Thursday, September 24, 2009

One Classic Day!

Today we kind of packed it in. We started with Molly's preschool and I had such a hard time getting out of bed. You know it's funny because with Stella I would get maybe 3-4 hours of sleep every night (really, no exaggeration at least 5 nights out of the week)...I do get a little more sleep than that these days, but I'm sill getting up 2-3 times a night with my kids 15 months later. I just don't think I'm ever going to sleep again.... REALLY! I think that there are times it just really starts to catch up to me and this morning was one of those mornings. I had a hard time rolling out of bed and woke up to Molly in my bed with me and all of the lights on... now how do I sleep though that and not their crying at night, go figure! So I got up and got Molly dressed, fed and ready for the day. Then we were off to drop Molly off to preschool. Stella and I came home and finished folding the laundry that Kris had done last night while I was at young women and then put that away, made beds, fed & dressed Stella, and did a quick pick up of the house. Then put Stella in the stroller and walked to Molly's preschool to pick her up. We got home and didn't really have a whole lot of time, because we had swimming make up lesson. I fed the girls and then we were out the door to swimming. Molly did great and then I had to run to the grocery store to grab some food for dinner. Yes still haven't showered, but I did work out, it was work out or shower, but I don't have the luxury of doing both so yes I totally looked scary and Molly still in her swim suit and cover up wet hair and Stella in serous need of a nap. We are on the first aisle and Molly tells me she has to go potty. I told her we were going to be sooooo fast and just to wait. So we are cruising and then Molly said..."I just am going to pee!" in her distressed little voice so we rushed to find the bathroom with our full cart and then after we were done I had picked up Stella to put her back in our parked cart and had accidentally hit Molly in the head with Stellas shoe. Some helpful employee decided to bring this to my attention which only made things worse for Molly. Being tired and then having some strange guy point out that she just got smacked in the head didn't help... Really it wasn't that hard. So after a short time of comforting and then the shake it off talk we went on our way to finish shopping. Stella screaming at the top of her lungs the whole way because I wouldn't let her play with the bread. People are looking at me and how hammered I look and how hammered my kids look and wondering what kind of mom I am that I can't control my kids and have totally let myself go... Oh I'm sure it was quite a sight. So we were seriously 3 min for home and both girls fell asleep on the way home... if that says anything to their state of mind. We get home I grab some groceries and head for the back door......... Which is wide open! AWESOME! Molly was the last one out and I didn't even check! The best part about this, our garbage can is right by the back door and so we have a swarm of flies in the house. The only thing that scares Molly more than dogs, ghosts, the wild goose (that's a whole different story) are flies! So now she won't use the bathroom because there is a fly in there that wont stay in the bathtub. So funny! You know I got all of the food put away and had to just laugh or cry! So I opted for a good laugh! Seriously! And now it's 5 and my girls have been asleep since we got home at 4 so I should probably get them up or they will not sleep at 7! We can just hope for a better day tomorrow.... or at least a shower:)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Brushing Time!

Our girls are so funny! They LOVE brushing time. Granted I'm not sure it's the brushing as much as the sucking the tooth paste off the tooth brush or the actual brushing of the teeth. They have both had this little tooth brush as a teething toy and they really have just loved tooth brushes since they were little. This is very much what you would see night after night at our house... they are just so cute I wanted to capture this moment!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Awesome Quote!

I saw this one one of my friends blogs, who saw it on one of her friends blogs.

"Life isn't always easy. At some point in our journey, we may feel much as the pioneers did as they crossed Iowa- up to our knees in mud, forced to bury some of our dreams along the way. We all face rocky ridges, with the wind in our face and winter coming on too soon. Sometimes it seems as if there is no end to the dust that stings our eyes and clouds our vision. Sharp edges of despair and discouragement jut out of the terrain to slow our passage. Always, there is a Devil's Gate, which will swing wide open to lure us in. Those who are wise and faithful will steer a course as far from such temptation as possible, while others - sometimes those who are nearest and dearest to us- succumb to the attraction of ease, comfort, convenience, and rest. Occasionally, we reach the top of one summit in life, as the pioneers did, only to see more mountain peaks ahead, higher and more challenging than the one we just traversed. Tapping unseen reservoirs of faith and endurance, we, as did our forbears, inch ever forward toward that day when our voices can join with those of all pioneers who have endured in faith, singing: "All is well! All is well!"

