Friday, March 27, 2009

Captain Moroni: The Armor Of God.

Last Monday seemed to be on of those days that didn't flow very well and we seemed to run into some kind of road block everywhere we turned. It was full of tantrums, from both Molly and Stella, Stella wouldn't ever let me put her down. She is back to not sleeping (I think most of it is due to teething, I'm hoping.) Molly didn't get her nap and is just into everything. Everytime I turn around she has some new destructive and creative idea. It was just not a smooth day for us on the home front. Because of that we opted to head to Wendy's and some Japanese place to pick up dinner. We came home and ate. Stella and Molly were so funny to watch. They just kept looking at each other and just laughing. They have gotten to be good little buddies. Molly kept feeding Stella her fries and she loved them. After dinner we got everything cleaned up and jammies on and then for our FHE lesson we read in Molly's little scriptures about Captain Moroni and how he armed his men with armor before they went to war with Zerahemnah and the Lamanites (Alma 43). We didn't read a lot, but just how the armor protected them. Then we got Molly all dressed up in armor and we talked about how important it is for us to put on spiritual armor, and how we do that by reading our scriptures, saying our prayers and listening to mom and dad. It was short and sweet, and I don't really know how much she got and understood, but as she gets older someday she will get it... I hope. She is so cute and it was fun to see her in the armor, she thought that she was the coolest kid on the block. So for the kind of day we had FHE was actually a nice ending to the evening, and then it was off to bed.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What Have I Been Doing?

Holy cow!!!!!!! I can't believe how much work that that one little work out room was. I'm so glad that it's done. That makes it 3 rooms down and done and 4 more to go... oh kill me! No I really need to focus on what we have accomplished. We have been working on the basement since I found out I was pregnant with Stella. In fact we were working on the basement when I went into labor and here we are 8 months later and still not done. I figure if I wait for it all to be done it could be an eternity. so here are just 3 rooms that we have got done. They were easy and didn't really require a lot of work that is why you will see the other rooms later they have been very labor intense.

Stella Strides!

So Sunday the 15 we were sitting in church and I started to wonder what Stella's teething status was. So I stuck my finger in her mouth and there it was. Still not poking though but it was coming the bottom right! Then two days later on Tuesday the 17 Stella decided she was ready to start crawling, and off she went. She is so funny. It took her about 2 days to really get enough speed to really get anywhere and figure out how to go in the direction she wanted to go (that could be scary if she is like that when she learns to drive) but now she is all over the place. She is sooo funny. She LOVES Molly and she will follow her all over the house and they are just so funny to watch. I can hear them just laughing together. They do the same thing in the car. When they look at each other they just start to laugh, both of them those real deep and sincere laughs. I think that this so far has been one of the funnest mom moments. Stella just adds so much to our home. I can't imagine life without her. What a sweet little spirit she is. I feel blessed to call her mine! Oh I just love this littler girl. Stella has these eyes that seem so wise and thoughtful. She seems to just look right though you and just seems to have this spirit about her. Oh she just makes me melt.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

When we got up. I got some cereal for Molly and we made sure the milk was green. Molly had swimming and we wanted to stop and get some green bread and some St Patrick's cookies. So we stopped and then headed to swimming. When we got home we got the girls all dolled, made lunch for Kris, and decided to go visit him at work. His lunch had a Green turkey sandwich, Green Mt. Dew, Green grapes, and a Green clover cookie. We wrote a not on his napkin (in green) and Molly was so exited about taking daddy lunch. She thought that was so cool! We talked to Kris for just a second because he was really busy, but he did make time to get her some fruit snacks from the back and sneek one more into her pocket for later. When we came home we made a Green lunch for Molly. We put it on a Green plate, she had Green grapes, a Green chicken sandwich, and a Green cookie. She loved it. Later that day I had planed to make Breakfast for dinner, and make it all Green, but Kris was going to the Jazz game so we just did some left overs. All in all it was a really fun St. Patties day. I did have some things I didn't get done, but there is always next year. Happy Birthday Cam! I hope it was a good one!

Molly and her Green Cereal
Kris's Green lunch
Molly's Green lunch

Loved every bite!

