Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lovin This Boy!

He is the most amazing husband and father and I just feel lucky to call him my best friend. Sat he woke up and got on the treadmill and then got the girls to work in helping clean up the house. He told them that we could go have a picnic after the house was all cleaned up. The girls were good to help and then it was off to a new park for a picnic and play. After we came home and he was out the door with the girls to the church parking lot to help the girls fly their kites despite the really dark clouds and sprinkle. When it started to rain he was still out there helping them out... When the lightning started I took Stella who is scared to death of thunder and we headed home. Molly and Kris came later. Then we all went to dinner at Iceberg. The girls just thought that that was the greatest thing ever. What a fun dad! He makes everything so much fun and we are all glad when daddy comes home, or has a day off! We can't get enough of him! I'm glad I have him forever. I hear lots of women who are worried about when their husband retire... For me that day can't come soon enough! Love you Babe!

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