Friday, April 24, 2009

Totally Wicked!

I know this is kind of an akward pose, but we were kind of in a hurry because the lady waiting to take pictures after us was getting really impatient and rude! People kill me!
Whit, Mommer, Me and Kat. Cameron and Sierra also came! Oh I want to go again!

Holy Moly! I finally was able to see  Wicked! I have been waiting for years. I have had the music and listen to it over and over. I have tried to talk people into going to LA with me to see it, or to New York to see it, or anywhere... Oh My Gosh! I was so excited. My mom got tickets for my little sisters for Christmas and she got enough for me! Kris also lucked out and got to go, and you know what... I think he really liked it! I was so worried that I would be disappointed because I had an idea in my head about what it would be like, and listening to the music all of the time I was worried that I wouldn't love the cast or their voices. Oh I was so not disappointed! I loved every bit of it, not one oz of my was disappointed and Kris didn't say one negative thing about it, which made it so much better for me. I loved it so much as I was walking out I was ready to try and get tickets another night. I woke up the next morning singing the songs and seeing the actresses and actors dancing around. Oh it's been over a week and a half and I'm still doing that! I loved it so much! Thanks so much mom! What an experience! I can't wait to go again (Let's just hope it's sooner rather than later)!

New Horizon Orcastra

We had the opportunity to go to the New Horizon orchestra concert. This is one amazing orchestra! It is for older people that have had played instruments in the past and are wanting to pick them up again, or for those that have never played an instrument ever for those 40 and over! My mom has always loved the sound of the cello and when she heard about this orchestra she decided that she wanted to be part of it. She has now been playing with them for 5 years. I admire her so much. I can only imagine how much courage you would need to have to go at 48 and join and orchestra and learn how to play an instrument that you have never played in your life. It always amazes me when my mom tells me about the people that play in the orchestra with. They are amazing people that have over come serous challenges in their lives and are still overcoming these challenges. Some of these people are in their late 70's. What true examples of courage and living life. I'm so glad that my mom has found something that she loves. This is what life is all about! She is amazing to me that even now that her kids are gone she has found something to keep her busy and some thing that she has always wanted to do. I believe that you have to find joy in every stage of life and to find joy you have to do something you love. What a great example she is to me and my family! Way to go Mom!

Stella's 9 Month Check

Stella's 9 Month Stats...

Weight: 17 lb 7 oz 23%
Length: 28 in 61%
Head Circumference: 46 cm 91%

Shots: She didn't have to get shots at this appointment. She is all caught up for now. Next time her 12 month appointment she will get several.

Feeding: She eats anything. She mostly drinks formula. Also eats baby food Stage 2 and 1. She loves Cheerios, puffs, and the Gerber yogurt drops, She has also been introduced to lots of solids, not that that is what she is eating, but she loves to eat whatever we are eating.

Development and Behavior: Crawling, pulling herself up on everything. Banging things together. Clapping. Waving. One tooth, lower front right. Clicks her tongue. Puts everything into her mouth. Opening drawers and cupboards. Stranger anxiety!

Sleeping: She is only getting up 4-5 nights a week. She is getting better at taking nap. She is not crying as long when I put her down, (That's huge in and of it's self). Her bedtime routine: Jammies, Tub of baby fruit or veggies, 7 oz of formula, diaper change, and then into bed!

Stella's Favorites: Warm milk, not hot, not cold or she wont drink it. To be held, but you can't sit and hold her, you have to be standing. Loves her puffs, would eat them all day long if I let her. Stella loves to play with Molly. Loves the shower, she will sit in front of my bathroom shower and cry until I take off her close and put her in with the water on. I always sit right there by her, but she loves it. She has a fascination with the TV, that is the first place she goes and she will just sit and bang on the TV (Drives me Crazy). Bouncing. Being scared, not over the top but a good boo always gets her. Crying!

Our sweet Stella adds so much to out lives. She is so fun and always wants to be part of the party. It's so amazing to look into her wise eyes and wonder what she knows and who she will become. She is so sweet and although she cries 98% of the time, I love this little girl. I could not, nor would I want to think of our life with out the amazing little girl! I Love my baby so much and I'm so glad that she is part of our family!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Our Easter!