The girls in there St. Patrick's Day outfits Grandma got for them!

What A Day!

Man. Where to start. So Sunday my tire was flat because of a screw. Which just put a whole kink in Monday morning. My girls cried all day long. Really no exaggeration. Then I was going to get dinner started and so I put water on the stove to boil and jumped into the shower... Don't worry I was in there for all of 3 minutes seriously. I turn the shower off and I hear this hysterical crying. I grab a towel and head to Molly's room and when I go in there she can't even talk she is crying so hard. I look over and on her rug is a big blob of poop. OH MY GOSH! I look at her and still can't get her to tell me what happened. Let's back up a few days. I got Molly some of these really cute pink pull ups with princesses on them. When I got them we had a talk about how we don't pee or poop in these, and if we do that we got back to baby diapers. Now back to our poopy room... She couldn't get out of her room and she didn't want to get her pink pull ups dirty.... Nice one by me! So now I'm trying to clean up poop and wash the rug and anything else that my have made contact, make dinner, oh ya I'm still in my towel so I still need to get dressed too. and then my teething baby wakes up about that time and will not let me put her down. HOLY COW! REALLY? We decided to go to Costco for FHE to get the finishing touches for the workout room, being as I had set a goal to get this room done by last night. I was going to stay up until it was done. We got home unloaded the car and put Molly to bed. Kris and I headed downstairs to work on the workout room and Stella would not let me put her down. She just kept crying. The poor teething little girl. So I called my amazing sister in law Kerry and she was so nice to come and take Stella for a walk. She will never know how much relief that gave me! I feel so bad that I roped Kris into this and now I can't even help because I can't put Stella down. That was so nice of Kerry to come and help and be (or act) happy to do it! She is amazing HUGE THANKS TO KERRY! Well needless to say that the room didn't get done, but hey someday right? I'm just glad that yesterday is over!

Thanks to My Sisters!

Katheryn and Whitney came up and watched my kids for us while Kris and I had a much needed date night. They are so cute with my kids and I feel lucky that they would drive an hour to come and help me out! Thanks girls!

One of the Best Sundays Ever!

K you know those Sundays that you come home from and just feel like... "That was awesome." Every one of your meetings was incredible. That is exactly what my Sunday was like. I have to blog this because with my two beautiful girls I'm not getting much out of my meetings lately.
Our bishop is amazing and wanted to have all of the youth over for a special combined young women, young men. So our church starts at 9am. We have YW & YM first, then go to Sunday school and then sacrament meeting is last. All of the youth leaders picked up their kids and were expected to be at the bishops house by 8am. The bishop and his wife are truly amazing people they had a breakfast feast full of eggs, sausage, pancakes, grapes, and drinks. Everything was green, I mean everything, the eggs, sausage (i know how do you get sausage green, apparently you steam it in really green water), green pancakes, green grapes even the powder sugar to sprinkle on top of your pancakes had green sprinkles in it. They are of Irish decent and being as St. Patrick's day was this week they "greenafied" us! (That word is from Wicked, I haven't seen it yet but I listen to the sound track over and over.) So we ate from 8-9 and then at 9 the bishop gathered everyone around there were probably about 100 youth, and then he gave the most amazing lesson.
The bishop talked about Integrity. He said that as he and his wife were talking about it, his wife said that "integrity is what you do when nobody is watching." He talked about that and then he said, My definition is "Integrity is what you do when everyone is watching." He talked about how nowadays we have facebook, cell phones, email, and went on to list several other things. Bishop told of when he was in high school and how there was a young "mentally challenged" young man that transferred into his high school named George. He gave us some history about how this poor young man was just tortured and teased relentlessly. He stopped to share a side note story. He had taken his wife and all of their children to Belize and were staying in this amazing place off the beach. He said they had struck up a conversation with the people staying next to them form their balcanies, They had asked where they were from and when they said SLC the woman said that she was also from their and then when they asked what their last name the woman said that she went to school with an O'Leary. The bishop got talking to her and she said "Do you remember what I did in school?" or something like that, and the bishop did remember her. Before the bishop could answer she said "I set the school on fire." The bishops response was "Oh, I didn't remember you for that... I remembered you for asking George to prom and then not showing up." He then went back to the other story. He said that one day George came into the lunch room got his lunch, and then the students started to sing "George, George, George of the jungle" it was the really big cartoon then. Anyway they convinced him to get up on one of the tables and start to dance. The bishop got really teary eyed and said that as he saw all of these kids in a circle around him singing, clapping, and mocking this poor young boy, He couldn't take it any more. He said "I'm not telling you this to boast, but I couldn't take it anymore and I pushed my way though the crowd and took George by the had, helped him off the table and picked up his tray and told him "Come on George, your going to eat by us today." He went on to say, that there were countless times that he had not done the right thing that he has made the wrong choice, but that day when everyone was watching he made the choice to have integrity and stand up for what was right. He said "It wasn't like I had the desire to not be popular, I just couldn't stand by and watch them do that to George. He again said "Integrity is what you do when the whole world is watching."
He finished by saying that he had just stopped by a young mans house that had gotten home form his mission and as he was leaving the young mans father said " Joe will always think of you as his bishop." he then said "I don't know if you will always think of me as "your bishop", but you (then he got really teary eyed again) will always be My young women and My young men. I will joy in your successes, I will sorrow when you sorrow, I will help you in any way I can."
I love our bishop. I will be really sad to see him get released. I know the time is coming, but I will really miss him. He will always be my bishop. He was the one in my hospital room when I was soooo sick right after we were married, He has been the one in the blessing circle of my two girls, He has been the one who has prayed for me when I was so sick and pregnant. He will always be my bishop.
Sunday school was awesome as well. I was a little late (I was looking for my husband, who was having a Elders Quorum meeting none the less) and then In Sacrament meeting the newly returned missionary Joe spoke. I love him. He was one of my Sunday school kids when I was first in the ward. He is such a good kid and did an amazing job. He has grown so much. Man I feel old. I keep telling myself, "I wasn't that much older than they were when I was teaching them."

