Thursday, September 15, 2011

Last Powell Trip Of The Summer! Sept 2011

This is our Last Lake Powell Trip of the Season! There has been a lot of rain and even more craziness but It's been great! We love these little girls and feel so blessed that we have all three. How did we get so lucky to have such amazingly talented, smart, fun, crazy, and beautiful girls! I look at them all and am truly amazed at each of them. Nora is an amazing addition. She is so mellow and really just roils with the punches! We could not be more amazed that she is here with us and we LOVE it! We got a really nice afternoon a mid all of the rain and spent going for a boat ride in the canyon and then found a great little beach the girls loved playing on. Molly making her "treasures" of rolled balls of wet sand. Stella played in the water (trying to drink it, I know barf!) Nora kicked in the shade! Really I love these times! The uninterrupted family time! It's nice not having to run run run and have Kris Not at work!

Another New Begining!

Stella is so sweet. She's wild and fun and she loves life. I have been so nervous because when it comes to crazy Stella has no fear. When it comes to people other kids or anyone she kind of stays close to home and family and she isn't super social. For example Kris and I had taken the girls to McDonald's. Molly and Stella were playing and Stella came up to me and asked if we could go home. I asked why and here reply was "there's too many kids here!" I have really wondered how she would do. Molly on the other hand has asked if she could go home with total strangers in the grocery store since she could talk! I wondered if Stella would like school or if it would be a fight everyday she had school. She could not have been more excited about school! She has loved talking about it, thinking about it and she has only had one full day and she has been talking about her cute little friends Sophie and Ruby for the last week. Even when she said her prayers tonight she gave thanks for Sophie and Ruby! She is so cute. She runs right in and is happy as a lark. We are thrilled with her teachers. They were Molly and Stella's teachers as well. They are amazing! I'm so glad that she is loving school. I can't believe that she is growing up so fast! I love this little one! She is so cute and crazy and fun and adds so much to our family. She is the crazy that we need to keep us fun and going! We love you Stell Bell!

Lake Powell Aug 2011

This trip to LP was way better than the last trip to LP. It was really windy and hard to get out on the boat! Here are just a few highlights of this trip. We did quite a bit of swimming. The water was so warm! It was Nora's first time and she did great! She loved the boat and being around her sisters!

Like I said Nora loved the boat! This is a shot of her when she and I were on the boat watching the girls and Kris on the beach. She wasn't really smiling at this point she was 8 weeks, but here is a shot of one of those sweet little smiles!

Here are the girls after swimming behind the houseboat! They are all wrapped up in the towels that they made (well colored) It was one of our crafts that we did. We did something each day to keep them busy while we couldn't get out off the house boat. We made shirts with fabric. They cut out shapes and then they ironed on! We also tried doing s'mores. Kris is the best! We (all us girls really wanted to do them, but the wind made it really hard to find a beach and keep the fire going!)

T-Rex's first visit to LP!

Here are the girls ready for bed the last night of our trip! We all love this place and always look forward to going back the next time!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Love For Sunday!

