Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Actual Birthday Party!

Oh Molly had been looking forward to this day FOREVER! She has been asking me for more than 6 months... really no kidding! She could not wait for her birthday and especially her birthday party! She had been planning who she was going to invite and who she was not going to invite... let me explain... we had talked about who would be coming and started talking about who was in her primary class. Really there are not that many kids her age in the ward. While talking about it we decided that maybe boys wouldn't like the tea party idea as much as the girls would. So we talked about the girls in her class and really there are 2 other girls her age, the rest boys! She spends a lot of time with London who is a good friend and then she also invited another friend Elizabeth. She kept saying things like... I'll tell Graden (a boy her class) that he's not invited. She wasn't trying to be mean, but she was just so matter of fact... I can't tell you how many times we talked about not talking about stuff like that with anyone other than mommy, because it makes people feel bad. She did get the threatening form school I know. Because she would come home and say stuff like "________ is going to invite me to his party isn't that nice?" or "____________ Said I can't come to their birthday party anymore." again long conversations about hurting peoples feelings. I did catch her telling Stella or her invisible friend that she would not invite them to her party if she they would not _________" I don't know! Anyway still have a lot of work to do in teaching social skills, thats for sure!

her party started at 12 and then when her friends got there we started with lunch the actual tea party! All kinds of food to choose from, In the tea pots they could choose strawberry lemonade, strawberry Milk, or chocolate milk, then there were all kind of treats to snack on though out the party, animal cookies, lemon heads, pink marshmallows, cookies sticks and mini oreos. For lunch there was PB& honey sandwiches (Molly's Choice), Grandmas rolls, strawberries, grapes, chocolate rice crispy treats, donut balls, pumpkin chocolate chip bread, cupcakes and jars with water, totally good thing too, it was so hot! The girls were so cute getting their food and sitting in their chairs... they were so cute! Fun to watch them talk and Stella was just glad to be part of the party! Bless her heart, I think she kind of got only part of the experience. She really wanted to be part of everything and just wasn't quite able to! Once they were kind of done eating we put candles in Molly's cupcake and sang and blew out candles!

After we were done eating, singing and blowing out candles, We directed the girls to the craft table where they could choose flowers and ribbon that we glued on their purses and then they headed to the dress up table. They could choose out of the boxes necklaces, bracelets, gloves, rings, hair clips etc. Oh they were so cute! They all had a hard time putting those silly gloves on... I can't tell you how many times I put those things on during the party! They filled up their bags with fun dress ups and then it was time to get pampered...

Off to the manicure table. We started off with a little makeup... Not much, but just enough. I put on some eye shadow the color of their choice and then they got to choose a ring filled with chap stick. We dabbed a little of that on their lips, then got to check themselves out with their little mirrors, then it was time for nails. They got to soak their hand until it was their turn to get their nails filed and then got to choose the color of finger nail polish to paint their nails. I painted each girls nails and then the time came that Molly had been waiting for...

Presents! Molly opened Elizabeth's present first. She got a Elizabeth gave her two Polly's. One that was a safari Polly and then a boat Polly that boogie boards. One of the coolest things about that was Molly had just been water ski just the day before... More to come on that. So cute and Molly loved it!

London gave her a hair set... pretend blow dryer, straightener, brush lipstick, curling iron, curlers, and more... Oh you would have thought that she had died and gone to heaven! Sara (London's mom has been such an awesome friend! Love her and had helped me out when Molly has cut Stella's hair and most recently her hair.

After gifts the girls went back to the craft table and colored sugar cookies... yes colored. They were frosted and then had just outlining of Hello Kidie and they came with markers that you could color on them with. That was kind of the last little thing before we all sang happy birthday and then released the balloons, so everyone would know it was Molly's Birthday... A new family tradition that I plan on keeping! Molly keeps talking about how Grandpa and Grandma and Kat and Whit will see them all the way in Japan. Love it!

At the end of the party we sent home each of the girls with a tiny tea set and her own glass tea cup with her initials that I had etched on and then 3 little packets that we made so they can enjoy their own little tea party at home. The little packets were filled with stuff for chocolate milk, strawberry milk, and pink lemonade. They also took their purses, jewels and treat bags with goodies.

What a fun party! The funest part was just watching these little girls do there thing. They were so dang cute and Molly LOVED having them come! I can't beleave that Molly is 4! Really! Wow!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th Of July Weekend.

Wow! It was nice to have a long weekend. Kris had Friday off. He was so nice to stay home with the girls while I went to Sophie's funeral. Then Sat we hung out together all day. We took the girls to see Toy Story 3, so cute by the way. Molly loved it. She was so funny! Then we went to provo to hang out with Cyd and Braden and the rest of the Evans family to watch fire works and hang out. We roasted marshmollows and made smores. What a fun night! It would not have been the 4th had we not gone down to watch fireworks at my mom and dad's, but with them gone the renters upstairs were awesome to let us use the yard. It was a late night.