Saturday, March 14, 2009

All About the Eight!

8 favorite TV shows:

-Biggest Looser
-The Office
-30 Rock
-Law & Order
-Studio 5
-John & Kate Plus 8

8...okay-awesome 10 things I did yesterday:

-Played Tennis (Yea! So much fun and such a good work out!, Thanks Nana & Kiki for watching the girls)
-Fed, dressed, and changed my girls
-Worked on the basement (workout room to be exact)
-Ate Pei Wei for dinner!:)
-Washed my bed sheets (I love clean sheets)
-Showered (Big time Yea!)
-Played house with Molly
-Helped Kris cut base boards (I don't know how much I helped, but hey it got done)

8 favorite restaurants/food on the go:

-Pei Wei
-Market Street
-Maglebees Fresh
-Apollo Burger
-Cafe Rio
-Papa Johns
-MacDonalds (I know, but it's just so good)

8 things I'm looking forward to:

-Cydne coming home! 2 moths form tomorrow (but I don't talk about it with her at all)
-Wicked in April! It will be so much fun!
-Summer time! (I keep telling Molly when it gets warm out side we can go swimming at Nana & Pa's, play at the park, go to Lake Powell, and on and on...
-Fridays when I get to play tennis again. (I know so funny, when just last week I wanted to cry I was so scared to go, but I'm loving in so much!)
-Sunday... I know it sounds crazy! I never get much out of it with worrying about my kids and the nose, but I love spending the day with my family. It's the day we are all together. Kris isn't working and the girls love when he is home. Whether we stay home and play operation (do you remember that game, Molly loves it. She wants Kris or I to get the stuff out while she runs and hides because the noise scares her.) or we go for a family drive, walk, naps, or just relax I love when the four of us are together.
-Going to my photography class on Thursday.
-Time to clean out the inside of my car.
-My private tutoring Mac instruction:)

8 things on my wish list:

-Good kids that have the desire to do what is right!
-The new bigger cricket cutter!
-The basement all done and fully functional
-To landscape around my patio in the back yard
-A pool in my back yard:) Wouldn't that be soooo much fun?
-I wish I could buy the lot by our house and build our own house. (not that I don't love my house, I do! A lot!)
-I wish my laundry room was up stairs!
-Molly would stop whining:) Good luck right!

