over everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. Her clothes were wet, her blanket, and even the clean diaper I hadn't put on her yet. So then we had to get Stella all wiped down and changed. Then I was trying to get Molly all ready, with no breakfast in her that should make for a happy camper. Swimming actually went well and we only had one attempt at escaping on the way back to the car, you think a fat pregnant lady looks funny running after a 2 year old before they get to the street, try a fat lady that still looks like she's pregnant caring the swim bag, purse, and baby carrier running after a 2 year old before she gets to the street. We got home just after 11 and knowing we have to start the whole route or what routine we have over at 1:30 to take Stella to the Dr. I put Molly right down to bed after a piece of bread... What do you know, It's Tuesday, Garbage day. Molly is deathly afraid of trucks driving by our house, and the garbage truck is the absolute worst. I had just put Molly down and Stella in her crib and thought that I would grab some breakfast/ lunch when I heard the garbage truck! When I was younger we had a cat and I remember holding her when one of the dogs ran up on to the deck. The cat freaked out started hissing and climbed over my shoulder and clawed all 4 paws into my back and just hung there, it looked like something out of a movie, and that is just what I think of every time the garbage truck drives by and Molly is clawing at me screaming like her life will soon be over. The best part of this is we live at the bottom of a dead end street, so the garbage man has to come back down, and today was not only garbage day, but recycle day as well, twice the fun. Stella started to cry at about the same time Molly did and was ready to be fed, so I made a deal with Molly. I told her no more crying and I would come and sit in her bed and feed Stella. I got settled and was waiting for the truck to come back down the street, when my cell phone started to ring in the kitchen. Normally I would just let it ring, but I knew that it was going to be the home health guy coming to pick up the billie bed and that he couldn't find the house. So I'm feeding Stella caring her from one room of the house to the other and I can hear the "Trucka" making it's way down the street. Once I gave the guy directions to our house, (no one can ever find it). They get really close but our address is so silly, So when the guy gets here to pick up the bed, I've had to stop feeding Stella and the "trucka" as Molly calls it is right across the street. So the guy walks in to two screaming bloody murder children and I still have to get the bed ready for him. Oh like I said it just cracks me up. What can you do other than just laugh. I wish my sister Cydne was here and this could have been written a whole heck of a lot better and way more comical! There hasn't been a dull moment yet:) I'm going to see if I can get in some breakfast/ lunch now before I have to wake my two sleeping girls for the second time today to go to the Dr. Good thing I haven't posted this yet because there is more to add. I had to wake both girls up once again! Getting to the Dr. was more of a smooth transition being as I had gotten everything ready before I woke the girls up. I took the stroller which helped me contain both kids, but I was more worried about Molly then Stella. We did really well up until it was time to go to the lab for them to prick Stella's heel for her billiribbon test. I had to put this heating pack on her heal and she was hungry by this time and screaming at the top of her lungs. So I picked her up and I'm bouncing her, trying to keep her quiet as everyone is looking at me. Molly starts to climb out of the stroller on to the chair and then starts to cry when I sit her down again. Meanwhile some random lady walks out of the lab and walks right to me and starts to touch Stella... I know my paranoid mom side starts to come out as I wonder what kind of weird disease she has that has brought her to the lab and now she is touching my brand new baby. Molly the whole time is still trying to climb out of the stroller and the stroller is getting pushed away from the chair as she is trying to reach the chair. Well they finally call us back and they have to prick Stella's heal. The tech tells me that I need to hold her other leg to keep it out of the way. So I'm holding her leg as she is screaming and looking at Molly go figure she is standing up again. So as I'm trying to convince a two year old child that sitting down is the best thing for her, I was wondering to myself why I had not put her seat belt on... I have learned my lesson! We did venture to Michael's (the craft store after) and we really did well I was proud of my self getting both kids back to the car with a mat board 4ft by 3ft into the car! I'm telling you classic day. We got home and the office had flooded (not a lot of water) but we had to take the utility vac down and then we came home and ate a wonderful dinner brought to us form someone in the ward and them we went to Papa and Vonda's to introduce Stella. Wow! Molly was so tired and it was such a crazy day, I was really ready for bed and so was Kris! Like I said we are adjusting. I really do just look back and laugh. What a day. This has been the craziest one yet. I'm sure there are many more to come!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Stella Update!

