Sunday, April 27, 2008

Creative Molly

Molly has a way of making everything she does creative. The simplest tasks become very "creative" if you will, this is a perfect example. Molly and I eat breakfast together every morning and it is usually the same thing... toast, milk, and some dried cereal in a bowl. This morning Molly had dumped her cereal out of her bowl and had put her cup of milk, which fit perfectly in the bowl, inside the bowl. I looked over and she was picking up the bowl and bringing it to her mouth to drink out of her cup. I know for those of you who are still not understanding what I'm saying, just check out the pictures! Like I said... Creative!

Salsa & Chips!

Molly cracks me up. She has always been one who will eat whatever you give her and she eats a ton... I wish the Dr. could see her eat because every time I take her in for her check ups she is a whopping 2%. This was another one of those days I wasn't feeling really well and trying to get something in my stomach so I pulled out the chips and salsa. I added some sour cream to help make it less spicy. So I was eating it and Molly REALLY wanted some. I gave her a chip and Molly loves to dip so she started dipping then would lick the salsa off the chip and dipping it again. We a towel out on the floor and just put the salsa and chips in the middle. Molly was full on scooping not dipping by the end, not to mention she wanted every last drop of that salsa. She is so entertaining. What would I do with out her, she keeps life interesting! I love that little girl!