8 things on my to do list:

-Shower and get ready
-Go to Costco and pick up Molly's picture for nursery (pack her getting to know you bag for nursery)
-Finish at least the gym in the basement. (I figure I will do one room at a time and then maybe it won't be so overwhelming.
-Call my young women about to remind them about combine young women at the bishops house at 8 am.
-Start to plan my lesson for next Sunday.
-Make beds. Clean bathrooms, floors, (clean house)
-Bath Stella
-Set out clothing, diaper bags, shoes etc. for tomorrow so Kris can get the girls ready while I'm at the bishops with the young women.

8 People I tag:

I'm not going to tag anyone, but I think all of you should do this. It's just kind of a fun entry to do so you can look back on what life is like for you right now.

Friday, March 13, 2009

The first three people to respond to this post will get something made by me! My choice.
As for you, this offer does have some restrictions and limitations:

1- I make no guarantees that you will like what I make!
2- What I create will be just for you.
3- It'll be done this year.
4- You have no clue what it's going to be.
5- I reserve the right to do something extremely strange.

The catch is that you must re-post this on your blog and offer the same to the first 3 people who do the same on your blog. The first 3 people to do so and leave a comment telling me they did win a FAB-U-LOUS homemade gift by me! Oh, and be sure to post a picture of what you win when you get it!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Squishy lips!

I had totally totally forgot this story until today and I was reminded how funny it was so I had to write it down before I forget again! 2 weeks ago we were going to buy paint! We stopped to get Fuelers (for those of you who are not Rosanders and don't undersand what that is ... in short they are refill fountain drinks.) While Kris was in getting our drinks at the gas station he noticed the free popcorn and decided to get some some. He got a small tub and brought it out for all of us to share. For me it wasn't worth the points, for Kris... He takes one bite and then said "I always forget how much I hate this stuff, it gets stuck in your gums." So Molly ate the whole thing mostly by herself. When we got home she had started to cry and complain... nothing new, but she was saying "My lips are squishy" It took me a second to understand and comprehend what she was trying to say. Her lips were getting puffy and feeling funny. Nothing that you would probably notice, but for me who has the same reaction when I eat to much salt... that's another funny story, My lips start to feel like they are fat. Poor thing she got that "Squishy lip" thing from me!

Here is the funny story:
So several years ago I went on a cruse with my family. mom, dad, some of my aunts, some of my uncles, and some of my cousins. It was a blast. There was one day we decided to go snorkeling while we were in Costa Maya. We found this guy to take us oh this is just where it starts to get funny. We just find a guy when we got off the boat, we didn't go though the cruise line. We took a taxi and ended up at this little place they rented canoes and had a cool beach. There was a small dock and at the end a pretty nice boat. They were talking to us about how many they could take because it was a small boat. We were all assuming that it was this little boat. There were I think 7 or 8 of us that decided to go snorkeling and there was one other couple that was put in with our group. This other couple also had his elderly mother... this couple was the age of my grandparents, so you can only imagine how old his mother was. She was very nice, in a wheel chair. She was told that she could come with us all and just sit in the boat. She didn't want to leave her wheel chair... Hi this is mexico! So we were all walking down the pier and headed to the boat. When we were just about to the boat the guy that was taking us (who didn't speak English) told us to stop. and waved us over.... to get in this boat that was not even 1/3 of the size of this other boat. We are talking about a SMALL FISHING BOAT! a tiny run down fishing boat. I think we all thought we were doomed! We piled in and watched as my dad and brother helped this REALLY old lady into this boat that we didn't have too much confidence. Man it took some work to get this lady into the boat, but finally they got her settled and Cameron turned, just then this lady tipped backward and fell right on top of all of the life jackets feet in the air laying there laughing looking like a little animal that died with all 4 legs up (sorry I just want to get you the whole picture.) So we finally get this little (not so little she was really quite big) old woman settled and her wheel chair in the boat and the rest of us packed in. Going over the waves I think my dad (Mr. Adventure) started to wonder if we were all going to be able to survive this trip. So we get out further into the ocean and the snorkel guy (who again speaks no english) takes off his short (I'm pritty sure he was wearing white skivies! He jumps into the water and had most of us follow. My mom and the old lady stayed in the boat! We had been out for a little bit when my eyes started to burn and sting. I was having a hard time keeping them open, they hurt so bad! I decided I had better head back to the boat, but by the time I had made this decision I really could not open my eyes. I was having a hard time finding the boat without being able to keep my eyes open. I finally made it back to the boat and my eyes were completely swollen shut, not to mention my lips were huge! My mom just started to laugh. We found fresh water from a water bottle and started to rinse my face. I was explaining how I was kind of starting to panic because I couldn't find the boat and the old lady said "It shouldn't have been that hard, It's the only one with a wheel chair in it" She had quite a sense of humor. That was the first time I really started to realize that I have an allergy to salt, I have to rinse my contacts in a special saline solution. I really start to feel my lips swell when I have had a ton of salt...Edamamae will really get me, but it's so good! I can't pass it up. I also am very careful in the ocean now. I really try not to let my face get in the water... I never know what will happen! Anyway just a funny story I wish I could play it for you... Oh it was soooooo funny! What a fun memory. This is always one we bring up around the dinner table. Poor Molly inheirited my squishy lips!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Operation: Nose!

