Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Party Time!

I have not posted forever! I need to get back in the swing of things. I have missed so much and have so much catch up to do that I thought I would start with something a little more recent, and I wanted to post some photos for my mom & dad. So to start off....
We are expecting! That's right! Another baby for the Rosander house hold! I'm just a couple days shy of 18 weeks along. This has been an eventful pregnancy to say the least. That is another post one that will probably take more though and feeling, and way more emotion. Due to certain circumstances (another post) We now know the sex of the baby! We decided that being as this will most likely be our last baby we would change things up and do something a little more fun than just the it's a boy or it's a girl kind of thing. So we (ok, I. We all know where Kris stands on the party thing) decided to though a "Gender Revealing Party" for the family. So although we knew on Tues the 18th (my b-day) we made everyone wait until that Sunday. This was pure torture for some, but pure delight for me!:) I know totally evil! Here are all of the photos and details for my mom! Disclaimer: the photos are crap, I know! Don't judge! I was lucky to get the few shots I did get, I didn't get a shower and I looked HAMMERED, but I got shot for you mom! So here was the party. We did kind of a circus theme being as
"3 will be a circus"
We had a set up as you came in the front door with pink girl pins and blue boy pins with a big sign that said "Pin on your pick"! I also put a boy and girl vinyl sticker on the windows of the study. So once everyone pinned on their pick they headed down stairs were we had dinner all set up.

We made the dinner super easy with just a bunch of frozen pizza (my all time fav is Frecheta) then did a big chines chicken salad and big pasta salad! Lot's of drinks.

All of the pizza was not done yet, so there are a few empty plates. Kids plates were on the table.

Grown up plates.

Not all of the drinks had been put out.

The kids table was set up in the kitchen with a chalk board tablecloth on it with a bowl of chalk and a rag to wipe of what they wanted to !

For the treats we kept it really simple as well. I didn't want to have to make a lot or have people have to bring stuff, So we did kind of a candy bar. We had suckers, skitels, big sweetish fish, mike and ikes and then I made cupcakes. We had bags on both ends of table that the gusts could fill up and enjoy during the night or take home with them.

The last touch was the photo booth. I hug a big curtain from the ceiling and then got a hug box and covered it with a table cloth and put all kinds of photo props on there mustaches, boas, necklaces, crowns, helmet and shield, and cowboy hat. Then I put my point and shoot camera on the box with the props and let people take pics all night long.

Here are just a few of the fun snap shots from the night!

Then came time for the big reveal... We took team pics.

Team Blue

I think we missed a few, or they got cut out. Sorry!

Team Pink

Once it was time for the big reveal I took all of the props off the box uncovered the box and here it is! DON'T JUDGE ON THE CLOTHES, SIZE, HAIR OR LACK OF MAKEUP. I didn't have time to get ready! Really scary I know! Just love me for me! xoxo