Elder M. Russell Ballard

Life has been crazy lately and I have had so many things that I have felt kind of bogged down by. Dealing with the news of Kirs's dad and dealing with other stresses and family things, I have often times felt like the worlds #1 failure and that I have not been able to mesure up to what I have needed to be or others have felt I to be. I know that our lives are ment to have these triles for they truly will make us stronger, but it's always nice to have the reminder that these things are for our growth and that we will not be in these situations forever, that life brings change and sometimes it's good change and sometimes it's not the change we wanted or thought that we could handel, but that with each trial comes the gentle hand of the atonement and that we can feel the love our our Heavanly Father and our Savior and that will bring us greater faith, hope, love and joy, not only after the trial but though it as well. What great examples those who went before us were. And what a great reminder that we can do anything by just simply inching forward.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Fear Of Ghosts!

A few months ago I was helping my mom along with my sister Whit and sister in law Sierra carry in a dresser for my moms bedroom. It was big and kind of heavey so we decited that going in though the front door was the best sulution. Whit went and opened the door and just ran back to help us carry the dresser in. We were pulling it out of the car and I could hear Molly start to scream! This was not just any kind of scream this was a blood curdeling I'm REALLY hurt kind of scream. So I tell the girls we have to put down the dresser and I run inside and there is Molly red faced, tears streeming down her face and she would not stop screaming. My dad was holding her and doing the best he could, but she didn't sound like she would be stoping anytime soon. Trying to figure out what happened I kept asking if she was hurt or what. My dad said that she got scared. Molly said the ghost came and opened the door. We kept trying to reasure her that it was just Whitney, but she was sure it was the ghost. Finaly we calmed her down and she relized that the ghost was just Whitney oppening the door and then running back to help us. For DAYS after I Molly was constantly talking about the ghost and how it was so scary.
A few days later we were talking about this incident and how funny it was that Molly just kind of freaked out like that and my dad, with his little i'm in truble smerk said... "I may have just mentioned that it was a ghost, just may have." He just cracks me up.
So later that week she asked me... Mommy do you remember when that ghost came to open the door at grandmas. Oh my heck! Are we still talking about this.
Then days after that she was laying in bed with me talking about something that she thought was sceary and I was playing with her hair and said... "Molly there are lots of times in our life that we are scared and then we just have to say a little prayer and then the Holy Ghoooooos".......... That's when it hit me that I can't say Ghost, she will totally freak out. but it was kind of too late. Molly sits up and looks at me "Ghost"
Here I have for weeks been telling her there are no ghost and that she shouldn't be sceared of ghost and then I'm trying to tell her not to be scared because there is a ghost that will comfrot her.... Nice!
I did go on to tell her that this is a ghost that will help you feel happy and that it will make you feel not scared and that when you pray Heavenly Father can't come down to help us so he sends the Holy Ghost to come and make us feel better. Oh my heck! Seriously! Open mouth insert foot!
Bless her little heart she is so funny and I just keep thinking that this has gone away and today she locked the back door and when I asked her why she said... "so the ghost don't come in."
What a funny little thing. I just keep laughing about it and I really hope that she grows out of it soon!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

More Random Funnies

*We were going to Cafe Rio last night to get some food and when Molly said she wanted to go get some food Kris asked her where she wanted to get food from. Her response... "Ummmm, how bout Subway". I would be totally proud if that was the end of the conversation but Kris asked what she wanted there and she said, "Fries Please!" Nice.

*Today I had a lot of little things to do and lots of running around. Molly was so horrible at the first store I went to I was livid by the time we got out. I was so mad and she just kept calling my name, being the immature and horrible parent that I am I was just trying to tune her out for fear I might just have one of my "white trash moments" Finally I calmed down and asked why she was so naughty. She just said "I don't know". So we pull up to the mall to get some other things done and Molly said as we're pulling in "I think I'm going to be naughty in this store too."

