Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sisterly Love!

I had gotten the girls some water and told them they could watch a movie while I got some stuff done. When I waked by the couch this is what I found.

Molly had Stella's blankie on her lap and Stella was laying there so content watching the tv. I love these moments. Really I kind of smile when the older ladies always say "oh enjoy every moment because it goes too fast" Honestly I think they must have forgotten 80% of raising children. I don't know that I will ever miss the throw down knock out brawls in the middle of target with them punching each other, and much of the refereeing and all of the not so fun stuff.... but these, these are the moments that I live for. These are the moments I want to hang on to every second. These are the moments I will miss. I could have just sat there and watched them. So here are to those memories that I will miss and do go by to fast and I try to cling to to help me get thought the others that make me want to cry! I love these girls and do feel that the are growing up way too fast! How lucky am I to be their mom! (Feb 2010)

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