Friday, April 16, 2010

Oh This Kid!

Oh boy! Where do I begin? This one has a mind of her own... both of my kids do, but who do you know that at one and a half has her own sense of style? Her hair, shoes, clothing, and more....

Yesterday I was trying to get ready for the day and she was pulling everything out of every drawer and it was mess after mess and I couldn't finish getting ready. I had to pick Molly up from preschool and so I was trying to hurry. In my attempt to distract her and keep her busy for just a few more minutes I gave her a sippy of chocolate milk and put her on the stool. I was gone for all of 60 seconds and the most and look at what I found....

She had dumped the whole cup of chocolate milk out on the counter and the floor and all over her and was rubbing it all over in a windshield wiper motion just happy as could be. The lid was still totally on her cup. The only thing that I could come up with is that she had pushed the lid in and let all of the milk out! Oh boy! I sure do love her but there are some messes that I could do without!

Easter Day

What a crazy start to the day! First off I LOVED that Easter was on Conference Sunday this year. It's always such a challenge to try to get Easter stuff in before we head to church at 9 am and our time never changes. So it was really nice to just have kind of a lazy morning at home where we weren't in a hurry to get ready and out the door.
We checked out what the Easter Bunny had left and then I worked hard at trying to get breakfast on. Molly loves having tea parties so I had planned a tea party breakfast. Bran muffins, pancake balls, buttermilk syrup, fruit, sausage, chocolate milk and orange juice. I had made a table cloth (inspired by another project my friend Sara was doing, Thanks Sara!) and then had a cute tea set, and the cutest mini silverware, really cute (why is anything mini so cute, really?) and I had set the table the night before and made the batter for the muffins the night before as well. It still took more time than I thought it would to get it all on, but soooo worth it. Molly was so cute and kept telling me during breakfast "Mom, you're the best mom ever!" with a big hug! Like I said totally worth it! Then I reminded Molly about why we have Easter and why we put the tent up, that just like in the scripture days we when King Benjamin gathered his people together to talk to them about what our Heavenly Father and Savior wanted them to hear, we have a prophet and apostles that talk to us and tell us the things that our Heavenly Father and Savior want us to hear. Honestly... I really wish I would have prepared my family better for conference. Next time I need to start a week ahead at FHE and really prepare them for it. We had a great time listing to conference and then Nan and Pa come over between conference and then we listened to the afternoon session. After Conference was over we headed to family get together where my grandpa finished reading the last chapter of the BOM to all of us. What a great experience to be there with family and hear the words of our patriarch. My Grandpa is an amazing man and I have learned much from them. I'm thankful for his love of the Book Of Mormon and his testimony of it. What a great way to end Easter this year. I hope my girls feel of the true spirit of Easter. I loved having general conference on Easter. To hear of the testimonies of our amazing prophet President Monson and the apostles was truly amazing. There are so many things I need to work on and so many areas that I need to improve. One of my favorite talks was by Pres. Eyring. I loved to hear him talk about personal progress. I am currently serving as our wards personal progress leader and I love and feel very strongly about personal progress. I know it's an inspired program and I truly have a testimony of it. I really hope that it spoke to the parents and our young women about the importance of it. I loved many other talks, they were just for me!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Funny Molly Phrases!

While Kris was gone to spring training I had gotten a new movie for the girls as a bribe and distraction. Elloise at Spring time. I LOVE Elloise book and movies all alike. Molly takes after her mother because she LOVES it and could watch it over and over again if I would let her. On one occasion last week while she was watching it she said to me....

"I want a Weenie!"

Let me explain a little more... Elloise has a little dog named Weenie. Anyway I couldn't help but just laugh! Oh kids are so funny!

Then this morning Molly was spinning in circles over and over until she fell on the kitchen floor and she said to me...

"Mom, Stop the house!"

Apparently she had been spinning a little to much!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Eve.

Easter eve started out great. We had a great morning of conference. I love conference. There is just something about hearing all of the inspiring talks and I seem more invigorated when it's all over, no matter how crazy my kids are. Between sessions we worked in the basement for a bit and then listened to the second session. We had gotten pizza for dinner, so good. Last year we had an Easter Fondue night after dinner and the girls loved it. I really wanted to make that a family traditon. Se we did the same thing. We did the Easter fondue (with peeps, bunny marshmallows and all kinds of easter spring things). Oh my heck. It was such a crazy night. We were trying to get things out and ready and under way quickly so that Kris could head to the priesthood session. It just seemed to be one thing after another and I just feel like it was just crazy. We didn't do much fondue then we sat down as a family and read the First Easter Story and talked about the true meaning of Easter and why we celebrate Easter. The girls were crazy and Kris was feeling pressed for time and it just wasn't quite the way I had planned. Then Kris was off to the priesthood session and I was here with the girls... I put them to bed early (they were so exhausted) I think that was the first time EVER Stella didn't even cry. Then I went down stairs with some yummy treats and and a good movie and I worked on some projects that I have been wanting to get to and I wanted to use them for Easter. I also got up the tent another family tradition I wanted to implement that we did last conference, 6 months ago. It was so funny because when we turned on conference the first session Molly said "Remember when we watched this in the tent last year." So it was only 6 months ago, but we are still working on the concept of time. Well it was kind of a crazy night and I hope the girls got something out of it.