*On our way home form this same trip she started to fall asleep. I kept yelling at her to open her eyes. Then they would kind of start to droop so I would say "Open your eyes really big" Oh my gosh!!!!!!! I could not stop laughing. She would open her eyes HUGE! I don't think I have ever seen her eyes open that big before and she has some big eyes and they are beautiful, but it was so funny to see this poor tired girl open her eyes that big. I'm normally not to worried about it, but she has been getting up every night and just will not go back to bed, wants to brush her teeth at like 2 am It's killing me and that night was one of the worst so I was not letting her get any sleep during the day, I was determined to have her sleep at night. Bless her heart.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Our First Day of Preschool!

Oh my word! You would have thought Molly had waited her whole life (all three years) for this moment. We went to Preschool Orentation and then meet your teacher... long story crazy day and totally off my game so I didn't take any pictures but this one just before we walked in of the meet your teacher. Molly loved every minute and was so excited to go back. She would ask me every day if she could go to preschool and that she didn't go potty in her diapers and was wearing big girl underwear and so when could she go to preshool. Then she would come home and say that she drove by with daddy and there were cars there could she go to preschool NOW? I told her the teachers were just getting ready for them to come back.

Well due to her excitement we made a school count down. We cut out letters that spelled school and put one on each of the cupboards in the kitchen and then we moved one each day and she knew that when she finaly moved the L that was the day she got to go to school.

Then the night before she started school we had a going to school party. It was Monday night so we did the FHE going to school party and invited Grandma and Grandpa... being as they have 3 girls still at home we were lucky enough to get Kat Whit and Cyd plus her fiance Brayden. And then we also invited Nan and Pa... being as Kerry the youngest just got married a few weeks ago they are the only two left at home, and they have a much smaller FHE! Oh it was so much fun to have everyone here. We ate dinner school lunch style on lunch trays, sandwiches, cheese pencils, Jello, chocolate milk or Apple juice, and apple slices.

Then we read two books (the Kissing Hand, and My Preschool) the best part of this was we had Nan read one and then Grandpa read one.

Then we finished of the party with a pencil cake (actualy brownie) and then everyone took off with a party favor... cheez It's with letters on them and smarties on the top... she is going to school to learn more about her letters and become more of a smartie!

After everone had left. Kris changed his clothes and put on a shirt and tie with slacks and gave Molly a blessing. It was so sweet. He told her that she was a blessing in our home and blessed her that she would learn a lot that she would get along with the kids in her class as well as with Stella and me (that will need some work). He also blessed her that this would be a good experience. Last he blessed her that she would be healthy and happy. It was so fun to see the begining of a great traditon and to share that love, excitement and enthusiasm with grandparants and family.

Then come the first day of school the day she had been waiting for... The first day was a short day and the broke the class up into 2 differnt groops, one to come in the morning (9-10 and one to come in the later morning 10:30-11:30) Molly had been assigned the later time. So we got up that morning and cleaned up the house got the girls rooms picked up and then I was making my bed. Molly came in and said it was time to go... ya this was all morning I wish she had the earlier time. So she comes in and tells me we have to go. I tell her that it's just fine and that I was making my bed. She looks at me and said with great authority...
"Mommy I do not have time for this! I am going to be late and they will start without me!" I asured her that we had plenty of time at least 45 min and preschool is only 2 min away. she sighed, her shoulders sank and she walked out of the room. We did leave shortly after that and yes she was the first one there (if you don't count the boy the mom had not yet picked up form the early class, Ya! Really! She had a great frist day and really didn't want to leave. She is loving it! She has two amazing teachers and I can't wait to see what the year will bring.
Molly was so excited about picking out her own backpack and just had to show it off.

This is a cute little picture I was able to snap though the window when I got there a little early to pick her up. This is a girl that loves snack time. She wanted to make sure I was there when other kids were leaving so she came running out and then when she had seen me she ran back in to finish her snack and she was in no hurry. Funny thing.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Finally A Diagnosis!

