Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our Crazy Life!

It's been way too long since my last post. We have been crazy busy and have loved every single minute of our crazy life! My brother Graduated and we were able to go, my sister in law graduated and we weren't able to go, That was the day we were going to Lake Powell, That leads to our Lake Powell trip and that should be a whole other post coming soon, but it was so nice to hang out with Kris and the kids. Nowhere to be no schedule to keep and the weather was in the high 90's every day. The girls did pretty well considering... Like I said Lake Powell is a post in and of it's self. Then we came home and tried to get things back to normal by that Friday when my sister returned home form her mission! Hoorray! That was so awesome and I have missed her so much. She is amazing and we are just thrilled that she is home! That whole week seemed to be crazy as well and life has just not seemed to slow down. She here is my Sunday story.
I had to teach that morning and again reminder YW is the first meeting block of our 9am church. So I had gotten everything ready the night before... all of my lesson stuff was on the table, the girls clothing head to tow was layed out (i'm talking rubberbands, bows, bracelets, shirts, dresses, shoes, everything). I had packed the diaper bag and had it by the door. I had my clothes all layed out and Kris had even ironed all of our clothes that night ( I know he is amazing) I had stayed up making cupcakes for my YW, but really everything was ready to go. I was planning on getting up really early and going over my lesson and frosting the cupcakes. So that is exactly what I did. I got up really early got ready, got the cupcakes frosted and went over my lesson, start dinner, and then got the girls up to get them breakfast. Molly was not eating (k, here is the thing, Molly is one of the best eaters ever! really most moms would be jealous of how much and what she eats, but when it comes to breakfast, if we have somewhere to be or something going on... she will not eat. Then she is totally ornery because she is hungry. Nice. So I was doing her hair while trying to get her to eat and get Stella feed. We were then ready to walk out the door, Stella spits up everywhere and I'm trying to carry to much out to the car at one time and hit the cupcake try on the edge of the counter and the cupcakes ALL go bottoms up! Oh my heck! Are you kidding me! So at this point it's 9 and I'm just hoping that opening exercises go a little long. My lesson whet ok. and then it was off to Sunday school and Stella decided this was the time to start talking... actually I think she was talking in EQ as well. Kris had been walking the halls with her. So Kris talks her out and then Sacrament meeting..... Really need I go on? Ya the girls ware crazy and I really started to wonder if I was going to come back. (don't worry everyone, I do every week. Man I must know it's true.) Then we had to go meet with the bishop to renew our temple recommends, Man trying to do anything with kids is nearly impossible. I had taken Stella in with me and she was all over, trying to get off my lap, pulling at my hair, grabbing the arm rest and trying to pull off of me. So when it was Kris' turn I took both girls. We were going to just sit on the stairs and wait for him, but then our fits started and I had had it. We went right to the car. Me carrying Stella, the dipaer bag, several books (for a service project that I'm in charge of, so people had handed them to me after the meetings) and Molly refusing to move, so I'm carrying her by her arm! (Hi! Can you say Child Protective Services? I'm just glad my neighbor, the social worker, didn't seen me.) I came home and put both girls right to bed. Then trying to change out of my skirt, I couldn't get the zipper down. It's not even tight on me. Well ya the zipper is totally broken and I have only worn the skirt like 5 times! After eating lunch I headed to our room for a much needed nap, and Kris said I needed it as well, I was kind of grumpy! When I woke up I had a few things to run to neighbors and then I came home to serve dinner. I had gone to the store 3 times Saturday to get everything I had needed and so I had tried to get things all done. So even though I had tried to get it all done that morning I had totally spaced rice... one of the main things, so we didn't even end up eating it for dinner. After getting Molly to bed I decided to down load all of my pictures and get some blogging done. It was then I realized I had shot all of the pictures from Lake Powell and Cydne's homecomming at the airport in the wrong format!!!!!!!!! Then when Kris had a patient call with an emergency and he had to go into the office, I opted that It was time for me to go to bed! Man as a mom I think Sundays are by far the hardest day of the week! Why is that as much as I prepare, I still can't be on time and I always feel like things are not running smoothly! Man this is totally my life, and the thing is, I only have 2 kids!
Well like I said there are a hundred other things to blog about, like Memorial day, Whitney's graduation this Friday, and all of the fun ins and out, but I'll have to find another time. Molly just woke up Stella on her way down for a nap, that means feeding, diaper changing, and keeping her entertained. Did I mention I found her playing in my toilet with my sock today? I have to watch this one like a hawk, really there never is a dull moment!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day!

