Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Stella's 2 Months Old!

Wow! I can't believe that Stella is 8 weeks yesterday. It just goes too fast and it makes me so sad to think that they grow so fast. When I had to stretch her onesie to put it on I got really sad, I mean hello she's only 8 weeks and I'm having to stretch what should last at least another 4 weeks. She is getting so long. She is in 41st percentile for wight and about 70th for height. She so got the Baird height. It's so crazy to me because Molly has been this little peanut she was born in the like 20th percentile and then has been in the 2nd ever sense and her height has been in the 17th or 20th. She is going to be the short one, if this is a prediction of the future. Anyway... She had her immunisations and wow! So the nurse was telling me that the oral one was kind of sour and salty, and that babies don't really like it, so we were both laughing when Stella just kept sucking it and then when it was gone she started sucking my are looking for more, I really had fed her before we went. Then came the 3 pokes. 2 in her left leg and one in her right. She wasn't to happy about those, but recovered quickly. We got home fed her and gave her a warm bath, which she love, and then put her in some warm jammies and she was off to bed. She was asleep by 9 (huge blessing, that hasn't happened sense she was 2 weeks old) We were in bed by 9:30 and then Stella was up a 2:40 to eat and then right back to sleep til 9 this morning. Kris asked if we were going to give her more shots today. I just can't get over how fast kids grow. I wish it wasn't such a fleeting moment, I wish it would last a bit longer.
She looks so tiered. It had been a long day!
Bath time. "Could life get any better?
I submit that it could not!" - Brian Reagan
Stella and mom getting ready to say good night.


Brindley Family est. 1997 said...

It's so unfair that we still have not yet held that gorgeous girl. Kamryn and I can't wait to see Stella!

The Bastian's said...

What a beautiful girl! I can't believe its already been two months. I love that picture with the two of you!