Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Flipping The Bird!

I was just looking at my cousins blog and her lastest post was titled "Jesus Wants Me..." and here I am with the "Flipping the bird" title! Ya! Really need I say more.
Sat I stayed home with Stella while she napped and Kris and Molly went swimming at the gym we have a membership at. So apparently she said to Kris "look daddy" and then flipped him the bird. Kris responded calmly (I'm sure laughing) and told her we don't do that and it's not a good thing to do. Kris said he was just truing to figure out where she was getting this from, wondering if it's from school or where? She did this to him a few more times each time being corrected. Kris said that he did figure it out. There were a few middle age school boys at the pool who kept flipping each other off... NICE! Thanks for teaching my 3 year old that! So tonight Molly came to give me hugs before heading to bed and said, "Mommy look." Flipping me the bird, laughing hysterically. I tried to say as calm as I could. I told her how it was really bad and it was not something that would make Heavenly Father or Jesus happy. I told her how she was doing and saying something really bad when she did that. I hope she figured it out... Jesus Wants Me...To NoT FliP peOpLe The BIRD!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Pride & Joy... More Like My Greatest Challenge & Greatest Joy!

Oh this little girl... so this morning I got up all excited about going to breakfast with my friends. Kris had gone to get on the treadmill and Molly was entertaining Stella while still in her crib (that is the best place to keep her while getting ready, so I had waited to get her up for the morning.) Finally I went in to get her up as I was ready to leave and what do you think I found... a baby with her jammies unzipped and partly off (because she couldn't get them all the way off) her diaper hanging half way out of her jammies and she was soaking and reeking of the smell of urine from head to tow! So being short on time I had to throw her in the shower and wash her all off and leave the rest until I got home from breakfast.
This girl goes and goes and goes from the time she gets up to the time she finally stops crying (sometimes 2 hours) and goes to sleep at night. She has also pulled out all of the clean and folded laundry Kris had ready to put away. She keeps touching the tv and the computer and I am really thinking I need a vacation! Did I mention the screaming and whining? That is what she does all day long if you really don't believe me just ask someone that spends time with her!
On the other hand she can be so funny and her little face, oh just so cute! I love her surprised face and she really is fun, but man A LOT of work. Again...

Friday, January 22, 2010

Sweet Baby Girl!

My good friend let me play with her baby today. I have really been wanting to play more with photography and so I called her and asked if I could play with her sweet Annie Her are some of my favorites of this little angle. Is she not the cutest? Such a good baby too!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Stella 18 Months!

Height 32 in 61%
Weight 21.75 lb 14%
Head Circumference 19.1 in 93%

*Finally sleeping though the night (most of the time)
*Talking more, even just the last two days
*She makes the funniest faces. I love each one of them. One of my all time favs is the surprised face.

*babies, dolls or the real thing she loves them all.
*chocolate milk. She was fine with just milk until she was introduced to the good stuff.
*purses, not to just go through other peoples, but a play one that she can carry around herself.
*chewing on her tongue
*the computer
*my phone
*the spoons (I rescued them with a fraction of a second to spare from the toilet.)
*toilet (kill me!)

This little girls is a busy one, but she adds so much fun, joy, and just plain old spunk and she really is a breath of fresh air, even though often times she is getting into trouble for one thing or another.
We love you Stell Bell!

Just Add Water! "Are You Kidding Me!!!"

I know all of you mom's out there are perfect, but that is not the case here in our house! This phrase is often the one that is being yelled at the top of my lungs, mostly to this child for this reason...

K this is so annoying to me! I can count on one hand how many times Molly played in the toilet! Stella... I have a hard time counting on one hand how many times a day I find her in the toilet. This was Sunday just as we were trying to get out the door to go to my mom's house. Yesterday she put Molly's Ugg boot in the the toilet. Oh I an going to loose it! I know all of you are wondering why she doesn't shut the door, Yep Stella can open door! Why doesn't she lock the door, Oh because I have a 3 year old that would wet her pants if she couldn't get in the bathroom! Why doesn't she get the toilet locks? Ya for the same reason I just gave... I have a 3 year old that would wet her pants! Oh this is getting old really fast! I know one day I will laugh, but that is not today!!!! Good think she is really cute!

