Monday, September 8, 2008

Molly's Funnies!

Here are just a few funny things that we love about our Molly!
*She is sooooo scared of trucks and I have been really working oh helping her over come this ridiculous fear. We were coming out of swimming a couple of weeks ago and I could hear the garbage truck a street up. Molly of course starts to cling to my leg and I asked if she could hear the garbage man. She said ya and I was finishing putting some stuff in the car and just as I was getting her into the car the truck came around the corner. I said there is the garbage man, say byebye. She started to wave and said "bubye trucka man!" (SIDE NOTE) *that is on of the funnest things. Anything that ends in a K she adds an a sound to the end. Booka, trucka, milka, and the list goes on and on. I think it's when she says fork that scares me the most, that doesn't really sound very good.
*She has picked up a lot of my sayings and she will say them at random times like she pulled on Stella's towel that was on the bathroom counter and it fell on the floor and she immediately said "oh crap"! I have also heard "oh man" several times.
*Her favorite game of all times is Hide and Seek. She is not so good at the hiding, but loves to be daddy's partner and come and find me. She will put her face against the wall and cover her eyes and count to 10 (usually only leaving out 8) then the hunt is on. One night we were playing Hide And Go Seek and I was hiding at the side of her bed. Kris obviously knew where I was and was directing her in the right direction, and was holding her. When they found me I screamed and I think I really scared her because Kris said her diaper got really warm really fast! But she thinks it's so funny when you scare her, go figure, she hates trucks, but like people to scare her?
*Another one of her funny phrases is "Looo Mommy!" (Look)
*This has to be one of the absolute funniest things. Her nick name is Marnie! This started because when you ask her to say Molly that is how she says it, Marnie. So she calls herself Marnie. And she refers to herself in the 3rd person all the time. Marnie's shoes. Marnie Kiss? It is so funny. But I really will call her Marnie and not even think about it now, it started as a joke but now I find myself calling her that, and Kris does the same.
*Funny words are Troll (Remote control), Tata (Towel)
Well these are just a few funnies from our 26 month old sweetheart!

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McKenzie said...

We just pulled up your blog, Kimball's sitting by me. As soon as we scrolled down he pointed to Molly's sweet smiling face "Moie funny". Two little bosom buddies. They make quite the pair don't they.