Sunday, May 25, 2008

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things!

So we just had an enrichment night that was a blast! We shared our favorite things! It mimicked Oprah's favorite thing show, but with our favorite things. We brought something to give a way (one of our favorite things) and then we all got to take something home from that night. We did a drawing to make sure that all was fair, but it was fun to see and hear what every one's favorite things were. One lady put on the list... "anything from Italy and Botox... Classic! Shellie did such an awesome job organizing and putting it all on. They put a cute song together from the sound of music with the words changed like... When the kids fight, bla bla bla... then it was chocolate and diet coke as our favorite things, it was so cute. I loved this activity because not only was it a blast, but It was really helpful to me. So, I thought I would share 10 of my favorite things with you in hopes that it might help you out as well... In return, I would love to hear your top 10 favorite things. Here are mine in no particular order.

1. Borax! I know I had no idea what it was before our favorite things night either. It's a laundry booster and it gets rid of that mildewy smell that you just can's seem to get rid of no mater how much bleach or detergent you use. Dish towels, rags, rugs... the stuff is awesome and totally works. I just found it on the laundry aisle at Wal Mart, but I think it's carried almost everywhere.

2. Windex Glass Wipes! They don't get the extra hair spray (from when I spray Molly's hair) off the mirrors, but they are so awesome for everything else. I keep some in my car. I wipe down my shower door with them, I use them on the plexi glass covering the desk and just everywhere else. I love them!

3. Magic Erasers! Need I really say more, they were on every ones list! If you still haven't tried them, I use them everywhere, in fact I just used it yesterday to wipe and scrub down the high chair... works wonders with little effort:)

4. My Labeler! I know, I know. I'm an organiser, but the Dymo labeler (From Target) I use for everything to label my storage tubs, my spice cupboard and I know crazy me, but I just labeled my hall closet so when my amazing husband helps me with laundry and putting it away he knows
were it all goes! He's the best helper ever:)

5. Oat Meal! It has to be done just this way. 1/2 cup of quick oats and 1 cup of Frozen Berries and then pop it in the microwave for 3 min and then stir it up and heat in another min or just let the oats soften. So Good! and way good for you... However if you really want something yummy add a scoop of ice cream (it tastes just like cobbler) Which leads me to my next item...

6. Fat Free Frozen Yogurt! Oh this is awesome on top of the oat meal, a scoop in your hot chocolate, or just a bowl ( and YES I mean a bowl, not a child's bowl, but a real bowl. Debbie Easton introduced this to me when we were in Denver it's just the generic brand Mountain Dairy Fat Free Frozen Yogurt (Vanilla) at Smiths ($2.03 for 1/2 gal) so worth it) I was also reminded by Debbie as I was discussing my frustration in wanting Golden Swirl and not having them in UT that Maverick gas station has the same frozen yogurt! So good check it out!

7. Weiman Stainless Steel Wipes! If you have stainless steel appliances... This is the best stuff! I have little finger prints, and sometimes lip prints all over my fridge, dishwasher and the best is the oven, because she can see herself in it. These are so great and they don't make my floor slippery like the sprays! We got them at Ace, but I know they have them other places to.

8. Twilight series, by Stephanie Myer! Do I really need to say anything else. Read them if you haven't. Fast reading and they are awesome!

9. Nothing Bunt Cake! If you don't know about this place yet, you should. My sister in law Amy introduced it to me in Vegas and now there is one in UT. My favorite is the White Chocolate Raspberry. Oh So Yummy!

10. Drain Cleaner for the Kitchen sink! I hate that nasty smell that you just cant seem to get rid of, you can mask it, but it seems to just keep coming back. Kris found this in the news paper and it works like a charm. *Take your old box of baking soda out of the refrigerator and pour it down your drain. Follow that with a cup of table salt and then a cup of vinegar. *Let that mixture fizz up for 30 sec. *Now chase with three to four quarts of boiling water and let the mixture work over night and your drain won't smell in the morning!

11. One More that I just thought of is my Mary Key Mineral Foundation Powder. I just started using it and I love it. I was always worried about using the mineral powder, because I didn't want to look like a powder face, but I love this! It covers well, it's affordable, It's light, gets rid of my shine and looks great all day long! It's the best!