Monday, January 18, 2010

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things... 30 To Be Exact!

1) The Gospel
2) My Husband
3) My Girls
4) My Mission, or missions in general (I'm a fan)
5) Family & Friends
6) Pei Wei
7) Crushed Red Pepper Flakes
8) Uggs
9) My Jeans
10) White Chocolate Raspberry cake from Nothing Bunt Cake
11) Camera
12) Ikea
13) Candy
14) Ice Cream
15) Lake Powell
16) Vacations
17) Twilight Series
18) Sunday Drives
19) Going out to eat.
20) Rain Boots
21) Fires
22) 4th of July
23) Wicked
24) HOT showers (The water should be almost scalding in temperature)
25) Sweats
26) i Phone
27) Lady Glenda (my car)
28) Cup Cakes
29) Old Movies
30) Pictures (I find it totally fascinating that you can push a button and make that moment stand still forever. Having kids I appreciate this more and more everyday!)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Even More Sledding!

While Amy and her kids were here we were able to meat up with them to do some more sledding. Molly was in heaven having someone to carry her up the hill each time and then someone fun to go down with each time. Amy took her down, Kam took her down and I took her down. She looks so funny when I took her down. I had my feet down just enough to make sure I wasn't going to take out any poor unsuspecting kid walking up the hill and by the time we got to the bottom Molly was covered in powder. She is so funny. Stella even had a few good runs. It was a blast and Molly loves to be dotted on. Sledding is always fun. Molly picked Amy as the best to go down with.

The Princess & The Frog!

Over the holiday weekend we got to go to Princess and the Frog with my family. Oh it was so much fun. This was Molly's first time going to the theater. She was so cute. She loved the movie and kept leaning over and whispering to her cousin Josie on the row in front of her. She did great and was good the whole time. I'm sure the treats my mom got for all of us was a help, popcorn, Nerds, Junior Mints, and there was much much more. So yummy! Stella stayed at my moms with Cyd and Braden. Thanks so much guys for watching her. She wouldn't have been as much fun, give it a few more years. What a cute movie, awesome company and Molly was so fun to watch. Thanks mom and dad for such a fun activity!

I Now Have Two Little Fish!

We had quite a long break from swimming over the holidays, but it was time to get back to business and get back to the pool. This session we put Stella in. Stella has taken a few lessons here and there, but we were ready to get serous. This little girl is so funny! I put her suit on and she started to kind of freak. She cried though most if not all of her lesson, but has gotten better. This isn't just splash in the pool kind of lesson. These are the survival swim lessons and they are pretty intense. It's really hard to watch your child like that crying out for you and panic, but you have to put a brave face on and just smile and clap when you see them and let them know they are just fine, It's a lot easier to say that then actually do that. Blesses her hear. The second lesson went much better and we took the girls swimming on sat and she would do everything for me and didn't cry other than just getting in the pool... I'm hoping it gets even better, I know it will.
Molly is doing great. She is a little fish and is getting much better and swimming. She still gets a little panicked and her rollbacks aren't as clean as they should be, but they are coming along. She is so fun to watch and is really loving swimming.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Goodbye 2009... Hello 2010!

Well I had a hard enough time just getting the girls measured and weighed so they were not included in the rest of the activities.

