Friday, August 15, 2008

Olympics 2008

We have been loving the Olympics and spending time late at night catching up on the days events. Our tivo is filling up quickly and we have hours of recorded events. One of which is I won't let Kris erase. It shares the story of the young boy that marched with Yao in the opening ceremony. As I watched I just was catching glimpses as I was walking around the house and thought that this little boy was Yao's son. It was later Kris told me the story and then I caught the story later during the coverage about this little boy and who he really was. I was shocked and amazed when I heard he was a 2nd grader that had survived the earthquake and that he had gone back into his school class room twice to help save two other class mates. When asked why he kept going back in he responded "because I was I'm the room leader"! I was so touched that this little boy was so dedicated to his job being room leader that he would risk his safety to save his class mates. Well we have heard other touching stories and that is why I have loved the games. These are outstanding individuals. We are rooting for Micheal Phelps, Hoff, Tores, Coughlen, Shawn Johnson and many other athletes that just amaze me! It has been incredible to watch these ordinary people (that could be debated) doing extraordinary things.

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EJNielsen said...

Did you notice that the boys' flag is upside down? Just something funny to look it.