I know long list! Even if you just skimmed it I hope you found something that you would like to try and make your life a bit easier. I really would love to hear what your favorite things are, so tag to all of you who want to participate. List your top 10 favorite things! I can't wait to find more favorite things!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I was tagged by my sister in law Amy and so these are just a few random things about me.


1. Family
2. Watching Molly make new discoveries!
3. Crossing off projects from my to do list.


1. Spiders!!!!!
2. Worrying that I'm not going to measure up.
3. And I know this sounds weird but, Meat! I just worried about ecoli. Not that I let that stop me, I still cook and eat it!


1. To make it thought this pregnancy!
2. Finish my to do list before this baby comes!
3. To raise healthy, happy and self reliant children.


1. Fat free frozen yogurt
2. Scrapbooking
3. Organizing and cleaning out all of the closets, drawers, and anything else in the house!


1. I know how to string tennis rackets!

2. I have run two marathons, and 4 half marathons.

3. I am truly a night owl. No matter how hard I have tried, I just have a hard time being an early bird.

Now I will tag Sierra B, Debbie W, and Whitney B! I can't wait to hear what you have to say!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day!

Wow, another Mothers Day! I really can't believe that it's been a year already. You know I LOVE being a mom. Not everyday is easy, but I have realized that anything in my life that is really amazing has never come easy 100% of the time. That has really got me thinking. I have always wanted to be a mother and have truly felt blessed, even on the hard days, that I have the chance to be a mother. This pregnancy has been a challenge, as was Molly's but this one has been extra hard for me. It seems to be one thing after another and I just keep telling Kris 12 more weeks. Molly has been sick this week and so Kris was going to stay home with Molly because I had to go and teach primary. When I put her in bed with Kris before I left she just started to cry. I went into the bathroom to finish getting ready and just cried that I was having to leave my sick baby home. I realized then that I will feel the same about this baby once she gets here and that this is a challenge that I have to endure to get such an amazing blessing. I really do love being a mom and I'm thrilled to be preparing to welcome this baby into our family, home and our hearts. Mothers Day for me is not a day for people to celebrate me as a mom (although I do look at it as a day to celebrate my mom) but I look at it as a day for ME to celebrate the opportunity I have to be and mother and a day to celebrate the duties and obligations I have to my children. I really love Molly and look forward to getting this baby here. Happy Mothers Day!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Going to Denver!

This last weekend Kris took some time off work to go visit one of his good buddies Mike Easton. Mike and his wife Debbie have 4 children and one just 2 months older than Molly, Ella who Molly called Lella all weekend. We didn't stay to long, but the time we had there was so much fun. I was really worried about the flight with Molly. We have taken Molly a few times on the plane, but it's been a while. I packed a bag just for the flights. Oh, she did awesome. Several people commented on how good she was during the flight. Friday Debbie and I went and got manicures and the guys stayed behind to watch the kids, then when we got back the guys went to look at cars (one of Kris's favorite things to do, really!) We took all of the kids swimming at the rec center and Molly kept asking "where's Lella?" Molly loved the lazy river and just being with other kids. That night Mike and Deb took us to the Baseball game (first pro gave I've ever been to, don't be disappointed in me Rach.) It was freezing and I was a bit worried, I don't know why being as we watched it from Mike's company box. WOW! I really don't know what else to say. It was amazing. Fridge fully stocked with different drinks, Hot dogs or brots, (one of the best hot dogs I've ever had!) chips, cheese or salsa to go on the chips and the list goes on and on. They came to serve us dessert about the 7th inning. That's the way to watch a baseball game when it's as cold as it was. Sat. we went and looked at model homes and then made a girl trip to the mall, Deb, Maddie and I, where we had a short delay getting home when we couldn't get the car alarm to stop going off, long story, but it was so funny:) I was telling Debbie "what would a trip be with out some sort of adventure?". It was so much fun! I really think Kris had a blast hanging out with Mike and I loved the opportunity to hang out and talk with Debbie, she is so awesome, and Molly really had a blast with all of those kids. The flight home there was a lot of turbulence and you would think that would freak Molly out... Well just watch the video and see what you think. Thanks Mike and Debbie for such a fun weekend. One of the greatest blessing was, well I have been praying for weeks that I would feel OK during this weekend and my prayers were definitely heard, I was very blessed.
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