22.8 lbs
31 in tall

Memorable in 2009:
Sitting up 6 months
Learned to Walk 10 months
stopped drinking out of a bottle 13 months
drinking real milk and decided she Loves it 13 months
1st hair cut 16 months
SLEEPING THOUGH THE NIGHT (most of the time) 17 months

30 lbs
37 in tall

Memorable in 2009:
Potty trained
Went to preschool
Was brave enough to swim back and forth to Kris and I at Lake Powell (always in a life jacket)
No more pull ups at night
1st hair cut

Made my 1st quilts
Sowed the girls a few skirts
Got a sowing machine
Basement flooded 3 times
Trip to San Fran with Kris
Trips to Powell
Rosander trip to Powell (1st time we have been back with them in over 4 years)
Cydne got home form her mission.
Kerry (Kris's sister) & Ben and Cydne (my sister) & Braden were married
2 new nephews (Sam & Dax)
1 pregnancy announcement (Jody, Kris's sister #3)
Pa's Diagnosed and surgeries (There has been so much more with this as well)
My grandpa made many trips to the hospital this year, many close calls.
Obama Was sworn in as president
Saw Wicked for the first time ever from the 3rd row. AMAZING
Stood in line for 4 hours to get the girls H1N1 (swine flu) vaccine, outside in 32 degree weather
The new addition of "The Magic Genie" (a.k.a. my i phone). Loved by me and my girls!

Lake Powell 4 times
Stranded at Dangling Rope
San Fran trip
Never ending basement
Fixed my 3rd gear
Lindsay got a new calling
Pa's ordeal
WE Survived!

Goals for this year:

Go to Lake Powell many much more times. (Brian Reagan reference)
Finish the Basement
Attend Temple each month
Get Buff

Finish BOM twice
Loose 15 lbs by Memorial day
Develop my creative hobbies & skills.
Be more patent and kind in word and deed.
Better at 10 min pick up!
Early to bed, early to rise. (so hard for a night owl)

2010... HERE WE COME!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The New Year!

I got to teach the lesson to all of the young women today on goal setting and personal progress. Oh I LOVED IT! Not the lesson per say, the girls didn't say much at all! But I loved this topic and at this time of year. I loved studying about goals and I think the teacher always learns more than the learner. Now that my study for my lesson is done I'm ready to get back to life. I am ready to sit down and map out my year and what's important to me and set my goals. Tomorrow nights FHE will be all about the stats (we use to do this the first FHE of every year growing up.) measure, weigh (I will not be included in the weigh in) and then the highlights and big things from the past year and the predictions and goals for this coming year! Oh I look forward to it. I feel that this year is a fresh start!Save Now

Moving On Up... Primary!

That's right! My big girl is now a sun "beep". I can't believe that she is already in primary. I'm so torn. She is growing up and just getting bigger and bigger. I miss my baby, but it is also really fun to watch her grow. She got to go to a primary party to meet her teacher and find her class room. The whole primary was invited and what a fun party.
This was her invitation....
How cute! I'm so excited about Molly's teachers. I worked with one of them in YW a couple of years ago and Loved her and the other teacher I haven't gotten to work with in any organization, but have had her girls in YW and know her and love her!
So yesterday morning I took Molly to the church at 9 and introduced her to her teachers. I left her with her teacher and then she got to have a picnic style breakfast. The bishopric made pancakes for everyone and from what I heard Molly loved every minitue of it. She was a little hesitant at first, but by the time I hit the door to leave Molly could have cared less if I was around. She had such a fun morning. I'm so excited for her. I know she will just eat this up.
Molly came home from church 10 years older. She was amazing during sacrament meeting and came home wanting to teach us a lesson (Kris finaly broke it to her that the book she was using was the dictionary, not the scriptures like she kept saying.) I think she really can feel a differance in being with the older kids. She is such a sweet heart and I love her. I will miss peeking in that little window to see her as I pass by the nursery, but now I will get to look for Stella. Man time is just flying by.

Molly in her PJ's all ready to go to the party!

Molly & Suzanne. This was just as I was leaving... It didn't take long to warm up.
The Bishopric working on the pancakes! They are so great! We love them all!
Molly & Suzanne. She didn't want to leave.

Happy New Year!

Lots of food...
Lots of family...
Lots of games...
Lots of nose...
Lots of fun...

Happy New Year!
Here's to 2010!