Memorial day is always a fun Baird family event! My aunt Chris is in charge of this Holiday (everyone has their own Holiday that they take and are in charge of. It's the same every year.) Each family has their own color to represent what family  you come from and it is assigned from the color while. Our family is Orange! Every year my mom seems to find something darling that is orange for my kids to wear and she did this year as well, thanks mom! We weren't able to make it down to the farm where they had met that morning to learn about my grate grandfather and great grandmother. The kids didn't get up in time and I didn't dare wake them up... You all know how that goes. But they met on my great grandfather and great grand mothers old farm property. I was sad we weren't able to go down because I remember going there and visiting them. I even remember being a young girl and I had gone down with my grandpa and running through the field I had gotten a tick in my leg. I remember sitting at my great grandmothers table (she always had a bowl of pine nuts on her table) and Grandpa and great grandpa got a match and burned that tick out of my leg. I remember being really scared, but trusting them completely... well mostly. I just love that every year we learn of these amazing people that have gone before us and have left a legacy to fallow. Chris always does a great job with this. 
Because we weren't able to go with my family early that morning, on our way down for the afternoon activities we stopped by Kris's grandmothers grave (Nana) and left some flowers there. Kris was 15 when she passed away, but I always hear such amazing stories about her. I love that we have these people to hang on to, to remember who we are, and where we came from. It's always good to be reminded. 
When we got to the park where the rest of the gang was we got lots of food, sang some of the fun songs Chris always has for us and went over this years Baird family stats. She keeps track of everything. Who started school (like the little kids) who got baptized, who graduated, got married, any awards, and on and on! It's so cool because I feel like I know what has happened in the past year. It's always so much fun! Then we did all of our pictures Grand kids, and great grand kids. I just love this Holiday, one that we can remember those that have gone before us and paved the way for us. Both of my kids have been named after ancesters (middle names) but It's because I want them to remember. What's in a name? One of my favorite Scriptures is Helaman 5:6 "I h ave given unto you the names of our first parents who came out of the land of Jerusalem: and this I have done that when you remember your names ye may remember them; and when ye remember them ye may remember their works; and when ye remember their works ye may know how that it is said, and also written, that they were good."
That sums up perfectly how I feel. What an amazing Holiday! What fun we had and I look forward to this every year!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cydne's Home!

Oh hooray! My Little sister Cydne just got home form her mission. She had extended 4 weeks and put us all into a depression waiting for her to get home, but when are you ever going to get that experience in your life again? So I totally understood, as did everyone else. I had been tracking her flight all day long and had made her sign and we were about to leave fore the airport, her flight was expected to be in at 8:30. I had made sure that my girls had had 2 naps each so they were up for the late night. We were packing the car when my other little sister called and said that her flight was delayed.  I told her I new that that was not right, I had watched her fight update and new that the fight was in the air, she went on to say that she had missed it due to security going though her bags. Her flight had been delayed till about 10:00. So we waited a bit longer and then headed out! Oh she looked so good! She is skinny, I don't know if that is just her or if that had something to do with her parasite. We have missed her so much. As we watched her come down the stairs my little niece Josie ran up to her and gave her a big hug, Molly followed suit. Molly has been so cute. I have had a picture of Cyd on our magnet board in the kitchen so that Molly remembers her and the transition isn't a shock. She has done so well. I think that it's due to the picture, the prays for her every night and how Molly just loves people and Cyd is really easy to love! Molly is so cute. If you ask her where Cyd has been she would say "on a mission". Then you ask where and she says "in Taiwan". Stella has also done really well. We have loved having her home. It was a late night, and had been a long day for Cyd so we all went home and then went down Sunday to go to church with my family! We have missed Cyd so much, but are so proud of her and her decision to serve a faithful mission. We are thrilled to have her home! We look forward to all of the experiences she has to share! Welcome Home Sister Baird!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Enough Already! Really!

So while we were in Lake Powell Stella was just as noisy as usual, but when she was crying I noticed white spots in her mouth.... Not again! I knew right away that it was thrush! That's right. She has already had this 5 times and she is only 10 months old. I called the Dr. when we were about 10 minutes from our house. I told them that I was 95% sure that she had thrush again, could we just get a prescription called in or did I have to come in and have the Dr. look at her. They took a message for the nurse and didn't get back to me. So the next morning I called again and told them the same thin. They told me to bring her in and when the Dr. looked in her mouth my suspicions were confirmed. I told you I'm getting really good at diagnosing this stuff. Well we now have her on a 2 week series of meds and we are hoping that helps. She seems happier already. The reason I'm so bugged it that she has probably had this for a couple of weeks. That is why she has been so grumpy! Man I really feel like the mother of the year! I'm just glad that she is feeling better.

Our First Lake Powell Trip Of The Year.

