Monday, August 25, 2008

6 Weeks!

I can't believe that Stella is almost 6 weeks old. Holy cow! She has grown so much. She has gained some wight, but more that chunky she is so long. When I put on her pj's she fits in them really well... No room to grow length wise and these are 0-3 mon Jammie's. Most of her Jammie's also are short on the sleeves. She has started to smile at will as well. I love when they start to smile at you. She is awake more now and she is getting a bit more consistent with her sleep, we still have some room for improvement there but she is getting it. They just grow too fast, it makes me so sad. Here are a few pictures we took yesterday.


Nessa said...

Your girls are so gorgeous! My little niece, Eve, was born just 3 days after Stella and she's getting chubby and smiley too. Babies are so much fun!

The Wyler Family said...

she is so beautiful. both of your girls are.

jacksonx03 said...

Cute girls! I love the photos, did you do them yourself of have them done professionally? WEll you sound like super mom and like you're doing a good job!

Amy J.