So Stella is here and we are soooooo happy. Not only do I feel like a totally new person, but it's so fun to have Stella and her amazing personality in our house. You know it's funny going from one child to two, I'm doing it, not real gracefully but it has been so much fun. We took Stella to the Dr. on Friday morning and he told us not to worry about keeping her on the Billie lights for her jaundice, it was so nice to get her off those lights. We have been cruisin around town and I have been bugging Kris about doing something or going somewhere every night. I keep telling him after feeling like I was going to die for nine months I feel like a new woman and I'm ready to go, anywhere, and everywhere! Stella had a hard first night home, I think that it was the lights. The second night we got her to bed about 12 and she didn't wake up til 5:30 and then she got up at 10:30! We are loving it! She got up last night at 3:30 and 6:30, but you know I'm not complaining, whatever I get is a whole lot better than I did when I was pregnant. She is really a good baby. I just feel blessed that I have such amazing girls. They are true blessing and I can't get enough of them:) Molly is eating Stella up. I get a little nervous because she LOVES her so much and so hard sometimes, but we are rolling with the punches!

My New Ride!

K so for those of you that know me... you know that I love big cars! We recently took my car in to have some repair work done while it's still under warranty. They told us they had the part and then they had ordered the wrong part and so they were going to overnite the right part so we could get my car back. When the part didn't come the next day, It was the day I got out of the hospital, they wanted to keep it another day. I had to take Stella to the Dr. the next morrning to have him check on her jaundice. So they were very nice to give a rental that they paid for until the repairs were done. They gave us a Hummer! I have always thoutht that a Hummer would be so much fun to drive. It was fun to have for a few days, but I love my car and am so glad to have it back. But like I said the Hummer was fun for a few days! Here are the girls when we went to take it back and pick up my car!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

She's here!!!!

Well I know we are early and I have not one complaint about it! Stella Christiana is here! We went to the hospital Monday night at about 9:30 and she came Tuesday morning at 7:45. She was 6 lb 15 oz and 21 inches long. Molly is thrilled to be a big sister and wants to touch and hold her every chance she gets. This is hard for me, because I'm such a paranoid mom, so I'm really working on it. I feel awesome and blessed to have a healthy amazing little girl. I really was shocked that Stella decided to come early. She has been struggling to sleep the nights at the hospital. We'll see how she will do being home. She has some jaundice and so they have ordered that she be on this light bed all of the time, unless I'm feeding her or changing her. I'm hating that and so is Molly we just want to hold her and love her, but hopefully she won't have to be on the bed long! We just wanted to let you all know! We will post more later!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Memory Tag!

I thought this was such a fun idea and hope you will all play. I copied this from Erin Millers blog. She always has such fun and amazing post. Here are the rules:

1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I (or you and Kris) had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember! Nothing too embarrassing please. :)

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you. If you don't want to play on your blog, or if you don't have a blog, I'll leave my memory of you in my comments. I can't wait to see what people remember.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Spoiled, Spoiled, Spoiled!

We are so blessed to live in such an awesome area! We have the best neighbors, and our ward is the best! We got several calls on Molly's birthday one from the bishop wishing her a happy birthday, I know he called me and Kris on our birhdays as well, not to mention the calls to check up on how I've been feeling... Like I said the best ward ever! There were also several calls from Molly's nursery leader. She is so cute with her and so are all of the other nursery leaders and the older ladies that sit and stare at Molly through the whole sacrament meeting and then they always come up to me after and say... Oh that was so cute when she did such and such, or she is so cute, or she is so good! We have an older ward, but they are the best. Anyway, sorry I keep getting off track. So Molly's nursery leader called several times wanting to come over and wish Molly a happy birthday, but we kept missing each other. Finaly when we saw her on Sunday she said she would just drop her gift off at the door becuse we were going to Liam's baby blessing. She gave Molly this cute purse and wrapped inside was a searies of 4 books (Wow, does she know my kid or what?) she also put in a little bag of mini gummy bairs. Well she is carrying the purse around with her and loves the books she just will sit forever and flip though them by herself and chat, who knows what she is saying most of the time, but I just feel so blessed to live in such an amazing place! Thanks Sister Duckworth!

The Party Never Ends!

We celebrated Molly's birthday with my family on the 4th so we had to have another party to celebrate with Kris's family. Amy had come all the way from Vegas to help us celebrate Molly's birthday, OK, so that's not really why she was here. She come up to be here for Liam's baby blessing, but it worked out perfectly for her to be here for Molly's birthday celebration. We had pizza and everyone came over! Molly was truly spoiled this year, she was last year as well. I made her birthday cake. This was the cake I wanted every year for my birthday cake. My grandma would make it and Molly was born on her birthday, being as she passed away about a year and a half ago I thought this was only fitting to celebrate with her great grandma's special cake. We opened presents and just had fun hanging out with the family chatting. Molly kept us all entertained with her "Nakie Nakie dance" So funny and running around with all of her new toys. It was so nice of everyone to take time out of their Saturday to come and celebrate Molly's 2nd birthday with us. Thanks Mark and Chels for giving up the Bees game for the party that was really nice of you guys and Molly loved having you both there!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

My Shrimp Lover!