So Last Sunday we had gone to my parents for Sunday dinner. We were getting ready to leave an I had told Molly come into the kitchen. She came in and was complaining about her nose! She just kept complaining about her nose. So I put her up on the counter and looked up her nose. Holy cow! So she had shoved toilet paper up her nose! ALL THE WAY up her nose! So I had her blow over and over and then I realized that we were not going to get it out by her just blowing. My mom got some tweezers and we started to pull the toilet paper out. She had just rolled the toilet paper in balls and kept shoving it up there. We finally got it all out and no trips to the Dr. office were required! Although we were in church and Molly was trying to shove a fruit snack in her ear... Oh that funny girl!

Sunday Mornings!

Sunday mornings at our house are really crazy! At least 2 showers and it could be more if we didn't have the time to get the kids in the bath Saturday night. Things get even crazer when I have to teach young women, or if Kris is teaching Elders Quorum. Our Young women and Elders Quorum are first and then Sacrament meeting is last, and we start at 9:00am. We never change time because we share the ward with one other ward which is the singles ward which start at 1:00. So to get out the door and have everyone fed, dressed and lessons set up and prepared sometimes is CRAZY! Well this last Sunday to throw another kink into our Sunday morning schedule the Stake Presidency had a meeting for all of the priesthood holders ages 12-up for the whole stake. They started their meeting at 7:45 so that they would be home at 8:45... that's the time we should be leaving to have everything ready for my lesson at 9! Needless to say it was crazy and I was expecting a crazy, mean, and ornery Lindsay to make her appearance, but I was actually calm, cool, and collected. I had the girls bathed dressed and ready to walk out the door, mostly by the time Kris got home. He did sneak out a bit early to help his desperate house wife:) Anyway I was just finishing brushing my teeth when I came out and found Stella like this...
Do you love her bow... Ya Kris had put it on. Then he put her in her chair while he finished getting Molly's skirt on. These skirts are so big that this is what happened. She can't move her arms or any part of her body. It was so funny and her face was just so precious. No crying just hanging out!
How sweet is this face! Oh I just love this little baby!
We were out of the house on time and to church early enough to get the lesson and class room set up and ready! I'm so grateful for my husband. He is such a faithful man and who attends the meeting that our stake presidency feels strongly about, and also be home to help his wife get things ready and to church on time. I am also grateful that I had prepared the night before by setting out clothes I didn't have to search for socks, shoes etc. and I had also got the diaper bag packed and ready the night before everything out and ready to walk out the door. It made the morning run much more smoothly than had I not done all of the preparation.


