Friday, June 11, 2010

Kind Of Bummed.

Today is Kris and my anniversary. Last night I got up twice, which was better than the night before. Molly needed a drink and then she woke up throwing up again. I strpiped the sheets blankets and towels that were on her bed to protect it, It just went right though everything. Then I got up this moring to Stella crying, I went in and her bed was soaking, not from throw up but she had taken off her pajama bottoms and diaper and so I stripped the sheets, blankets, matress cover and started more laundry. We were supposed to go to my parents to celebrate my little sisters birthday, I don't think we will be going. I get to miss yet another Baird party. Molly is feeling better, but I know no one wants to be exposed to whatever it is that Molly has. So I will stay home tonight Happy Brithday Kat, and Happy Aniversary and do laundry, clean my house! I know it's not the end of the world, but still... bummed.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lake Powell 2010

Well what is saying goodbye without one last hurrah? Baird family trip to Lake Powell was their perfect way to go out with a bang! What a good time we had. It was so relaxing and just fun to be with everyone. We were so sad that Cyd and Braden weren't able to come and that McKenzie, Josie, and Kimball weren't able to make it as well.
We did lots of boating, and swimming! So fun, and some wake boarding for a few! We had so much fun! We went to rainbow bridge and to dangling rope and then just here and there. We ate, and ate, and ate! There were tears more than once thinking of what was to come. It really was a fun trip!
It started early and that made it even better. Kris said that when he looked at his Friday office that they had given him the wrong Friday off, not the Friday we were gone, but the one before. So when he told them they gave him that Friday off and then they never filled the Friday they had originally given him So he asked if I wanted to leave Thurs. He only works half day Thursday so How could I pass up the chance. Well in calling and organizing our quick retreat, we realized that someone was on the house boat and would be there until Sat. That night we had gone to visit Papa and Vonda's and started talking about their condo in St. George and when we got home we started talking and called to see if we could stay there for a couple of nights. They were so nice to let us and so we were on for the next day. I called my sisters and Whitney was the only one that could leave with us, and we were thrilled to have her! Thurs I ran around like crazy to get things done and packed to leave as soon as Kris was done.
Just in case you were wondering what a 7 hour drive to Lake Powell looks like for us, this is what it looks like... And YES! It's the whole time... no lie, just as Whit. It was nice that we got to break it up a little bit with St. Gorge as our first stop!

We left Thursday and stayed in St. Gorge Thursday night Friday night (Swimming, eating, playing on the play ground and just relaxing) and then got up 1st thing sat and headed to McDonald's for some breakfast (You know! Breakfast of champions!) Then made the 4 hour drive to Lake Powell.
When we got there early afternoon and then it took some time to get everything unloaded and put where it needed to go and all of that good stuff. Then we spent time boating, laying out, swimming, and hitting up the marina for some ice cream! Sunday we went to church in page... We ran into several people from our stake and ward. So funny! Here we are 7 hours away from home and we are seeing the same people that we would see at home. Monday we had a great Memorial day again doing much of the same thing. Kris left early afternoon so that he could get home to work on Tues. Whit and I hung out with the girls Mon and Tues. We did the same things. We took the boat out, I never really go far without Kris, but it was enough to get out here and there and have a little change of scenery. We swam and laid out! A bunch of guys came on this huge barge like boat to drop a bunch of baskets on the lake floor for divers to come clean up the trash from the bottom of the lake. They were really fun and quite entertaining!
Kris got back Tuesday night. Craig, Abby, Kat & McKay drove down with him and Cameron and Sierra followed. Stella was having a hard time sleeping so I put her in her life jacket and in the stroller and we started to walk up the dock to see if they were close. Holy Cow! We had perfect timing! We got up to the parking lot right as they were all unloading. It was so late and dark that McKay walked right passed me and Craig was about to. We scared Kat... so funny! We were glad that they were all there and safe! We got back to the boat and the Manning's all headed on top to sleep, Kris put Stella to bed and then hit the hey himself. Kat, Cam, Sierra, Whit and I all stayed up talking and laughing.
We went shopping the next morning for all of the grocery's and everything we needed and got everything back and put away. Then it was time for Stella to take a nap so I stayed behind and put her down for a nap while Kris took everyone else out on the boat. My parents got there later that day early evening. Then the trip really started!
We went to Rainbow bridge one day, trip to the sand hill, boating, spent lots of time swimming behind the houseboat, going off the slide, we celebrated my parents 33rd anniversary, lots of boat rides and plenty of tears. Thinking of moments that will be missed and time that will pass, and things that will change because they are leaving and while they are gone!
When it was time to pack up and head out it was kind of hard to leave. In fact I was fine staying a few extra days. That's the nice thing about summer... no schedule or hard set plans, free as a bird.