If you were like me at all this morning than you woke up happy and sat down to a delicious breakfast of pancakes, eggs and fresh fruit. Having time to myself and ponder on the importance of this amazing day that comes every week! Thinking of things I was grateful for and how I could help teach my children more about the gospel and our Savior. Taking the time to read, for a half hour in my scriptures and ready myself for the day. Taking a long hot shower and listening to "Soft Sounds of Sunday" quietly in the background. After doing my hair make up and picking out my favorite outfit (fitting perfectly, I might add) I was ready for the day. All before another sole got out of bed or made a peep! When my children got up they had homemade pancakes as well with eggs and fruit. Eating every bite! Being so grateful that I would spend the time get it ready for them. The ate quietly then after putting their dishes away, went (with out being asked) to get dressed in the freshly pressed clothes laid out on their bed the night before! With sweet little voices they sang along to the song "There is beauty all around when there's love at home" playing on "Soft Sounds". After quickly getting dress they lined up perfectly to get their hair done, teeth brushed and faces washed." All of this done so quietly they didn't wake Nora or Kris. They asked what they could do to help so we got their beds made and started dinner. With a quick wipe down of the counter the house was clean and we still had time to sit down and read books together. When Kris awoke we finished making up the pancakes and sat down while he ate breakfast. He showered and then was able to sit down with us for a few minutes before Nora awoke. When Nora got up she was happy as a clam and couldn't stop smiling! Sweet baby! She was fed, bathed and dressed and ready to go! We walked out the door at 10 to 9 and had the girls delivered to their classes and were in our own classes 5 min to 9! I love when the day starts off like this! Then my alarm clock went off and I was hit with reality! Reality looks a little more like this. My alarm goes off and I hit the snooze button WAY too many time. Having been up the night before with Nora who has thrush for the 2nd time I was already to climb back in bed... I still hadn't gotten out of bed! I was finally able to drag myself out of bed when I could hear little voices coming from the living room growing louder and louder in frustration and anger fighting over who gets to play the game next. I got up to get the girls breakfast which consisted of microwave pancakes and water! I think I remembered to get them syrup. I had to fight and argue with them to get them to eat all 6 bites of it, while at the same time I was frantically packing the church bag so we could make it through one hour with out freaking out! The girls had long abandoned their breakfast before I was done working on the church bag! I went to grab clothes for them to ware. I had to take off the ribbons on their skirts because they looked so hammered from ware and tare. With skirts that were a little too short and shirts that were a little too tight I had to be fine with it. Molly on the other hand was making sure the neighbors a block away knew that she was unhappy about my chose! While Molly was making her point I realized that Stella's pull up was too full and there was pee all over the floor in her room! Sweet! I did Molly's hair with another melt down happening about why I have to spray her hair and blow dry it! When I was done with her hair I was on to Stella's. After searching and finding her and pulling her into the bathroom to do here hair she was mad that she couldn't play Molly's explorer and I wouldn't braid her hear. She made it know the whole time I was doing her hair that she was upset. After brushing Stella's teeth I was able to jump in the shower to just simply wash my body! Once I got out I was really hoping nobody would notice that I had not shaved my legs, I was hoping a little lotion would prevent people from noticing. With 15 min left to get dressed ready and out the door. There was no way I had time to do hair! I was able to straiten my hair and being so grateful for the Dry Shampoo (that would get rid of my nasty greasy hair) Sara had introduced to me (LOVE LOVE LOVE it btw!) finished my make up and reached for my bottle of dry shampoo.... TOTALLY GONE! SWEET! I still had not gotten up my sleeping baby being exhausted from being up the night before and still miserable with thrush! Kris asked for the other room what he could do so I had him wake up Nora and get her dressed! After pulling up my hair, that now had sweet zebra stripes because I was trying to mask my 3 day old greasy nasty hair with baby powder that wasn't rubbing in super well, I was throwing on one of like 3 things in my closet that fit me knowing I looked like a slop and just gross I was ready to head out the door... Now that I'm thinking about it I hope I brushed my teeth. They don't feel REALLY sick right now so I'm hoping that means I did brush them. Kris had dressed Nora and we were all ready to head out the door. Now being 9 it was time to walk REALLY fast! Seeing that there was still 1 pair of shoes I had set out for the girls on the floor I wondered who was not wearing shoes being as both of my girls were running down the street toward the church. We had to have Stella come back up to get shoes on. We were rushing out the door with breakfast dishes and who knows what else (I just know my house looks like it's been though a war) we were walking quickly down to the church and literally pushing kids into their class rooms. I had told Kris I would walk Molly to class and meet him on the other side of the Church to get Nora (who btw still had not had a bottle since 4 am so now is screaming. I stopped to talk to Sara and could hear Nora screaming upstairs! finding a seat in RS and sneaking in with the church bag car seat and a crying baby... it was now 9:05! REALLY I LOVE SUNDAYS! Now I just looked forward to sacrament meeting which is last... trying to keep my kids quiet and happy though that last meeting is always a challenge, especially because they didn't eat enough of their breakfast and they are tiered! Can't wait for next week! Did I mention one of my biggest pet peeves is being late! With no food and being tired I'm no peach either! With the yelling fighting and rushing going on in our house we are all feeling the spirit! Happy Sunday!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Molly's First Primary Talk!

