Friday, August 29, 2008

Hanging With Family!

My sister and her husband are out of town for a few days, and my mom is watching her kids. So yesterday I packed up the kids and we geared up for the hour ride, which is not really all that bad really. Even though Stella has had colic she has found comfort in the car, for the most part. If we are on the freeway it's better, she hates the stop and go of city driving. Molly loves Elmo and Barnie, thank goodness for our DVD player. The rule is any drive longer than 45 min. Molly can watch a movie. Once there we got to spend the day with Josie and Kimball, the other kids were at school and so we spent the day hanging out and playing. Josie and I had a nice game of Go Fish when Molly and Kimball went down for their naps. She won both times and then asked if we could stop playing, that kid cracks me up! It's so fun to watch Molly and Kimball together. They are only 3 mon apart and so they have just been little buddies since they were born. I always love to go to my mom's because there is never a lack of someone to talk to. My little sister Whitney was there and she is always full of energy and just a blast. Then My other little sister (who just moved out a few days ago) came home to hang out with us, she is always so cute with the kids. Then my sister in law Sierra came up and hug out with us. Molly loves going down there, she loves all of her aunts and it's so funny to hear her ask the rest of the night "where's Sierra?" The last stop was I took my mom and Sierra to look at a couch for the basement. They are such good sports. Both had a kid in hand while I ordered the couch...Yea for help and Yea for a couch. By the time we get on our way back home it's always late, but well worth the trip. It was fun to see the kids and let Molly play with her cousins. Abby was so cute with her while they were playing house. I'm always excited to go hang out with my family, it's a break, not a sleep break and most of the time we go, go, go, but it's nice when we just all sit and visit!
I just was thinking back on how Kimball & Molly have been buddies from the beginning. This is when Molly was about 4or 5 mon and Kimball was about 1 or 2 mon. Yes Molly was a spit up queen that is what is all down the front of her... This is what she looked like ALL of the time! her pants are undone to prevent any potential spit up. I love that they are holding hands.
Aren't they so cute.
This was the 4th of July so Molly was one that day and Kimball was 9 mon. This was the late night movie on the side of Grandma and Grandpas house, a family tradition. Molly on the left and Kimball on the right.
This was Kimball and Molly all day yesterday. Kimball would come and take Molly by the hand and Molly would cover her mouth with both hands and just laugh, and then Kimball would laugh and so would the rest of us. They were so cute!
Molly and Kimball having the rest of there lunch.

Josie, Abby and Stella. Grandma is helping Abby hold Stella, but requested that she not be in the picture, bummer!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Molly & Stella,
I had fun with Molly and I got to hold Stella, and I love her, I really do. And I liked it the whole time. I can't believe Molly has a baby, I can't believe it at all. I liked that you came to Grandmas. I love me & I love you. tttrynnnn bbbbvvnlbnbbnbbyty4hvvcb4hvv. (I like her)