Molly has always been so good to ride in the car. Even now that she is a big girls she really can wait to go pottie for such a long time. Most of the time we have to stop for either Kris or I to go before she ever has to! This is what she looks like most of the trip.
Poor Whit had to sit by Stella and tried to keep her happy and entertained... an imposable job!
Kris trying to get his finger in his nose before I shot the picture!
Here is Stella with one quiet moment. The sad thing is that she will not ware these for longer than 20 seconds!
K here is the sad thing! My camera died the first morning we got to St. Gorge, so I didn't really get pics from St. Gorge! Don't worry we got one pic of our Yummy breakfast!
Molly getting Stella up the first morning we were in Lake Powell.
Here they are reading books together in Kris and I's bed.
The girls ready for church, just waiting to leave! Nice! Love the closed eyes!
Boat Rides! This is one of Stella's Favorite things ever!
Dad and Stella driving the boat!
Whit and Molly!
Whit tried to teach the girls how to do the peace sign... Let's be honest... totally Japanese! LOVE It!

Molly and I swimming behind the boat.... It was so cold, but Molly wanted to keep jumping in, so I stayed in with her... Really cold!

We had to get ice cream! So good! The girls loved it!

Breakfast on top of the house boat!
Molly chill'n on the back of the boat!
Molly laying out with the girls on the back of the boat! She is so cute! Love this pic!
K this was one of my all time favorite moments of this trip! I looked over and McKay was totally reading to Molly! Molly was in heaven having McKay and Abby there!
Abby, Molly, and Kat
McKay and Mo!
Mo and Abbs!
off for a boat ride! (Don't worry the jacket is cliped on to the boat! I think we always stress everyone out when they see our boat, but it's a great place to keep the wet jackets!)
Mom and Dad! We got a cake and some candels to surprize them!
The sand hill! I love this place! It can get really hot later in the summer and late in the day, but it's so amazing!

What a handsome husband!
Stell, Abbs and Mo!
Ranbow bridge!
Molly and dad swimming!

Slide fun!

Grandma, grandpa and Stella!
More ranbrow bridge.

Molly wouldn't sit anywhere but on Abby's lap on the way home! She totally fell asleep on the way home and it was a long boat drive! Abby was so cute with here! Really it was so much fun!

Stella is always wanting to be the drivers helpper! She really loves the boat. She will be the one who will be our boat pro as she gets older. She and Kirs are a lot a like in that way!

Dad's Setting Apart

Early this morning Kris and i were off to down town SLC where my dad and mom were set apart as mission presidents. We came early #1 so that we wouldn't be late, I mean really who would want to walk in late to Pres. Packers office, but #2 with hopes that we would maybe run into other amazing men and women. I guess I should start at the beginning.
My dad got a call last tues from Pres Packers secretary telling my dad that Pres. Packer has assigned himself to set you apart. I don't now the exact wording she used, but something to that effect.
We were to come early and park in the underground parking under the temple, where all of the general authorities and church officers park. We had to stop and get our special parking pass.

We came early and all were waiting in the lobby again with hopes of bumping shoulders with amazing men and women. The security gaurd found us quite entertaining. A car would pull up and someone would whisper "who is that?" one time he was like "oh you will want to get this guys autograph." so we were all really looking and paying attention and when he walk in no one really knew who he was, but then the security guard said something to him and then introduced us, totally another security gaurd. So funny. They kept bringing all of this lugage down. So when another security guy showed up with more luggage I asked where they were going. He told us that there were several that were fiying out today to go to the temple dedication. He was so nice and was hilarious!
The phone rang and we were told to go up to Pres. Packers office. We headed up and my dad was the first one in the office. He was greeted with a japanese greeting and told to come in. His blessing was amazing and some of the things that really stood out to me were...
*his language would return and that he would speak with ease and persuasion in the language.
*his business, family and other material things would be watched over and blessed.
*he was blessed FROM failure.

My mom was set apart by Elder Pearson and her blessing was just as amazing.
*Blessed with Peace.
*She would know the hearts and have a love for the people, and the culture.
*the gift of discernment with the missionaries to know what they need and when.
*That this would be a setpping stone for her spirituality
*That she would have the gift of discernment for her children and offer them words of comfort and encouragement even while she is far away.
*That she would be blessed physically and be protected while she was away.
*that her children and children's children would be looked after and blessed while she was away.
*that her material things would be looked after while she was away.

It was amazing to hear the blessings and promises made to both my mom and dad for there sevice. We headed down and while we were on our way out we saw a few members of the 70 and Sister Beck and Sister Dallton, and all of which stopped and talked to us or shook our hands. We ended up back in the labby talking over where we should go for brunch and then a car pulled up and when the man got out of the back he waved and then headed into the office another way... totally Pres Monson! For real! We finished our day eating lunch at the garden restaurant on the top floor of the Joseph Smith momrial bulding. It was so nice to be there and to feel of the amazing blessings and promises. We really are thrilled for both my mom and dad, even though every time I talk about it I cry. I can't imagine not having them here for 3 years! I will miss them so much.