I have been prepping Molly for months about Easter and what the true meaning of Easter is, but with Easter comes talk of the Easter Bunny. Molly didn't really get the whole thing. Maybe next year, but in preparing her for this monumental holiday I want to do some things to make is really special. This was the first year that I was planning on having dinner here. We hadn't really heard what our familys were doing for dinner and so figured that we would be doing Easter dinner with just us. I had so many ideas running though my head of how I could make this a memorable meal for Easter Sunday. When I had gone to pick up the girls form my mother in law she mentioned that they were having Easter dinner at their house and being as Kerry (the youngest and only one still at home) was out of town with her sister and their family that it would just be the two of them and Kris's grandfather Papa. I was thinking in my head I should invite them to come over to our house, but them my mind was filled with doubt and fear. I never cooked ham, ya people say it's easy, but leave it up to me to ruin it and everyones Easter dinner. Big responsibility. I later that day had one of my best ideas ever. I figured, well Becky would be cooking, most likely the traditonal Easter ham, why could I not invite them all over here and have her bring the ham? I talked with Kris to make sure that this would not be completely tacky and he told me that it wouldn't be. So I called and asked what she was planning on making for dinner and if she was doing a ham. She said that being as it was just the three of them she was thinking of doing steak. Funny thing is I'm not a huge fan of ham, and Kris isn't either and when I said something about the ham he had said "Why don't we just do some steaks? I told her awesome what if I went to just to get a few more and they could all come over here and Kris and pa (Kris's dad) could cook them on the grill. She was so nice and said that would be nice. She also offered to make the rolls and if you have ever had Becky's rolls you know what a treat they are. This was so nice because that was one less thing I was worried about ruining. I have a really good roll recipe, but I wouldn't get them to rise right or cook long enough or they got over cooked, huge relief. So That is right folks I got to do all the fun stuff I really was wanting and planning on doing, with none of the stress. It was such a good day. We got up early so that we could be ready by the time the girls got up. That would give us some time to check out the Easter baskets and get the girls ready for church at 9:00. We had just a little time to check out the baskets and Kris actually liked the tie the Easter bunny got for him. I was shocked. He is not really a huge fan of stuff I pick out and I had totally helped the Easter bunny. Molly was in love with her goggles, flippers, and swim cap and the candy and other toys, man she was in heaven. I think the Easter bunny over did this year. We had a really quick breakfast and it was dressed and out the door we went. Man the girls really had a hard week. I think that that one was the worst one yet. Really I hate to take Molly out... K I have not had to take her out to the foyer since before Stella was born, and then not long after I had taken Molly out, I hear this really loud scream and know that it was Stella. Sure enough here comes Kris with Stella. That has never happened where we are both out there with both kids. Are you kidding me. Can you say, way to much sugar. We we come home and I finished the last prep work for dinner and sat by Kris to watch some TV. Then at 4:30 Papa, Pa and Nana came over for dinner. I ate myself silly and those rolls, so good. Everything was awesome and I was so glad that I could just relax and enjoy Easter dinner. I had so much fun putting everything together and Becky though it was nice she only had to really cook the rolls and the guys did the meat so all in all I think we all were happy with the set up. After dinner Pa took Papa to the hospitel to be with Vonda, the poor thing has been there for a month. We missed her and hope she gets better really soon. While Pa took Papa Kris and I cleaned the kitchen in no time at all, it was so nice to have Becky to hold Stella. We got things done so much faster than we would have if we would have had to hold her or step around her while she cried. We had everything done by the time Pa got back and we sat on the couch and visited and Nana shared a great story with us. They were so nice to come over and we loved having them. They left shortly after that and Molly was out of control (she really was all day) but it was off to bed for her and she was beat. She went right to sleep. It really was such a great Easter. I'm so thankful for this special time of year that we get to thing of our Savior. Christmas we think of his birth and Easter we think of his resurrection. That is amazing. I love the Savior and am so thankful for all he gave us! How blessed we are. Here are all of the pictures. Sorry there were a ton!