Our first to Powell for the season got started off kind of on the wrong foot. I had spent the whole day cleaning and packing and we were planning on leaving as soon as Kris got done with work. It was his late day so he didn't get home till about 6. Kris got home and the car still needed to be packed and the girls needed diaper changes, Molly wanted chocolate milk and Stella needed a bottle and I was still grabbing a few last things. We had gotten on the road when I realized I had forgotten the pack and play. Nice! My family lives about 45 minutes away and we would be passing though, so I called to see if I could borrow my moms pack and play. They were so nice and met us by the free way so we didn't have to go to far out of our way. That was our only stop for the 7 hour drive. Molly did pretty well. She wouldn't stop talking the whole way and cried when she didn't get to watch the movie she wanted (which by the way changed every 15 minutes.) Stella was not a happy camper at all. She cried most of the way. We were about 2 1/2 hours away form Powell, when the girls finally went to sleep. by this time it was about 11:30pm. It was only a half hour later that we got pulled over. Kris had accelerated out of one of the little towns a little too soon and the cops got us. They were really nice and didn't give a ticket. They said they just wanted to make sure there was no drinking involved. So after our short delay we were off again. We stopped at the storage unite to pick up the boat and both girls usually wake up at this point. But we were thinking we should just get it that night and not have to worry about picking up the boat the next day. So we unloaded everything into the small boat and then headed to the lake. We launched the boat and Kris usually waits for me to park the car and trailer, but there was nowhere to park it on the ramp so I had to go kind of far to park. He had the girls and all of the stuff, but did wait for a little bit. I had been walking in the dark because the flashlight wasn't working. Kris couldn't see me because the flashlight wasn't working and so I saw him leave. I had the keys to the house boat so he couldn't get in with out me. So I headed down the dock. So at this point it's now 2am and I get to the boat, Kris has realized i'm not there and has gone back to get me. So when I realized that he had gone back I thought I would go in and get the ac on and the lights turned on and everything like that. So I try the key and it toally dosen't work! We have never had a problem with this key before, we never have even had to giggle the key, now the lock will not turn at all. I tried the back door same thing! Oh I was getting really bugged and being as it was 2am was not helping my dramatic impulse! I could see Kris coming back now. When I explained that the key wasn't working I think he was bugged as well. Both girls were awake, but both behaving for the moment. Kris tried both doors and again, both locked! So here I am 2am on a boat with my kids assessing the situation and how we were going to sleep on top and position everyone and be safe. Finally Kris found his way in though an open window. (We found out the next day that the locks had been changed, Thanks for the memo!) So we finally get everything in the house boat and the girls in the p.j.'s and ready for bed. I asked Kris where he had put the formula so I could make Stella a bottle. His reply was... "Did you want me to pack it? I just thought you wanted me to make a bottle for Stella." I hadn't communicated that it needed to be packed. Dang It! 2:30 screaming baby and we are all tired and ready for bed. Luckily I had packed an extra formula dispenser (you know the ones you can put formula in with 3 different compartments. We had enough for one bottle that night and one first think in the morning before we could get more at the store. We really lucked out. Well we had also forgotten life jackets for the girls so we had to buy some and they were the really old fashion ones that are that thick foam. Stella hated her jacket the whole time. She cried every time we put it on her and the whole time she wore it. Well after realizing we had forgotten some other major things I decided we were making a packing list, So we did and kept it out so we could add what we needed. Stella was still not ready to go to bed and she just cried. So I stayed up with her till about 3:30. But that was the craziest part of the trip. The rest was just smoeoth and uneventful. We had a blast. The weather was so nice in the high 90's everyday. The girls did great. They both slept amazing after that first night, awesome naps and everything! What a fun trip, really! You know what is a trip without a little craziness, right? That's what makes the memories! Well now that we have worked out all the kinks we are hoping the next trip down is just smooth sailing! It really was fun. We spent a lot of time on the beaches letting Molly play in the sand. The boating was awesome and like I said... the water couldn't have been better! I love Lake Powell. It takes a lot to get ready, but it's so worth it. I love just being with the family and not having anything to worry about, no where to go and time really doesn't seem to exist there, other than it goes by way to fast! I look forward to every Lake Powell trip even if there is a little excitement!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day

Mothers day was a good one. We spent Mothers Day in Lake Powell and had gotten up early to make it to sacrament meeting. As we walked to the car everyone we passed was male and everyone of them made it a point to tell me Happy Mothers Day. It just started off my day on the right foot. The sacrament meetting we went to was really good and they gave us all church picture books. We had gotten back to the boat and being as we love to go for Sunday drives we opted for a Sunday boat drive. As we were on our ride Molly looked up at me and said "Mommy Happy Mothers Day" She had this huge smile on her face. I just love this little girl. They make me so happy and bring such joy into my life! I love being a mother and it was an excellent mothers day!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Curlers! A Good Idea? I'm Not So Sure!

