Friday, May 27, 2011

Last Day Of School Blues!

You know I'm kind of excited about having Molly done with school. She is really a great little helper and Stella loves her so much so having her around is always a good thing. I also have to admit that although we do have some summer activities that will get us up and going some days I'm really looking forward to those lazy days that we can just get up and kind of chill and get some of the thing I would like to get done, like cleaning up rooms and making beds just the everyday stuff, I'm just looking forward to the more relaxed mornings as opposed to the craziness of up and run, run, run.
Although I'm excited Molly dose not share that same enthusiastic welcome of summer. Don't get me wrong... she is thrilled to be going to Lake Powell and swimming at Nan and Pa's, and the excitement of welcoming a new baby into our family, but she is so sad that school is over for the summer. Last year she totally didn't get it until about a week into summer when we still hadn't gone back and she was still begging to go back. This year.... totally got it! Her last day was Thursday and when we were out and about on Wednesday there were about 3 times she would burst into tears for no reason at all (it appeared). When I would ask her what was wrong she would just sob and say that she didn't want tomorrow to be her last day of school. I chalked it up to being tired and a good nights sleep would make it all better. So I go to pick her up from school and her teacher saw me and gave me this really sad look and said...."We are just having a hard time." I asked if she was crying because it was the last day of school... and this was confirmed to me by the teacher. Oh my gosh!!!!! When she came out she was hysterical! It was kind of funny, cute, and really sad all at the same time. She just kept saying "I don't want this to be my last day of preschool." I told her we had her friends numbers and we could call and play with them this summer and this didn't help. We took some pictures of her with her friends and this still wasn't helping... She was inconsolable. Honestly I love that she loves school so much. She did get smiling when her teacher made her a new dog balloon. But all day yesterday she would have her little spats of sadness.
Earlier that day we had gone to her last preschool program.... REalLy! Is my oldest done with preschool already? Where has the time gone? I am in total shock! We have loved our preschool and are so excited for Stella to go there next year and for Molly to go to kindergarten. I'm really amazed at how fast time has gone!

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Kari said...

WOW ... you've been a busy girl!!! Love all of the updates - I can't believe how big your girls are getting! When is baby making her arrival? We'll be in Utah over the 4th this year, juggling both of our families (my entire family will be in town for the first time in years) but would love to try and sneak away for dinner or something with you guys!!