Friday, August 1, 2008

Big SIster Sayings!

Molly has been so cute with Stella and there have been some moments that just seem to melt my heart when I hear her talk about or talk to Stella. The first one... I know I shouldn't think that this is really cute, but I do. Last Sunday I snuck into sacrament meeting late and was planning on leaving early so we didn't have a thousand unwashed hands touching Stella, and I kept the blanket over her car seat the whole time. The little boy in front of us was kept pulling the blanket off and trying to look inside the car seat. This is the same boy that seems to bully Molly in the nursery. Molly without missing a beat and with out really even looking up yells... "NO! My baby!" I did get mad at her for not being nice and not being quiet which was the bigger one I was worried about, but how could I not help feel a little proud that my crazy 2 year old was being so protective of her little sister? The next one is really quite funny and totally describes how my house and life is these days. I was taking Molly to swimming and Stella was screaming, she doesn't cry as much as Molly did, but she is LOUD! Molly trying to be heard is yelling as loud as she can...MOMMY, MOMMY, MOMMY, MOMMY... if you're not getting the point it was over and over and over again. I was just laughing in the front seat and I'm sure everyone around me was wondering why the lady in the car next to them is just laughing, if only they could hear. Finally Molly blurts out, MOMMY, BOW, EYES! I look in the back and sure enough the bow is over Stella's eyes. I thought that was so cute that she was watching out for her. The last one that I will share is when we were going to pick up Kris yesterday form dropping off his car, I know what is up with us taking cars in lately? Stella was again whiny and crying and Molly kept saying "It's ok Della, It's ok Della" she would say it any time she started to whimper or cry, and then when we got there and Stella really started to howl Molly was holding up her water cup saying, "WA WA!" and then would point to Kris and I and say, "Mommy, Daddy!" She was trying so hard to distract her it was so cute! I'm so glad that Molly loves her little sister, lets hope that they keep it up for years to come:)
*Just a side note, this picture was taken at another time when her bow had gotten pulled over her eyes, not while I was driving!


the beus family said...

I love Molly standing up for her little sister and looking out for her, she's so proud! I can relate to the whole "mommy" repeated over and over in the car.
You asked about putting pictures together...I'm cheap so i didn't get photoshop, so I just downloaded a free photo editer called photoscape that I googled. I really don't know much about that kind of stuff, but just so you know that's what i did.

Kate Lorraine said...

What great stories of a great big sister. Thanks for sharing. BTW: I can only image the germs that could happen at church.
I love that you have her wearing bows. I have heard if you don't start right away, they are not use to it and will never leave anything on their head later in life. Little Stella is a cutie!

Natalie said...

Great stories, Linds! Molly is such a great big sister, looking out for Stella in all different circumstances! Sounds like things are crazy with 2... but going well! What a good mom... and big sister!

brittani c. said...

what a great big sister she is...they are going to be cute little friends when Stella gets a little bit older.