My favotite part of the 4th! The Jets! LOVE IT! What is the 4th without the Jets! REalLy!
Molly was in LOVE with Cyd and Braden's other niece and Nephews. She told me after that we should take home his niece and then they could have all boys! She cracks me up! Thanks for letting us tag along!
Molly doing sparklers for the first time! She loved it! She was really good too, until she got burned and then she was a little more chicken , but was still wanting to do it! Good girl!
I was bummed we only got the Cy of Cydne's name, I should have slowed down my shutter speed even more and I might have gotten it all. Sweet shot though, hu?

Cyd, and Stell

Sunday was also a great day. Molly's Birthday! Being as it was fast Sunday (Baird Sunday) We hosted sunday dinner. Molly was so cute. I was asking her all week what she wanted for dinner and she kept telling me she wanted a tea party! She is so funny... In LOVE with tea parties! So that's what I had planned for dinner. I tried to make it so that there was enough food and for the guys. They were awesome about coming to a tea party!

Here is the tea table. There were 3 different teas aka (chocolate milk, Strawberry lemonade and yellow lemonade. Also there were lots of treat so that people could snack until we got eating. Pink marshmallows, straw cookies, animal cookies, mini Oreos, and lemon heads.

This was dinner! Sandwiches, PB&J's PB&H's and ham and Swiss toasted rolls... so good! Pasta salad, Grandma Baird Yummy rolls (mini) Cupcakes mini fruit pizzas, watermelon, and chocolat pudding.

Molly with her favorite gift. This baby cries! That is what she asked for "a baby that cries!" not one that laughs or make sounds... "cries!" She also got a baby kit crib, car seat, bouncy seat, high chair, and strap on carrier. She is is little girl heaven!

Molly's cake! I did a mini cake just for her and them passed out mini cupcakes! She loved her tea party candles!

Molly getting her baby ready to head out!

We wanted to snap a shot with everyone at her party! Here is Tanya! So cute and we claim her as part of the family! We were so glad that she would come!

Sierraa, Molly & Cameron
Pa, Molly & Nana
Cydne, Moll, & Brayden

Molly with mom and dad (And Stella in the back)

Here is the ballon launch! This is my favorite thing! A new tradition. We all have our own ballon, then we hold it and all sing happy birthday and then after we are done singing we all let go of ourballoonss, so everyone can see and know that we are having a birthday. Molly was so excited and kept telling everyone that it was so grandma and grandpa in Japan could see them! This was awesome and really will stay a family tradition!

Yes! this is how much cake waseatenn! REALLY? Glad it wasn't a huge cake!

I had given Molly the choice between a family party and a friend party this year and she was wanting a friend party, so being as we weren't having a family party and Kris's parents were alone for dinner that night we thought we would invite them along. What good sports they were about hanging out with the Bairds.

We had just figured out how to skype with my parents the day before and so they were so cute to want to talk with Molly on her birthday and We were thriled to talking with them again. I told them if they called back later than everyone would be there. So I had them call just before everyone came. So when they rang the door bell (p.s. speaking of good timing, everyone showed up at the same time.) I told them to be quiet and we would see how long it would take for anybody to notice that they were there. Once they did it was fun for everyone to say hello and we loved to talk with them and let Molly see them on her special day. They also got to see her open the gift my mom got for her before she left.

Grandpa, grandma, Kat and Whit, singing, and talking to Molly and also watching Molly open her birthday gift they got here!

What a great birthday Molly had. She was so funny. Stitting at her little table with Stella and eating all kinds off good food and treats, Stella kept getting a cupcake and licking the frosting off and then get another one, she was all about the chocolate. She had it all over her face... so funny.

Monday Was another good day... The sad thing is that I'm not quite sure what we did all day long, but I know I loved the long weekend. That night we all met up with Kris's family for Nan and Pa's block party! It was fun! The food was great and then they had this guy doing a magic show... He was so funny! Molly was totally in love and just laughing so hard her face was totally red. She was his last volunteer for the night and she was so funny! She really did steal the show. I wish I had my camera not even just for pictures, but to video... Really she was so hillarious! I loved it! We had to bail early for my web chat with my teacher for my online class.

Tusday was back to normal... I was so bummed. I love having Kris and the girls home and all of us just hanging out together. Kris is my all time favorite person in the world and the girls are a close second! What a great weekend we had and I look forward to the next long weekend that we get to spend together.