Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Sitting Baby!

I can't beleave that Stella is old enough to be sitting up on her own. If you have never held Stella you wouldn't know that she has been this little sitif as a board little girl. Her back is so stiff and her arms are always out she she looks like a t. Being as stiff as she is I don't know why it shocked me that she has picked up sitting so fast. We got back from San Fran and with in that week she was sitting all by herself and has really done it well. What a big girl. Man, how time flys!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Moment In Time!

Yesterday was Barak Obama's inauguration and this is a historical moment. Did I vote for him? No! Did I feel that he would represent me and what I support and want? Not really! Am I a bit bugged by Obama Mania? Ya a little. This has nothing to do with him at all really. I believe that Barack is honestly a good man, and I'm hope and pray that he will do miraculous things with our country. I hear a celebrity say the other day "This is just the beginning. Now we must continue to support and follow and give everything to Obamas administration for the next 4 years". This bugged me a bit in the sense that shouldn't we feel that way with EVERY president. We may not all agree about everything, but once a president is chosen don't you think he deserves everyone's respect and support and encouragement over his administration. Not that I feel that we should not fight for what we believe in that is why we have the government we do, I just feel that we should have the same kind of respect for all of our president. I will respect Obama as the president of the United States, just as I have those that have preceded him and those that will follow him. I did want to keep this article in my journal for historical and memorable purposes. This is truly a historic day!

Obama speech 'captured the moment in history'
Jon Ward (Contact)
Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It was a speech marked for history before a word was uttered.

But at a seminal moment in the country's history, President Obama confronted a joyous nation with a solemn assessment of collective challenge and urged Americans to return to old truths such as honesty, hard work and courage to forge a path ahead.

Mr. Obama summoned the ghost of George Washington and his heroics during the Revolutionary War to call on Americans to rise up and meet "this winter of our hardship."

"Let us brave once more the icy currents and endure what storms may come," he said, in a line that was particularly poetic for the 2 million or so cold souls enduring the freeze on the Mall.

Mr. Obama countered his own sobriety with a forceful determination to lead the nation through its economic crisis and what he labeled a "war against a far-reaching network of violence and hatred."

TEXT:Read the full text of the speech here
It was a hawkish and yet subtly phrased description of the terrorist threat so often caricatured by former President George W. Bush to the point that many Americans, for that reason and others, became skeptical of its reality.

Mr. Obama showed no illusions, and no weakness, in a line directed at terrorist leader Osama bin Laden and other Islamic extremists: "For those who seek to advance their aims by inducing terror and slaughtering innocents, we say to you now that our spirit is stronger and cannot be broken."

"You cannot outlast us, and we will defeat you," he said, drawing loud cheers from the assembled throng.

Speechwriters from the Bush and Clinton presidencies gave the 2,417-word address glowing reviews.

"The man met his moment," said John McConnell, who wrote speeches for Mr. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney for the past eight years, and before that for Vice President Dan Quayle.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Another Molly!

So check this out! I got this email today and you have to read it...


I happened to stumble across your blog, "The Rosander Family", and to
my amazement you also have an adorable little Molly. Our little Molly
is one and a half years old soon and full of energy (I added a few
photos of our Molly). I must admit I haven't really read your blog,
but it seems your Molly is a little older than that as she already has
got a little sister. Our Molly will get a little brother in May this
year! :)

This Rosander Family lives in Sweden, just outside Linköping.
So from one Rosander family to another - we wish you all the best!

Isn't that soooo cool! they sent some pictures of their little Molly and she is darling. I just was so amazed here we are how far away form each other and both have little girls with the same name. I think that it would be so cool to stay in touch with them and as the girls get older they can be little pen pals. Crazy I just had to share this with you. It's amazing how small technology makes our world!

Another Birthday!

When your birthday is on a Sunday it seems to make your birthday last a lot longer! We got home on Saturday and collected our kids that night and didn't get to bend till 1:30. We were bet, but got up and went to Stake Conference and then came home. We had gotten both of the girls down and decided to take a nap when I heard Molly knocking on her door. Kris was so nice to take her downstairs and play with her so I could take a little nap. Then Stella got up and we were getting ready to go to Kris's family for dinner. Becky was nice to make us all dinner and then we came home and wound down and headed to bed. Monday my mom came up a real treat and we went to lunch at Pei Wei that was so nice of her to come and visit we were sad when she had to leave. Kris and I took the girls that night to dinner at Zupas and Molly loved the fondue that we got. (Yes I did gain some weight back from all of this eating out, but man it was good! I just don't think I want a burger of fries for a while. It was so fun to be with our little family the girls were so cute. Like I said when your birthday is on a Sunday it seems to last a lot longer:)

Monday, January 19, 2009

San Fran!

