Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Halloween 2010!

We had quite a fun year this year. My girls were both sugar plum fairies. These costumes have been passed down for years. My mom got them for my 2 littlest sisters who are now married and serving a mission! Ya it's been a while. My nieces have used them and so have some of my cousins and I don't know who else.
Molly had a fun Halloween carnival at school and we went all out! We put her hair in darling curls and found some fake eyelashes... Really not that she needs anymore length, but last time I did makeup it was a nightmare to get off so this was an easy way to glam up. Also she fell in love with these fake nails for kids so we added that... Oh she was in heaven. When I dropped her off at school she looked so cute, but I couldn't get her to smile because she was totally freaked out by the witch costume her teacher was wearing.

We also went to the ward party which was totally fun! The best part of the party this year was that Kris actual came with me and the two kids. The last 2 years Kris has stayed home sick! It was really fun and I didn't get any pictures of it because trying to manage 2 children in a crowd is always a little crazy, not to mention all of the fun chatting I got to do with ward members. It was a great party as always!

The actual night of Halloween was pouring rain! The Rosander clan had planned to meet up. It was raining so hard that everyone just went to one house on our street and then we went to training table to get some food. We met up with everyone else later at Kris's parents house (his parents were out of town enjoying the sun in Hawaii) all of the rest of us with the loss of Mark, Chels, and their boys due to all of the rain and how little they were not to mention how late it was getting. So we all headed out and the rain had stopped for us to hit a few streets around the neighborhood. Molly LOVED trick or treating this year! She totally got the hang of it and would run from house to house with her 2 cousins Beckham and Mason. Stella was trying to keep up but got tired and missed a few houses. All in all it was a perfect night.

Here are a few photos we got of the girls in their costumes on a day with better weather.

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Sierra Baird said...

They are so adorable. They're lucky to have such a fun mom!