Thursday, May 19, 2011

Girls Day!

I have started to get a little home sick... I know that really doesn't make sense at all. I am just missing a place that I can go and hang out. A change in pace and different from our house. With day after day of bad weather we are missing the 45 min drive to grandmas house to go play with her fun toys or go run errands with her. Somewhere that my kids can be loved and I can be loved and just lay on the couch and talk with my mom or watch "Naplock" my sisters coming in and out or stopping in for lunch and acting as a jungle gym for my kids. Going to lunch with my mom and sisters, just having someone to hangout with. I don't know if it's the weather or just feeling like life is about to change even more or that this has been a hard pregnancy or just plain old missing my parents and siblings. It's just different. With sisters that are crazy busy one on a mission and brother and sister in law also crazy busy, I'm just feeling a little lonely. Maybe it's just these stupid hormones. Anyway we decided to do a girls day. My sister in law and sisters come up and I made breakfast. I did stuffed french toast, bran muffins, and fruit, we also had oj, and choclolet milk. Kris had taken the girls to an Easter egg hung for one of the places he works and then over to his parents and we girls just talked. It was so fun. After we ate we had planned to do a project, but it didn't quite work out that way so we just watched Fletch and then after hanging out and talking more we went to a late lunch early dinner Paradise bakery. To finish off we stopped at world market for a little look and shop. All in all it was such a great day spent with sisters (Seirra is considered to be a sister in stead of sister in law). We laughed and cried and talked and just had a great day of R & R. We decided that next month we should maybe include the spouses and go to dinner or something! Thanks for coming girls! We didn't get any pics of all of us together boo!

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