Two years ago Kris & I were coming home from Hawaii and were offered the opportunity to give up our seats and get 2 free tickets to anywhere (excluding Hawaii & Alaska) We waited 6 hours to get on the next flight and at the time I don't think that we were thinking it was worth it! We just got back from San Francisco this past week and now I'm glad we had the chance to go using our two free tickets. Kris went to school in San Fan and I did go out to see him once, but I don't think that it was a place we would have gone with out free tickets, now I would pay to back every year! It was so much fun. We had planned to take Stella and leave Molly with Kris's family, but after several extremely hard days and really bad nights I asked my mom if she would keep Stella. I figured that would be one kid for each grandma and my kids aren't all that bad one on one. My mom also had my brother, sister in law, two sisters and dad to help her out when she needed it. I was sooooo worried about leaving her, not because I was worried about Stella, I was worried about everyone else. She really wants to be a good baby, she just is having a hard time figuring things out! Well everyday I called my mom expecting her to ask us come home... but no, Stella was being a little angel! She was sleeping though the night taking awesome naps and if she was crying the whole time she was a wake they were denying it! Molly did great as well. Our fist day started out early. We were up at 3:30 and in San Fran by 9:30. We went to get some breakfast form Micky D's and then went straight to Alcatraz. So cool by the way. That place was amazing. There was a man there signing books that served time in Alcatraz for bank robbery. It was really amazing to hear and learn all about that place. Then we went to lunch at a place that Kris was introduced to while in San Fran for a tennis match from his days on the collage tennis team. So good. House of NanKing, a little dive, they have actually fixed it up from the last time either of us has been there. We drove around San Fran for a while and went by the school, went to a look out, and then we went to check in to our hotel, buy they we were totally beat and Kris was totally wanting a Mt. Dew, there were no fountain drinks to be found. We then went and got some food from In & Out Burger. Then we got some sleep. We weren't feeling very well and we were ready for a good nights sleep. The next day we were up early and we headed to Oakland and stopped by the Oakland temple. We met a darling sister missionary that was form Hong Kong and had only been out 4 weeks. We didn't take a tour because we were going to meet one of Kris's classes mates who is practicing in Oakland. We did drive around Berkley while we were there and I got to see the tennis courts that Kris played on back in the day. We met up with Danny at his office and then went back to his place. Then we were on our way back to city. Danny treated us to lunch and I think those were the best fries I've ever had! We dropped off Danny down town so he could meat up with another classmate that was in town, and we headed to the Golden Gate bridge. It's so amazing. Then we headed to the beach close to where Kris lived and yep that's right there were a few "nudist" there, not much to look at promise! We couldn't go without hitting Ghirardelli square so we stopped by and got a strawberry shake for Kris and banana split for me, totally worth it. We did some more driving around town and had to hit Lombard St. After all of that food we weren't really ready for more dinner, so we stopped by the gas station and got a sandwich (this time Kris was feeling a bit better, and he got a fountain drink, hooray!) Then we just came back to our room and watched a little TV and crashed. The next morning (did I mention we got to sleep in?) We had to go see the "Painted Ladies" that was another thing on my list I wanted to do. It is the row of victorian houses that you see on almost every movie or TV show filmed in San Fran, It's also know as post card row. They were amazing and I just wanted to keep singing "There she goes, there she goes again" The theme song form "So I married an ax murderer". Yes that was in that movie when they are sitting in the park across the street form "The painted Ladies". Then we went by the Museum of Fine arts and walked around then walked down to Golden Gate Park. The beach was amazing and so fun to see all of these families with their kids and dogs (no still not ever getting a dog) but it was so fun to watch all of them. After all of that Kris was so nice in humoring me to go to the Aquarium of the Bay. That was soooo cool. They had these big tunnels that you would walk though and it was a tube aquarium so all of the animals were swimming over your head and all around you. The glass was kind of funny so it kind of made you feel like you were looking through someone elses glasses, but it really was sooo cool. At the end of the tour you can touch all of these animals the Stingrays, Starfish, and sharks. It was really cool. We decided to try and hit this Japanese restaurant that we had tried the day before, but it was closed, It was closed for lunch again so we headed to In & Out Berger one more time (it was right by the airport and then we were on our way home. It was a whirl wind of a weekend, but it was so nice to spend some time with just Kris. A huge thanks to everyone for helping out with our kids! We had a blast and neither one of them would have done well with the non stop going! We missed our kids a ton and it was good to get back to them. They are so stinking cute! What a fun Birthday! I love you babe!