So Sunday it was my turn to teach and the lesson was on the "Courage to Try" I always love to teach but there are just some lessons that just seem to hit home and are mostly for me! This one was one that was just for me. I have been wanting to learn how to play tennis for a long time. A Really Long Time. Kris has tried to teach me but I get to frustrated and so he just told me to have someone else teach me and to relax and not get frustrated with myself. Last year Kris gave me a racket and tennis stuff, but I have still not had the courage to go by myself to a tennis workout. the workouts are full of women that have been playing, they would all be better than me and more experienced and on and on. Well in preparing my lesson I came up with a theme. The cowardly lion. The cowardly lion was only able to overcome his fears by doing those things that scared him most. I came up with ideas on how to handle being afraid and over coming the fear. There were some ideas in the manual but I came up with ROAR! That is was a lion does. They ROAR! To show courage we need first ROAR... I came up with R.O.A.R. Realize Opportunities At Risk. You must first stop and realize the opportunities that you could miss out on, by being paralyzed by fear. This is when I needed to realize what I was missing out on. This gave me that extra push I needed. I was sick all week long knowing that I was going to a tennis work out on Friday, but I went, I conquered my fear and I LOVED it! I was terrible, the worst one there, but I loved it none the less. The funny thing is that I'm a pretty daring person. I have been sky diving, bungee jumping, swimming with dolphins, zip lining in Haunduras, Cave tubing in Balize, served an LDS mission and I loved all of those things and none of them were half as scary for me as going to this tennis lesson. I just come to realize that for every person they have different fears, and I'm so proud of myself for conquering mine. I'm still a little sick about going again this Friday, but not half as sick as I was last week. I'm glad that I R.O.A.R. in the face of fear, and I look forward to more!
These were little boxes that I made with little lions on the band. They had ROAR on one side and the other had R.O.A.R. Realize Opportunities At Risk. Then you take off the band and the box was full of quotes on courage.

These were fun to make! They are little lions, just in case you couldn't tell. They are lion cupcakes. They were so much fun to make and I just really got on the lion theme.

Silly Molly!

Holy cow! Where did the time go? Really? I can't believe how big she is getting. It makes me really sad. The other day Molly was sitting at the counter and she was talking about herself and she said Molly! What she has never said Molly? Every time we have asked her to say Molly it has come out Marnie! So as a result she has been called Marnie, I still call her that. It's a great nick name, and so cute not to mention she is the one that started it. Now when you call her Marnie she says "No Moooooolllly"! She is so funny when you ask her what her name is she says "Molly Rosaner" It's really quite cute! She is now singing ABC's, I am a Child of God, and any other song at the top of her lungs... funny story about that...
*I was telling my parents that she sings I am a Child of God and my dad hadn't heard her sing it. So I told her to sing it for him, she wouldn't, but then my dad told her he would get her a marshmallow if she sang it for him. He walked out of the family room (to get the marshmallow), but I think Molly was afraid she wasn't going to get the marshmallow because she hadn't sang the song. She ran after him saying "No, grandpa stop!" then just burst into the loudest version of I am a Child of God that you have ever heard. We were all dying!
*I was in the kitchen getting some stuff done and things were really quiet, and that made me nervous. Molly has a habit of wanting to put stuff mostly the roll of toilet paper down the toilet. So I called to her and asked what she was doing and she yelled back. Putting piggies on Molly's toes. (She always refers to herself in the 3rd person.) totally confused by what she was saying I went into the bathroom and this is what I found...

background... she calls her elastics for her hair piggies. Where does that come from, we put her hair in piggies, and so she has been calling the elastics piggies since she could talk.
She had lined them all up and put them on her toes. She is creative I will give her that.

