Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor Day!

Oh what a great day. You know any day is good day when Kris is home. I just miss him when he's at work and would love him to retire now, he assures me that this will not be happening any time soon or in the near future.
He was so nice to let me take a nap, being as I was up with Stella till 3 that morning, he did get up and walk with her from 2:30-3, but you know I just can't sleep knowing that they are up so I just laid there, until I got back out of bed and told Kris I couldn't sleep anyway, no reason for us both to be up. So he went back to bed. He is such an amazing husband willing to do anything to make my life easier, what more could you ask for. So yea back to the nap. He let me take an awesome nap that afternoon and then we met up with Kris's family for lunch, minus his parents that are cruising in Alaska, and his sister Amy and her family that live in Vegas:(. We went to Citrus Grill, so good! Then it was to home depot for some returns and some meandering Molly loved the cart and kept saying "push mommy, push" over and over and over again. She is so funny. Then we went for a drive up the canyon, I think this is more of a Baird thing than Rosander it seems like we were always going for Sunday drives and I know my dad would take drives with his family growing up and it's so funny to hear that my cousins grew up doing it and now do it with their families. Crazy! Anyway we went for a drive and stopped to throw rocks in the "pool" (river) and then came home and Kris did some yard work while Molly played in her little water table (also called "pool") and Stella and I hung out with them. Then it was time to start winding down for the day so we bundled up the kids (it was like 60 degrees) and went for a walk. While we were on our walk my mom called me. She had called earlier that day and said that she had seen a commercial for Deal or No Deal and that the girl on it looked just like one of my good friends for back in my EFY counselor days. We seemed to be inseparable, but then we both got married and kind of drifted after that. The funny thing is I had totally been thinking about her. I knew that she had lived here, but wasn't sure if she was still here or if she had moved out of state. Well I had set the DVR to record Deal or No Deal to see this look a like or my friend. Back to our walk my mom called and was SOOOOOOOOO excited. She was almost yelling, It is Jessica, It's her! So we came home and watched my old friend on Deal or No Deal...Did I mention she won the Million? I have had this happen so many times in my life, when you are thinking of someone and they call or, you run into them somewhere, or get an email, etc. but never have I been thinking about someone and them see them on TV winning a million dollars! Way To Go Jess! I'm glad someone finally won a million and I'm soooo glad that it was you. You deserve it! What a perfect end to a perfect day!

Mark, Molly, Beckham, & Chels
leaving Citrus Grill.

Molly and Stella chilln' in the basket at Home Depot.
Why didn't they have the car baskets when I was little?

Kris and Molly finding rocks to throw in the "pool".

Molly and her pool at home! She loves this table.
Thanks Grandma!

Stella sitting in her car seat,
just enjoying the outdoors.
Way to go Jess! I'm thrilled for you!


Kari said...

Your friend who won on Deal or no Deal lives in Steve's parents ward. She's all the buzz.

Bella Blogger said...

Sounds like a fun day. I had heard someone won the million. Glad it went to someone you know. Cute pics. of the girls in their twinner jammies.

Brindley Family est. 1997 said...

How fun! Wish we could have joined you.

Camille said...

awesome. i have yet to see an old friend on a show. how cool, and she won the mill. that's amazing!!

The Wyler Family said...

fun day. i can't even imagine winning that much money. wow!