Family Easter Baskets.

Molly and her new goggles! 
Kris holding his new tie, he changed and wore that to church right after this picture!
The dinner table before we ate. The WB is totally off. I'll get better... maybe!
My center piaces were my desert trays with mini cupcakes. 

This was desert. Crazy cake (my mom's recipe, it so good) with mosse topping.

The mini cupcakes also searved as Easter favors!
Stella in her Easter outfit!

Molly in her Easter outfit!

She can't get enough of those goggles! The Easter bunny did a good job! She knows Molly well.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Conference Weekend April 2009

I just love conference. There is always somthing that is spoken just to me (or so it seems). I love the relaxed feel of staying home and not having to rush around here and there trying to get everyone ready by 9:00 (our ward time never changes. The only other ward in the building is the single ward that always starts at 1:00). I love the family time and in all honesty I really like the challenge of keeping my kids quiet so I can get something out of it. 
Saturday morning we woke up we headed to our new favorite spot Jamba Juice for smoothies and I got the oatmeal. Oh so good. We made it home a bit late, but had listened to conference on the radio until we got home. That day was kind of crazy the girls were all over the place and really poorly behaved. Kris was funny, he made some kind of comment as to today the kids were really bad, and they were, but I just had to smile and say "oh hun, this is everyday."
Kris went to the Priesthood session that night with his dad, brother and grandfather, while I went to pick up some food from Cafe Rio and came home and ate with the girls then we went to find some fun things to keep them busy for tomorrows sessions of conference. We found some really fun stuff at my favorite store Lakeshore Learning. Love that store soooo much. Any way we headed home and put Molly to bed. 
The next day was awesome. The girls were so good and the activities really kept Molly happy and quiet. Stella was a good girl to and then being as the sun was out we went for a walk. It was beautiful, not really warm but still a nice day. We got home and put the girls down for their naps and the last session was amazingly quiet. 
I learned so much. I really need to look to the temple more and make getting to the temple more of a priority. That is one of the biggest things that I got out of it. I was grateful for all of the words that were spoken and can't wait to get the Ensign to reread the talks I loved and those I didn't get to really hear. What a blessing to live in todays day and time. I love that things have not really changed in the church. I think of King Benjamin gathering all of his people together. Everyone pitching their tents toward the temple to listen to their king. I think of the words that he wrote to take to those that could not hear his words because they were to far away. As I read Mosiah 2 it shows me that things are the same in God's church always. This parallels todays general conference so well! How grateful I am for the scriptures, for the church and for the chance to hear God's words and instruction to his people.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What Did I Do Today?

You know that question... What did you do today? I have often stopped in my tracks not knowing what I had done all day. I have tried to do this before, but it has never really worked. I saw this on my friends blog, and really wanted to do it. I just think that it will be so fun to look back on in 2 years and see how things have changed and what things are still the same. And one day I think it will be fun to look back on for my girls when they are doing the same things I'm doing. Just kind of a fun idea. Really this is soooo long and I am just doing it for journaling prepossess, so I don't expect anyone to really read this.
6:40 Up, put work out cloths on and head down stairs to do the Firm work out video

7:45 Done with my workout for the day. Yea! Head upstairs. The girls are still asleep (total miracle) I decided to blog surf for a bit.

8:45 I can hear Molly talking and playing in her room. Stella is still not up (I’m wondering if Kris drugged her last night) I figure now is the best time to jump in the shower while Molly is playing and Stella’s is still asleep.

9:00 I stop the shower and hear Molly scramming bloody murder. Grab my robe and head for her room. The Garbage Truck! I hate that thing. Molly has been scared of it for as long as I can remember. Molly’s crying wakes up Stella.

9:20 Finally get Molly settled down and diapers changed, (Nice, I forgot to close Molly’s window after her stinky diaper yesterday. Her room is cold, but she doesn’t feel cold. Her room stinks again. Yep Mother of the year award for me!)

