Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt

This year we had the Easter Egg Hunt at my parents on Saturday. Molly is still not quite sure what she is supposed to be doing, but she loved the pail of toys that Grandma and Grandpa had put together for them. Grandpa gave a short lesson for the kids on Resurrection with gloves and they all loved it. Then it was time to play and get crazy. Katheryn took all the kids outside and got out the bubbles. Lunch was awesome and My sister did the coolest fruit arrangement. We had a great Easter morning. It was getting ready for church and out the door before 8:55 and then we had dinner with with Kris' family, another great meal. We had a terrific Easter and we hope you all did as well.

Taking Time

Since Molly was born grandpa has always made time for one on one with Her. It has always impressed and touched me that he will take her on his lap and read her stories, play like he is so scared when Molly tries to scare him, and takes advantage of teaching moment. I was so blessed to have such an awesome dad and Molly is blessed with an awesome grandpa. Dad, thanks for teaching, loving, and really taking time for Molly and the other grand kids. We love you!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

High Fashion

Molly is so funny in that she is all girl. She loves to be clean, hands, face, etc. but she also has a high fashion sense. She LOVES her uggs. She has on several occasions brought me her boots and wanted me to put them on. This was just after she had gotten up and I had taken her jammies 1/2 off to change her diaper, I was thinking that I would just get her dressed after breakfast. She went into her room got her boots and wanted me to put them on, then grabbing a clean diaper off the floor she put it on her head and settled in behind the couch to look at the baby name book. Like I said "High Fashion" she must get it from her dad! J/K

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Classic Molly!

Yesterday I was getting cupboards cleaned out and working on some much needed organization in my kitchen. Molly was being so good to play in her room and let me get my stuff done. She would come out every now and then, and I noticed that she was carrying Kris' ear plugs around (no, I don't snore. That's a story in and of it's self.) She loves to play with his ear plugs and there are just some battles not worth fighting! I walked into my room and noticed that the carpet just outside our door was a little wet. I just put it off as Molly leaving her sippy of water upside down on the carpet again, not unusual, so I went on with my work. Molly came out and wanted me to read her a story. I was happy to sit down to read "Are You My Mother" with her and of course covering her sweet checks in kisses. That's when I noticed that her checks were wet. I got a bit worried and felt her hands, they were completely dry, so again passed it off as her sippy, or slobber (I know, stupid) We read the book and while we read Kris walked in the door, done with work for the day. After we were done reading the story, Molly went back to playing. I was talking to Kris about his day, and that's when I hear it.... The Splashing!!! I have never jumped up so fast. I ran into the guest bathroom and there was Molly standing over the toilet watching her boats (a.k.a. Kris's ear plugs) floating in the water. She had been soaking them and then carring them around the house. I don't even what to know how her checks were wet... Sick! Oh, did you think the story ended there? You're so Wrong!!! So we decided it was a good time for her bath. Kris stripped her down and pulled off her diaper. Molly has been such a big help around the house and loves to help with the pick up, but really loves to throw the trash away. So Kris followed her out to the garbage can in the kitchen where she ended up peeing all over the kitchen floor. Good thing the bath was ready!!! In case you're wondering, Kris pulled out some new earplugs last night. Just had to share this classic Molly Adventure with all of you. Kris and I found it quite amusing ourselves we hope you can get a laugh out of it.

It's A...

Sugar and Spice and everything nice, that's what this little GIRL is made of! That's right folks, It's a girl! We have known for a week, but wanted my sister Cyd, who is serving a full time mission in Taiwan, to have a chance to find out! We are thrilled to be welcoming another little girl into our family, and know Molly will be one of the best big sisters there is!