Growing up I recall many nights of pink sponge curlers in my hair for church or a special occasion. I have been trying to come up with some new ideas for Molly's hair, it's just so thin and hasn't really grown in totally even. I have been thinking about cutting it and making a cute bob, but Kris likes it long and so as I have been thinking of new ideas to make her hair look great I was taken back to my childhood and all of those nights with our pink sponge curlers in my hair. While I was at Walmart the other day I thought I would see if they had them. They did and so we made a new hair product purchase. I have learned from my own disastrous experience you never try something the night before you something important. So I didn't want to Sat night and have it be a total disaster and have to rewash her hair with no time. So last night we decided to give it a try. she was really good when I was putting them in and thought that was so cool, but by the time she was ready and in bed she was crying and saying "take them out!" I told her that it would make her hair curly and cute. Well it didn't take much more convincing and she was in. I stopped in her room on my way to bed to make sure she had not pulled them out and she was golden. All of the curlers in their place and I was off to bed.

I could hear her in her room when she woke up, but decided to wait for her to come out of her room giving me a little more alone time. When she finally came out (not long after that) she had taken out the back bottom curlers. I finished the job and got the girls dressed and ready to get out the door to aerobics. She looked so cute. Her hair turned out darling and she walked with such attitude today.
So we got home from aerobics and I was doing a fast clean up job of the house. I was working in her room and saw all of the curlers she had taken out on her dresser when I walked over this is what I found...

K, she had not just pulled out one whole lock of hair, but at least 4!!!!! You have got to be kidding me. The kid pulls out her pig tails all of the time, and yes she dose pull out hair with it, but really a whole lock. I asked her if it hurt and she just started to suck her thumb and rub her blanket, no answer! I know funny girl. I don't know if I should really try this again. I mean she really doesn't have that much more hair left, but it looked really cute today!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Where Have I Gone? Update!

It seems like it's been forever since the last post. I have had a hard time finding time to sit down and download pictures, or post anything. Life has just been a bit crazy and I wonder what I have been doing with my time. So here is a quick over view of what has been happening in the past couple of weeks....

Oh Stella... My baby. This little girl is such a sweetie and I know that there is something bothering her, because she is really a sweet heart and she has done nothing but cry for the past 4-5 weeks now...
See why I'm ready for a vacation! For some reason she just will scream if I'm not holding and bouncing with her. Poor Kerry was so nice to put up with both of my screaming kids while we went to Wicked. Huge thanks and so sorry Kerry! I can feel Stella's second tooth coming up. It has been a lot better the last 2 days, keep your fingers crossed. Bless her heart I just feel like there is nothing I can do and I get really frustrated and just feel overwhelmed with a baby that dose nothing by cry (no scream, it's not a cry it's a scream!) and wont sleep. I know I don't sound to up beat, but this is the reality! There are always good times and those times that are hard being a parent. I love it and would never trade it for anything, but there are times you need a break.

Molly... While I'm busy with my screaming baby Molly has gotten really good at entertaining herself....

More often than not it involves a midsize to large mess! This was the day she was drinking just the dry chocolate milk powder mix. There is always some nice and creative mess that I get to pick up... Most often by the time I get one cleaned up, there is a new one that I get to move on to!

As for Kris and I. Well I have really enjoyed tennis lessons! I have had a hard time making it to my tennis workouts at the tennis club, but Kris has been so patient and sweet to take me out and hit with me and teach me. It's been really fun. Kris has been working like crazy and then when he has time he is usually helping with E.Q. moves or some other kind of activity. When I was talking to my mom one Sat. about how busy he is and I just don't really get to spend time with just him, and the only think my kids do is cry and make messes, and how I couldn't leave my kids with anyone for fear that my kids would either do someone in or someone would shake my baby to get her to stop crying. My mom was really nice and said to bring them down and she would watch them so Kris and I could go out ALONE! Oh that was so nice. We packed the kids up and took them to my mom and dad and Kris and I went to dinner at Brick Oven (this is where we went on our first date ever in Dec of 99) Then we went and did some window shopping and then went to look at phones (yes I want a new one) and then we went to the movie Duplicity (not the best movie, but it was so good to just sit in peace and quiet with Kris) then we headed back to get our kids and head home. Oh what a great night. Like I mentioned before Kerry also took them one night so Kris and I could go to Wicked. I love those quite moments I get with Kris! What an amazing husband I have!

Can't Wait!

OH how I have needed a vacation! We are heading out to Lake Powell soon and I just am so ready for a break, the fresh air, the quite, no schedules, and just time with the family. One of our favorite spots to be...