Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bad Day Update!

So I just have to make a note that I took my car in after it wouldn't start, that had been the 2nd time that week. So being as it's still under warranty and we are leaving for Lake Powell a week from today, I wanted to make sure nothing was wrong and Kris had told me to take it in. So I just got the call to come and pick it up. They have replaced the battery and the alternator both still under warranty, not to mention the rental car also covered under warranty. Yea! We love those warranties!
As for the the temple night dinner... It was a hit. No it was not completely perfect, not everything was done when people started to arrive, the food was nothing spectacular, but you know it was the people. It was so much fun. We have such an awesome ward and it was so fun to have everyone here and just to talk and to get to know people better, not to mention hold my screaming baby. Really, I will get it all right and perfect one of these days, but as for know I'm thankful for the practice and grateful that everyone is so patient and willing to go with the flow! Kris even said after it was all over, "that was really fun, I wouldn't mind doing it again." and for Kris to say that is impressive! "It's not the food, It's the people you eat with." -My Grandma Baird

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jacksonx03 said...

I was wondering what dinner you were preparing for in your earlier post. How fun! Are you the activities committee director? I am glad it was a success and I am glad you got through your bad days! Congrats to your dad, I had no idea he was so involved with scouting.

Amy j.