Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Beginning Of A New Year!

I was listening to the radio the other day and the familiar Christmas song came on repeating those old familiar words...

"So this is Christmas
And what have you done
Another year over
And a new one just begun"

It got me really thinking back on this past year. Every year there is always something I look back on and wish I would have done more, been better, worked harder, accomplished more and on and on. I so often feel regret and sometimes a bit of disappointment and depression thinking of how little I have progressed.
When I heard those words I started to really reflect taking them to heart
"And what have you done?"
What had I done? I had my 3rd little girl. With that the years memories were not about what I had done or not done for that matter, but the feelings I had had. The past years memories were filled with pure love! I don't think there has ever been a year like this past one. One full of personal and family trial. But I have never felt the Love of God and of our Savior more fully. I felt that They were aware of us, of our situation and of our unborn child. I felt Their love so fully though prayer, fasting, family and friends all of which were there every step of the way. Though much of this year was spent sick and on the couch accomplishing nothing, there have been some of the most amazing feelings of love, peace, and indescribable joy! We feel more than blessed! So in spite of all my sort comings, faults and stumped growth, that is not what I am focusing on this year! I'm grateful for the growth, love and Joy we have felt! Let's bring on the New Year!

Merry Christmas and The Happiest New Year!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dec Fun!

Dec 2 Write letters to Santa! Yummy desert. Ice cream served in a candy cane cup, topped with whip cream and green sprinkles!

Dec 3, Kris and I painted the girls fingernails and all listened to Christmas music!
We have the best dad and husband!

Dec 4, we missed out!

Dec 5, We decorated Gingerbread houses!

Dec 6, We worked on Christmas cards!

Friday, December 2, 2011

December is Here!

I have been waiting for this Christmas season for almost 2 years now. Last year I was prego and so sick. I felt horrible and I don't do much if anything to get my family or I in the Christmas spirit. In fact my Christmas tree sat in my living room for weeks half put up. My cute friend B called several times and offered to help me get it up or come and do it for me, I know you might want her number she is the best! Needless to say I have been waiting for another shot at the season. We kicked it off with our new Advent calender!

So yesterday was the first day... It was so much fun to watch the girls figure it all out.

The girls getting the tag off!

Scratching to see what the activity was.

I don't have a picture of them opening the box, but the activity was to decorate the Christmas tree. They were so bummed our tree was already decorated. Kris and I had done it almost a week ago. But when they opened the box it had a 4 tiny pink ornaments and a little note that directed them to the storage room where they found their own little tree for their room. OH MY GOSH! You would have thought they had died and gone to heaven. Molly kept telling me over and over that I was the best mom ever and that I was the best mom she had ever had (funny, I'm the only mom she's ever had) It went on and on and on! Best money ever spend. They got to decorate it all on their own. It was so cute. They were singing songs and loved every second. I loved just watching them. This was the big kick off!

They are looking forward to tonight's activity and so am I!