9:40 Breakfast is finally ready. I don’t know what is harder… Having to hold Stella while I do everything or having her crawling under my feet crying and banging her head on the floor. My breakfast, a breakfast smoothie and fruit. Molly’s Breakfast, toast, life cereal, fruit and of course Chocolate milk. Stella’s breakfast, 6oz of goodness in the form of formula!

10:12 Get dressed (yep still in my bathrobe), put some make up on. You may be asking what about her hair? Oh not on swim days. At least not before swim. I come out looking like a poodle or worse just some fizzy haired crazy women.

10:21 My mother in law called to thank me for having them over for Easter dinner. She talked about how nice it was and how nice everything looked. That was so thoughtful for her to call and thank me. That makes me feel awesome!

10:30 I should be walking out the door for swimming lessons, but Stella is having a massive fit about me getting her dressed. Put Molly’s wet suit on.

10:45 Head out the door. We should have been out the door 15 minutes ago.

10:50 We get there and put Molly’s swim diapers on. 5 minutes to spare. Wahoo

11:00 Molly gets in the pool.

11:15 Molly is out of the pool, get her dressed and head out to buckle the kids in the car. Molly has to remind me to buckle the bottom part of her seat belt… “And mother of the year goes to …Lindsay Rosander”

11:37 We get home and make snacks for everyone. Stella 6 oz bottle, saltine, and peach puffs. Molly, peach yogurt, and string cheese, and water. Me, Bagel, cream cheese, and Almonds with caffeine free Diet Coke. I need the real thing but that’s all I’ve got.

12:01 Molly and I are done with our snacks and I sit down to watch Studio 5 while I feed Stella her bottle, and Molly plays!

12:10 K that didn’t work so well. Molly was way to loud and Stella was done with her bottle, changed her diaper and both Molly and Stella go down for a nap. Let’s see how this goes! Unload and load dishwasher, pick up kitchen, wipe off counters, pick up family room. Clean up front closet.

1:00 I really should move to our bedroom and clean up there. (Looks like a bomb went off,) while both girls are still asleep, I’m sure not for long here is the recycling truck! Oh boy. Well I lay down for a few minutes. Stella really must not be feeling well. She never sleeps this long!

1:12 Kris called to see if the sprinkler guy had come… He hadn’t. Totally had forgotten that someone was supposed to be coming. I love to talk to Kris. He is so cute. I told him all about my morning and asked when he would be home, and then I make an attempt to talk him into saying he was sick and then coming home to hang out with us! Wouldn’t that be fun?

1:19 try to lay down again.

1:41 Had to go to the bathroom, and decided it was time for me to get going on my bedroom, while the girls were still asleep.

2:30 My room is not done yet, but both girls are up, so the rest will have to wait. Get the girls up. Make Stella a 7oz bottle, Molly plays with her toys while I feed Stella. Change both Molly and Stella. Molly wanted to wear underwear. It’s been a while since she has wanted to do that. I hope I don’t have to clean up any accidents.

2:57 I start dinner. Nag Molly “Molly don’t hit Stella” Molly, back off, she’s fine” “Molly don’t kick Stella.” They really do get along very well. I think we just get a little riled up and do things we don’t mean to.

3:40 Take Molly potty and change Stella’s poppy diaper.

3:48 Back to dinner. Kris is supposed to be home by 4. Oh I can’t wait! I love that guy!

4:00 Melissa A. called about Y.W. We talked about the activity tomorrow. I called my girls that I need to pick up.

4:15 Dinner is done, Kris is not home. I play with the girls. Molly and I played with her Mrs. Potato head bunny.

4:20 Kris is home! Hooray!!!!!!!!!!! Has to change his clothes and then we are ready for dinner.

4:27 Dinner is served! Oh wait. Molly poured 1 ½ cups of salad dressing on her stir-fry, Oh yummy! Dump off most of the dressing, Kris cleans it up off the counter.

4:30 We sit down for dinner.

5:00 Get a bottle for Stella; sit by Kris while he feeds her.

5:10 Molly has an accident. Change Molly

5:17 Clean up dinner, and the kitchen. It was a really easy clean up and Kris helped!

