Sunday, September 28, 2008

Party At The Race Track!

So yesterday was my nephew McKay's Birthday! Holy cow. For his birthday he got to go to the Larry H. Miller Race track to ride in a porsche for a parade lap before the porsche race. We got invited to go. Oh it was SO cool! Molly and Kimball were little buddies and people were asking if they were twins, I know I wish! Not only was Kimball doting over Molly so was everyone else. McKay, Abby, Josie and even McKenzie all took turns loving and playing with Molly. Man she was in heaven. We watched McKay take the parade lap, It was way longer than I thought it was going to be and then we hung around and waited for the race to start. That was really cool, so loud, but way cool. After the race we walked around and looked at the cars and then we stopped to let the kids play on the playground on our way out. They all loved it. I was had gone to my mom and dad's that night to help with my sisters make up for her homecoming dance and to look at some pictures of the girls and then to go to the women's broadcast with my mom, sister, and sister in law. I had only taken Stella and had left Molly at home with Kris. When I got home late last night I asked Molly what she had done with daddy and if she had had fun, Her reply was "K, Car! K, Car!" She still thought that that was so cool that we could go see McKay ride in the car. There were some really cool cars and It was a blast! I have been wanting to get out there to go to a race and this was so cool. Thanks McKay for inviting us. That was way cool.

McKay, Kimball, Abby, Molly & Josie

Josie, Abby, & Molly watching McKay take his lap.
McKay in the race car!
McKay In race car #21
The race!
McKenzie, McKay, & Josie on the tire swing.
Molly & Kimball
You try taking a picture of 5 kids... this was the best I got!


McKenzie said...

This was fun. Thanks for coming!! It made it all the better having to share Tooele with someone.

The Wyler Family said...

sounds like fun!