Molly gave her second talk in Primary last week and when she was done one of the counselors asked if I had a copy of the first talk she gave the 2nd week in April. (They are working on the Primary program and wanted the talks the kids have given though the year. Love that Idea by the way.) I told her I did have a copy feeling confident that I could find it quickly on the blog. When I went looking I couldn't find it and was so sad. I spent about 30 on my computer looking for it. It was so sweet and I couldn't have love the experience more. She was 100% invested in this talk. She wrote it with a little help and guidance from me, but really I just asked the questions and she did the rest! Molly amazes me. She is constantly asking questions about the gospel and about our Savior and Heavenly Father. I can tell she really does think about and ponder spiritual things. I think of the scripture that talks about to be spiritually minded is life eternal. "SMILE" scripture! She is spiritually mature beyond her years! This was the first talk she ever gave in primary:

One of my favorite song we have learned in primary is “I know that my savor loves me”

It says…

A long time ago in a beautiful place,

Children were gathered round Jesus.

He blessed and taught as they felt of his love

Each saw the tears on his face.

The Love that He felt for his little ones

I know he feels for me.

I did not touch him or sit on his knee,

Yet, Jesus is real to me.

When my mom asked me what I know about Jesus this is what I said:

*He lives in Heaven

*He cares about us

*He loves us.

*He wants us to be back in heaven again.

*We celebrate his birthday at Christmas time

*He taught by example.

*He was baptized.

*He preformed many miracles.

*He suffered and died for us,

*He was resurrected and lives again.

I know He did this for you and for me because he loves each of us…

Jesus is real to me.

Here is the 2nd talk she gave last week. She was so cute and did such a great job. Kris helped her with this one. What a great daddy he is to be so involved with his kids and help me out!

Temples are houses of our Heavenly Father. They are holy places where we make promises with our Heavenly Father. Throughout time, Heavenly Father has commanded His people to build temples. When the prophet Moses was leading his people in the wilderness they had a portable temple that looked like a tent. When heavenly father was in the temple there was a cloud over it. King Solomon in the bible built a temple. In the Book of Mormon we learn that Nephi built a temple when he reached the promised land. Joseph Smith was commanded to build temples. The Church is working to build temples all over the world to make temple blessings more available for more of Heavenly Father's children.

Temples are places learn. In the temple we learn the things we need to do to return to our heavenly father. Everything in the Church—the meetings and activities, the missionary work, the lessons taught and the hymns—all lead to the work done in holy temples. In the temple we learn about Jesus Christ. We learn about his role in Heavenly Father’s plan. We promise to follow him and obey his commandments.

In the temple worthy members can be sealed and married for time and all eternity. This means that if we live righteously we can live together as families with Heavenly Father after our time here on earth.

I am looking forward to going to the temple when I am older. I know that Heavenly Father loves us. I am thankful for his gospel and that he has provided us with temples.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

What's New!

New Year, New School, New Friends, New Teacher, New Rules,
New Adventures!
For Molly the most important part is New Shoes!

The first day of school for Molly was great. It seemed a little crazy for me. I didn't really know what I should be doing and where she needed to be and what was going on so that made it hard for her to know... we're learning together.
It was off to the races and I felt bad all day that I hadn't made it more spacial. All the other kids had both parents with cameras, younger siblings all planning to walk them in. (It looked like most of them were planning on camping out for the day). I on the other hand had left my kids in the car and only walked her in when I realized that she would have been lost in the sea of people. My cute friend snapped a shot of Molly on the rug and the I raced out to my waiting children. I also felt bad that I didn't feel bad (most moms have a really hard time leaving their children the first day of school and even more so with your first child) I felt so distracted with everything I had to do that day I didn't have time to think about it! It only hit me Tues when I was talking Stella to dance for the first time and I past Molly's school as saw her outside playing for recess! That's when I got teary eyed! I can't believe my oldest baby is in Kindergarten! She loves it!
When I picked her up and asked her to tell me all about it and the only response I got was...
"it was long!"
She did give me more details throughout the day but she loves it and was excited to go back! My little Molly is growing up! And she couldn't be more thrilled about it, I on the other hand, well...