Thursday, May 19, 2011

Jazz Time!

We got the opportunity to go to the Energy Solutions Arena and get some floor time! Molly and Stella obviously didn't get how cool this could be... ok let me rephrase that... Molly didn't get how cool it could be! Stella was loving this huge floor all to herself. The people were so funny. They were telling us we had about 30 sec left and Molly was still in melt down, and Stella took off, running all over the floor at Stella high speed! Here I am feeling like I'm totally going to barf at any sec and one kid in melt down and the other running around like a crazy woman zig zagging so that we can't get her. There was no way I could run after her, so Kris got Stella, but she had a great time with the large open space! I'm sure everyone got a huge laugh out of us!

Stella making her escape. I just love that you can see her happy in these photos and then she comes up with this plan and she is off.

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