Thursday, August 14, 2008

Funny Girls!

I know, Stella totally looks like she is doing a back bend, but she isn't really I promise! I just the way she sleeps and how her dress is laying!

You know it's so funny now that I have two girls. I seem to find a lot of ways in which the girls are very similar and ways that they are so different. I know it's hard to tell a lot about Stella's personality now, but funny little things she will do I have seen Molly do when she was her age. On of those things is sleeping with her arms above her head. I don't know if this is something all babies do or just my girls. It's so funny because from day one they don't want to be totally swaddled. Both girls like their arms out of the blanket and above their head while they sleep. Now if only we could get Stella to sleep like Molly did at her age. I should give her more credit, she had an awesome night last night. Way to go Stella:) Mommy loves those good nights and late mornings!


Bruner Family said...

So cute Linds! Brynlee also has slept (from day 1) with her hands over her head :) It took Justin to figure out that when we swaddled her we had to leave her arms out :) He always seems to pick up on those things :) Anyways, she is such a cutie...even if she is keeping you up all hours of the night! Did you buy a new camera as well? Or do you want to learn photoshop first?

Camille said...

so cute! my kids have always liked having their arms out too. i love love love that leopard print blanket, totally adorable.

The Wyler Family said...

how funny. so you had your awesome sleeper first and the not so great sleeper second. maybe i'll have a good sleeper the next time around. is that how it works? i have always been so scared to take pics of ethan sleeping for fear i will wake him up. :)