She is growing up and just seems to get bigger and bigger. We are kind of in this no mans land of naps. She is getting to the point that if she has a nap she will lay in bed and talk for hours, not that I mind as long as she isn't running through the house like a crazy person, but It's nice when she will go to sleep at 7 when we put her down. So there have been days we don't put her down for a nap and then she goes right to sleep at 7. Well on Saturday my brother Cameron was up here helping with the basement and I went to get his wife from work and I had told Kris that Molly was eating and to come and check on here in a little bit. I didn't have to go far to get my sister in law but when I got home this is what found...
She was so tired. She can't get off the stool by herself yet, that is a true blessing. It's the only place I can put her that I know she will still be there when I get back. Anyway she had fallen asleep in her lunch, Her elbow is in her pita pizza, bless her heart. She was so tired. She really is so funny! She just makes me happy, most of the time! Kris hadn't heard me and so he didn't know that he was supposed to check on her. I should have made sure everyone knew what was going on before I left. My little girl is growing up! She is such an awesome sister. I could hear her in the family room talking to Stella and she was talking in her high pitched voice! I had to really listen because at first i thought that she saying "Stella you retard!" That's when I really started to listen. I NEVER say that! as I listened closer I could tell that she was saying..."Stella, you sweetheart." She is so funny with her. She calls her sweetheart, honey, and other funny little things all the time. She is always wanting her to "look at me Stella!" or she will say "Mommy Stella's so sweet." She loves her little sister and is so glad that she is here. I really hope that they are buddies. She can be a bit overwhelming for Stella at times, but they are getting to the point that they can play with each other and they really enjoy it!

Monday, March 9, 2009

FHE with Papa & Vonda!

We feel so blessed to live close to Kris' family. My family is close, but not close enough that we can just drop by or have people come and drop by for us. We were planing to go and see Papa and Vonda, but as we were talking about it I asked Kris if we should just invite them over for dinner and FHE. We called and invited them over and that was so much fun! We loved our visit and lesson and everything else! They were so cute with the kids. Molly and Vonda played catch and Molly thought that was really the coolest thing ever. Molly also love sitting on Papa's lap and just kicking back. Vonda had brought cookies and they were so yummy! Molly was so funny for days after she was talking about "Vonda and Papa come to dinner and eat chicken and rice, bring cookies, that fun huh mommy?" It was really fun to have them come over. We don't get to spend a lot of time with them so this was fun to have them come and spend time with our little family! I know these pictures aren't great, but I love that they all look like they are having a blast!

Sick... On So Many Levels!

My kids have been sick for over 2 weeks and have had this horrible runny nose... Really it's the never ending flowing river. I have had to buy small packs of Kleenex to carry around with me, because it's so bad and you never know when you are going to be in need. I was using all of my wipes on noses that I didn't have any when I needed them for a diaper. Anyway. I went to get Stella up from a nap and this is what I found... I will warn you that these pictures are not for the weak of stomach.

Yes! that would be snot all up her face, and on her eyelashes! So gross. The thing is, you really can't even get the whole picture with these pictures. You had to have seen it in person! I was never going be the mom with gross, nasty runny noses, but here I am:) I am trying to keep it at bay and especially in public. Just so gross!

Kris and Cake!

So I'm not a totally horrible wife. I did make a cake the Sunday after Kris's birthday so that we could celebrate as a family. His birthday seemed to last all weekend long and even in to the next week, with the work lunch! He is always such a good sport and so kind and supportive with me. I get some crazy ideas and he is so great with just rolling with the punches. I was experimenting with is cake and this is what he got...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Land of the Free, Home of the Brave!

I have an incredible family and I feel blessed to have the family (extended family) that I do. I really do come form good stock. One family in particular in my extended family have 5 family members who have in the past and present served and represented our country. I wanted to say thanks to them! We have kept you all in our prayers and have thought about you often. We feel so blessed to have you representing our family and our country! Thank you for all you do! We love you and are glad your back! Welcome home Jo, Mike, James, and Chris (Is he home, I hope so) Thank you so much to you all for all you do and have done! We are glad that you are home with your little families and safe and sound! Bless you for all your hard work and sacrifice. You are courageous and brave men, and women for Amy who has served and all of you wives for doing all that you have done and bearing all that you have had to Baird (I mean bear.) Really you women are courageous and brave. I'm sitting here crying thinking about all that you amazing mothers and wives have been though the past few months and longer and I know you have truly sacrificed. Thank you for your amazing examples of being women of faith and courage. You teach me so much! We love you all and continue to keep you in our prays! Thank you Jo & Cody, Amy & Mike, Liz & James, Chris & Kim, and we can't forget their parents Lonnie & Julie Thank you all for your sacrifices! Welcome Home!