Monday, January 12, 2009

My Hilarious Husband!

Kris and I have this on going argument about my sleeping in the middle of the bed, or on his side... Kris and I have a king size bed, this is the 3rd king that we have had since we have been married (calm down we haven't worn them out!) The first seemed to be a bit to hard and was really starting to bug Kris's back, so we purchased a new bed, that didn't last long when we had the hill and valley problem, If you don't know what I'm talking about it's the body indentations that you get in a mattress (a.k.a. sink holes). Being as our mattress was under warranty we had a guy come out and check it (a mattress inspector)... Yes there is a profession where you come and measure peoples sink holes in their mattress. Anyway we got a new bed out of it and we are having the same thing happen. Well last night I decided to sleep in the middle of the bed to try make the hill not so big, and get a break for my growing sink hole. When I told Kris this I pointed out that he really can't complain about me sleeping in the middle of the bed being as there is prof that I sleep on my side (my sink hole). I had gotten up at 12:00 with Stella and was back to sleep sleeping soundly when I was suddenly awakened by a flash! I woke up to see Kris holding my new camera and taking a picture of me sleeping! What a turkey. I was tired enough that I just went right back to sleep until Stella got up this morning. Not quite sure if I had actually experienced this bizarre picture taking in the early morning hours or simply a dream, I saw my camera on my night stand and took a look at the pictures, sure enough there was a blurry horrible picture of me sleeping. Later today I was on the couch waiting to make sure the girls were both going to sleep like they should when I heard Kris pull in the garage for lunch. Kris walked in and I popped up and gave him the stink eye he just looked and me and genuinely asked "What?" I responded with "oh there is my funny man" and that point he just burst into laughter. When I asked "What where you thinking? you just went to the bathroom at like 3 am and decided to take a picture of me?" His response through his laughter was "When I got up you were on my side, and I saw your camera there and thought I would take a picture of where you were to document it!" Oh man! We both got a good laugh out of it. I'm so glad I married someone with an awesome sense of humor! I really was not on his side, I was totally in the middle! Anyway... let's see what kind of pictures we get tonight:)

Editor's response... Lindsay is really a bed hog. But she denies everything. She is always crowding my side (left) of the bed. Rarely can I make it through the night without nature calling due to my small bladder and affinity for Mtn. Dew. It was during one of these times last night I noticed how far left of center (my side) she was on the bed. In order to hold her accountable for her selfish bed dominance I thought I could use her camera that she had out on her night stand. This would surely incriminate her. But by the time I turned on the camera she awoke and retreated to her side. I took the picture anyway. The photo has not been enhanced or altered in any way.

I look totally hammered!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Our Amazing Bodies!

Yesterday we were lucky enough to be invited to go to "Body Worlds" with my sister Whitney and her friend for her 18th birthday! That is what Whit wanted to do for her birthday! This was an amazing exhibit that was held at the Leonardo down town! I was just so fascinated with everything. I am amazed even more at this amazing bodies that our Father in Heaven has crated for us! There were babies form the 5th week of pregnancy and on up until 33 weeks. You were able to see the difference between a smokers lungs and a non smokers lungs, a healthy knee and one with severe arthritis, they showed the veins, organs, and muscles of the body and on and on and on. They also showed a healthy organ and next to that would be one with tumors. They showed obesity and so much more. This was so amazing to me. I was not grossed out at all, but more fascinated with our bodies and the precision that it must have taken in creating our bodies. The only down side to this was the 2 hour wait in line before hand, but it was worth the wait! I was truly amazed at the human body and am truly grateful for mine... even 20 pound over weight!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Totally Losing It!

So on Tuesday morning I had a young womens board meeting and we discussed all that need to be done to help our girls, upcoming events and the list goes on and on! I had taken my two sick kids which were little angels both of them. They really were soooo good. Molly wanted me to hold her more than she has in the last 2 years! Anyway I was in a hurry to get out of there because I had swimming, which is totally unmissable! So the day went on crazy and by bed time I was really ready for a good nights sleep. Wednesday seemed to be going surprisingly smooth and being as I had dinner figured out and tons of food, I invited Kris's parents and little sister Kerry! I didn't feel too rushed ether being as young women started at 7! We were going roller skating and the girls were sooooo excited (most of them anyway) I walked in just about 7 and got a really funny look from another leader and she asked what I was doing there. She went on to tell me that the beehives (me) were going at 6:30!!!! I was totally stunned! She was like you don't remember us talking about it at our meeting! HERE IS THE SCARY PART: I seriously have noooooooo recollection of that at all! Everyone I talked to was like... "ya remember they talked about how you guys wouldn't be there for opening exercises." I think the thing that makes me sooooo mad about all of this is that I'm a very organized person (ok i try) but I really could not recall this at all! It wasn't even like "oh I vaguely remember that" NO! I don't remember it at all! I really do feel like I'm losing it some times! I just can't believe that I was so dumb! That is so not me! Anyway that is my senior moment for my lifetime, even though I'm way to young to be having senior moments!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Out With 2008 In With 2009

