Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Family!

So I was recently tagged and told to post 6 random things about myself and I told you I went skydiving with my cousin Amy. I also tagged Amy, and loved to read her random things about herself, and I was reminded of a few things that I had not really forgotten, but just had not thought of for a long time.
*We had gone as an extended family to a place called Clear Creak. It's a family type ranch and it's just outside of Zion National Park. A large group of us had decided to hike Angels Landing and Amy's brother Seth (I don't really remember how it happened) but he started to refer to a few of us myself and a few cousins that were unmarried and in our mid 20's the "Old Maid Brigade". That name stuck around for a while. That is so funny, I haven't thought about that for a long time.
*I was reminded of when my sister, my cousin Amy and another cousin went to visit my aunt and uncle in OR. and Amy got a ticket. That whole trip was a blast and I feel so bad Amy go a ticket.
*Then there was the skydiving I have already told you about.
All of this took me back to thinking of all of the great times I have had with my cousin Amy and all of my cousins. I have been blessed with such an amazing family and just feel extremely blessed to have had all of these fantastic people in my life. I truly believe that my extended family is a large part of who I am and what I've become.


Emily*Scott*Logan said...

It's been so long since I have visited! What exciting updates! Linds, your new baby is adorable! I want to hear more of your baby story. Can you email me your phone #? I want to come and visit you.
I went skydiving once too. I still can't believe I actually jumped, but it was so memorable and I loved the "free fall" feeling.

The Wyler Family said...

wow, so many updates. i don't have time to comment on each one so i'll just say that i think you're amazing. i miss you!

jacksonx03 said...

We did have fun times! We should keep all these adventures going and just bring the kiddies along with us! What should be our next adventure? Actually I am making a list of fun activities to do during the winter. I want to try to do one once a week on Fridays. We should go together! I am just nervous about fall/winter, Ivy and I are big outside people. I think we are going to drive each other crazy this winter! Love ya!

Amy J.

Brindley Family est. 1997 said...

Uuuumm... did you get a new calling? What's up with the H25 beehive buzz? And what's the change all about?

kimberlis korner said...

FUN to look at YOUR blog and read so much about things and people I KNOW also!!!!
I had NO IDEA you went sky diving! CRAZY!

SO EXCITED to be a new blogger and try to stay updated with my VERY LARGE extended family!

Love you!

Natalie said...

We are so lucky! Thanks for being such a great cousin. We all really do need to get together! I've been wanting to have you all to my house... but you all live up north! Maybe I'd better come up. Cute picture of you and Amy.

Natalie said...

Me again... I notice you have a link to blurp! Have you been making your blog into a book?! I really want to do this. Have you liked it?! Any tips?!