5:32 Get the kids ready to run to the bank to fill out some paper work on our accounts. We also got some shopping done as well.

6:47 10-minute pick up, scriptures, baths, prayers, brushed teeth, kisses, & hugs!

7:15 Put Molly to bed. Not bad for taking a bath and not getting home till 6:47. Only 15 minutes late!

7:15 Kris put a load of laundry in. So nice. I always have good intentions of doing that; I just seem to space when I get a free second.

7:18 I get to sit down and watch Biggest Looser while I feed Stella, baby food and a bottle.

7:30 Stella fell asleep and so I put her in bed, I’m sure she will be up before we head to bed, but I get to sit with Kris for a little bit in quite with a treat and watch some TV.

9:00 Kris went to an Elders quorum presidency meeting

9:45 Kris gets home from his meeting, checks the Jazz score.

10:00 Wash face, brush teeth, read scriptures, and pray. No I never really did get my hair done, up in a ponytail which is as far as I get most of the time. Kris stayed up a little latter to watch the game.

11:00 I go to sleep.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Stella's First Big Owie!

My poor baby! We decided to go and play tennis for FHE (ok so not really play, Kris teaches and I learn, and the girls play on the court dodging tennis balls. I kept walking by Stella who was sitting in her car seat, unbuckeled. and I kept thinking I should take her out of her seat before she face planted out of her seat. This is not the first time that I have ignored that prompting and one of my kids have got hurt! The poor thing end up face planting face first. and she skinned her nose and lip. The poor thing. We needless to say we didn't stay much longer. I feel really bad. You would think that I would learn at some point!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Eve

So today we missed out on my extended family Easter party due to Stella not feeling well and so I didn't want to take her outside in the rain and cold. Molly is always up for a party and I felt bad that I was missing the family Easter party so we decided to throw our own Rosander family Easter Party! We had some dinner and then dyed our Easter Eggs. Molly though that this was cool and I had found a kit that kept the mess to a minimum... That's my kind of party! Then we had our "Easter Bunny Fondue" We could call it that because we dipped peep bunnies in chocolate. Molly loved this. In fact when I put it on the table she put her hands on her cheeks and said "Oh my goodness!" Man that kid was in heaven. Kris even let Stella take part in this by feeding her bananas and one just happened to be dipped in chocolate. She wasn't so found of the plain banana after she had tasted the chocolate, but I stood my ground... No more chocolate for Stella! After making myself sick we washed the girls down (Maybe next year we will do baths after this instead of before) and we brushed teeth, said prayers and read the Easter Story, and the girls were in bed by 7:00. My kind of night. 
No but really. I just love to watch Molly. She just gets so excited about everything and is so smart and just picks things up. I love to see her when she finally gets something. I don't know that she really gets the whole "Easter Thing" but she does understand the Easter Bunny! She is little and I will keep telling her all about it. I have been trying to prep her for weeks about Easter and it true meaning, but I know as I keep teaching her she will understand. 
I was looking at my back in the mirror yesterday and looking at the scar I have from my chest tube. I know it's funny but it reminded me so much of the Atonement... Ok before you step away from this because you are afraid you might get struck down keep reading. I remember laying in the hospital and being so sick, no one really knowing what was happening or how to fix it or why I wasn't getting better. It was only when I realized that I had to turn complete control over to the Savior, for this was the purpose of the atonement, to heal the sick of heart, spirit and body. My body was in desperate need of healing and no Dr. could do that. It was my faith that I had to put in the Lord and realize that if this was my time to die I would live again. That this was not the end, and that one day I would be whole again. He suffered for me. He knew my pain and suffering and knew how to heal me. The scar on my back is nothing like the scars that the Savior had to show those after he had been resurrected, but I know just as strongly by looking at that scare on my back as if I were to see the Saviors scars with my own eyes, that he lives, that he atoned for us and that he has been resurrected and because of that each of us will live again. I know that this is true! I love my Savior and all that has been done for me, my family, and the human kind. I pray with all of my heart that my daughters will feel of my testimony of this and of the truthfulness of the atonement and resurrection! Happy Easter!