We spent the new year at my parents and celebrated New York time so we were home and in bed by the real New Year. We also left my parents before we got to do your predictions. I've never been good at the predictions part, but I love when we write down some of the big moments of the last year and goals for the next year. Since I didn't get to do that I thought I would do that now.

Year In Review:
-Survived Pregnancy
-Stella was born
-Molly turned two
-Kris (with Cameron's help) built the downstairs entertainment center
-I lost 15 lbs
-2 trips to Lake Powell
-Got my Camera Nikon D80!!!!
-Got my bedroom furniture
-Kris and I only missed 4 days this whole year of reading the scriptures together
-Kris was able to got to TX to a Dallas Cowboys game. He also was able to go to spring training (baseball) both with his dad and brother.
-Went to CO to visit the Easton Family
-Barack Obama was elected president of the United States.

Goals For This Year:
-lose 25 more lbs
-Get birthday cards out to all of our family!
-Organize my life (Be on time) side note: I have always been on time till having 2 children. Now it seems like even when we are ready to go someone has a stinky diaper, needs to be feed again, or we have another 2 year old melt down, etc.
-Finish Basement
-Stretch myself (Be Daring)
-Reward myself for my achievements
-Not stress over things I can't control
-Be more diligent with our 10 min puck up every night before bed.
-Ame for 30 min of cleaning everyday to replace all other cleaning.
-Enjoy life more thoroughly

A look back on 2008:

Gadget Girl!

So I mentioned I was a gadget girl and I totally thought of my new favorite Gadget...

Ya this video is way cheese, but it totally works! My mom gave this to me for Christmas and I have used it 4 times already! It makes making stews and soups so easy, I hate to chop Onions and this is an awesome way to chop anything. Love it! Thanks mom!

Pancake Balls!

So I was at Target and saw this "Pancake Puff" pan and I had seen and heard about them before so I thought why not! The first time I used it I was wondering what in the world I was doing this for! Seriously! It took forever, and I am not the most patient person in the world (don't tell Kris, He doesn't know that I'm impatient yet! hahaha) Any way after the first round and not wanting to give it another try I forced myself to try one last time, and if it was still ridiculously hard this time I would opt out and DI the stupid sucker. I gave it one more shot and guess what? LOVE IT! Really I do. Molly loves it as well. She always asks for "Pancake Balls" and then she wants to dip them. It took me 2 times to master but it is seriously one of my favorite things to use, I'm totally a gadget girl! If your thinking about investing in the "Pancake Puff Pan" DO IT!!!!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Roll'n, Roll'n, Rolln'

Oh Man! My kids just seem to be growing toooo fast! I really wish that they would stay little longer! Stella has figured out how to roll form her back to her stomach and has been doing it for a little over a week, but these past few days she has truly mastered it. She is so fun. It takes her seconds to roll over, but then she hates to be on her stomach so she will only be on her stomach for a few seconds before she lets the ear-piercing cries loose, so then you help her go back to her back and within 3 seconds (really no lie) sometimes less she is back on her stomach. What a funny little thing she is! We are just loving and enjoying her screaming and all, and believe me there is plenty of the screaming! This little girl will be the high energy of the family the older she gets. That makes me excited and scares me to death all at the same time!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

So we had only made one attempt at taking Molly sledding, she loved the first run, but wasn't to sure about the sledding after the 2nd run. It was really cold and she had fallen in the snow and was cold with no gloves. So when we decided to try a second time I suggested the hill in our backyard. By the time I had dressed warm and gotten Stella bundled I couldn't find Kris in the backyard. So I walked around the house to find him heading up the street pulling Molly on the sled up the sidewalk. Kris was so inventive. He said that they weren't getting any speed at all down our hill and was having to push with his feet to get them down the small incline. So there was still a lot of snow on he sidewalk and so that is where we ended up sledding and it was soooo much fun! We got some serious speed. I think the only one not really having fun was Stella. She was so bundled that she couldn't see out of her car seat and was bugged by that! But this was so much fun. The second time was definitely the charm!