It has been about a month that we have been waiting for the "official" diagnosis of Pa's conditon. Friday Pa went in to meet with the Oncologist. The final diagnosious is Stage 4 Renal Cell Carcinoma, in short Kidney cancer. It has spread to his liver and lungs and when he goes in on Wensday to start kemo they will do a scan of his brain to see if it is in his brain at all. Like I said with the diagnosis they also come to an agreement on how to respond. For this particular kind of cancer there is no cure and so at this point it's just slowing it down and keeping it from growing and spreading. The consensus was chemo. They will do chemo once a week for 4 months and then they will reevaluate where they are and how Pa has responded to the chemo and if they should keep going with that treatment or change things up.
Pa has seemed to take this well. I don't know if that he is finally really starting to feel better after his surgeries (lost 25 lbs) or if that now he knows the plan of attack that has seemed to lift his spirts.
I know that this has been so hard for all of us and I just watch my amazing husband and him having to do and talk about things he really doesn't want to talk about.
I know we have all felt the mercies that our merciful God has given to us. I see them everyday. I know that there will be many more amazing blessing that we will see and that along with that will come many more really hard days for Pa, Kris, Becky, and the rest of the family, but the one thing that I have learned is that the Lord knows us. He knows the deepest desires of our hearts. He has been though all of this and this is what the atonement is all about. The Atonement is not just so that we can repent (that is an amazing part of it) but so that our Savior will "know according to the flesh how to succor his people according to their infirmities." Alma 7:12 I know this. I have felt it in some of the lowest point of my life. I know that the Savior is very awair of Pa, and of the family at this time and that it is not going to be easy, but that we can always turn to someone that truly "KNOWS" us. And there is where we can find peace and comfort. No matter the out come.
We have had some great times with Pa and love him dearly and can't even picture life without him. I think of him and how great he has been to me and how interested and supportive he has been about some of the things I have done in my life. I think of the amazing man my husband is and I know much of that has come from his mother and his father. I think of all of the fun, and maybe not so fun things that Kris and Pa do together and how they enjoy that time and being together. I think of my children and the great Pa he has been to them. The way he puts up with the loud craziness and how he always loves to here their funny stories. Pa is amazing and is a huge part of our lives. Our prayer is that we have many more years with him, to build many more memories.

Phone Talk

Molly was recently talking to Pa on the phone and said... Pa, Stella wants to talk to you. Sometimes she says Ba! Oh Molly.

I'm The Mommy!

This is something that is said at our home A LOT! Molly likes to be the boss and is sometimes over the top and so I'm often telling her...

Molly, I will be the Mommy!

Like I said this is said a lot and then one day Molly came back with this...

And I will be the Molly!

It's not in a bossy way, just more of the mater of fact way. but it cracks me up! She now says it almost every time I remind her that I'm the mommy! Oh this funny little never misses a beat!

Molly & Alexis!

This is a message that I got from one of Molly's cute date night baby sitter on facebook last week. She has just been called into the nursery and it was her first week in there with Molly.

ok lindsay so i totally have to tell u what molly did in nursery on sunday! i was reading a book with one of the other girls and she was sitting on my lap. molly came walking over and was all u cant sit on her lap cause shes my babysitter!!! And i was laughing so hard and she looked at me and said thats not funny!!! She is the absolute cutest!!!

I had to respond and tell her the funny story I had from a couple weeks earlier. I had a lot I had to get done and was wanting Molly to get dressed so we could get out the door. She was trying to stall as usual and come up with... Um mommy, (long pause) Umm how about umm, (long pause) how about you and daddy go out to lunch (long pause) umm and how about Lexis comes to play with me. long pause... She can get here fast!

Molly is so funny, actually both of my kids LOVE their babysitters! I don't know many kids that cry when their mom and dad come home as opposed to when they leave. We have been blessed to have such great girls that are willing to help us out with our girls.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Breakfast For Molly!

I was getting me some breakfast, one of my favorite morning shakes. 1 C. frozen blueberries, 1 C. milk, and just a dash of equel. Blend it all up in one of my favorite inventions the magic bullet, and then just enjoy! When I got mine all done I asked Molly to come in the kitchen so I could get her breakfast and she said she wanted a shake like mine. So I was happy to make her a shake like mine (I made half) so I got her a straw and let her at it. She took the first long sip and then with all of the attitude she could muster looked at me and said "LOVE IT!" This girl just cracks me up!