Molly is so funny. I went to Costco this week in prepartation for Molly's Birthday cake and picked up some Shrimp with coctail sauce for dinner, well for me and Molly, Kris isn't a huge fan. Molly LOVED it! She is so funny. I feel so blessed to have a child like her. She is the best sleeper ever 7pm-9am, I know my mom didn't believe me either until she had her for a week. And this Child will eat almost anything. She is such a good eater, not to mention she will eat a ton. The other morning she had 3, no I'm not exaggerating 3! Eggo waffles for breakfast. She is just an awesome eater. Could I ask for anything more?

More Pictures form the 4th!

Happy 4th/ Happy Birthday!

What a day! You know I think that the 4th of July has to be one of if not my favorite holiday. In fact, I think that it's tied with Christmas for #1! I know it sounds funny, but from the beginning of time (well my time that is) I remember gatherings at my grandparents, or my aunt Cathy and uncle Chads, and the last few years it's been at the park. We always get an early start, I remember many years when I or other family members ran in early morning races (that's a whole other post, right Nat and Amy?) We have breakfast and we just seem to hang out and enjoy each other. My dad comes form a family with 9 kids and there is never a lack of someone to talk with or hang out with, and I must say the Bairds are not like some families that you really don't want to spend time with, or don't really know what to say, It's always just so much fun to talk to everyone, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and on and on. After talking and games we pull out lunch and it seems to start all over again! Everyone has been so nice to make Molly feel so special on her birthday... I pick up a cake from Costco (the best store ever), my cousin Natale had her little girl Hannah on the 3rd so they are just little birthday buddies and we sing happy birthday to them both. After all the festivities we headed to my mom and dads house for more family fun with just the Scott Bairds. Molly got to open her gifts and she thought that was so cool. She was so funny. Grandpa and Grandma gave her a water table (Yea, no sand, just what mom ordered!) and this little tutu that she wore around the house till i put her pajamas on. We grabbed some dinner while waiting for the jets to fly over... OK folks this really is one of my absolute favorite parts of the 4th! My mom and dad live really close to the stadium and every year there are 4 jets that fly over for the Stadium of Fire! they are so loud and they fly really low and it is so cool! I love it! You really have to be waiting for it... or you will just miss the whole thing, because it happens sooooo fast. Then we hang out more until it gets dark so we can watch a movie on the side of the house, another family tradition, we missed out on because we have a little one who needs to be in bed, and we have a long drive home. My mom has drinks for everyone and popcorn, candy, creamies and etc. Usually the movie gets interrupted by the fire works and so we pause the movie and watch the fire works, finish the movie and it's off to bed. Like I said it's my favorite day! I love it! I get up excited and go to bed exhausted, but every year it's the exactly the same and every year I get in to bed saying... "Oh I just love the 4th of July!" Thanks Cathy and Chad for organizing the 4th, thanks mom and dad for helping us celebrate Molly's birthday and letting us chill at your house for so long, and thank you Kris for going with the flow, I know you married a crazy girl! I think that having Molly born on this day makes it all that much more special, My mom's mom was also born on the 4th, but passed away last year, we are missing her, but know she is well taken care of! Happy Birthday Molly! We love you and can't wait to spend many more birthdays with you! P.S. You have to give me a break, I'm 9 months pregnant:)

Old Friends!

Wow, I was able to get together with some of my old high school friends on Thurs. and it was a blast! I haven't seen them for ever. In fact each of them has had a baby that I haven't seen... One of which was 18 mos. old (right Whit). Anyway... I it was so much fun to get to spend some time with them and catch up on what is going on. Lisa, Tiffany and Whitney have seem to always be there for me, even when I really didn't have it together. I think that a lot of who I am is because of the good friends I had growing up. Thanks for always sticking by me, I know it was not always easy, but I appreciate it more than you will ever know. Out of all of the hundreds of kids I graduated with these are the only 3 I really keep in touch with. It was so funny to watch all of our kids play together and have fun and get crazy. My favorite was how the kids just seemed to congregate to Lisa and her tiny little Grace! They all loved the baby! and holy cow what is not to love about that little cutie? This picture is so funny, It's hard to get all of the kids looking at one time, but we tried and did ok. Tiff and I were the picture takers, so to Lisa and Whit, who were trying to get all of the kids to look at us and keep them still on the step... Way to Go! I love you girls and can't wait to get together with you again! Tiff, thanks for letting us crash your house! We are missing Tiffs little Max in the picture, he had just gone down for a nap! Such cute kids, huh?

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Crazy Hair Part 1!

This is classic Molly hair. I was putting her in the car and the wind was blowing and I had my camera in my bag!

Molly's morning due!

You think I'm kidding, but it really looks like this every she wakes up and gets out of her car seat!