Friday, August 15, 2008

All Abord the Potty Train!

That's right. We haven't really started the actual Potty Training, but we did get a little potty to fit on the toilet that is just Mollys size. She thinks that it's sooooo cool! She askes several times a day if she can go potty. She hasn't yet accomplished the real goal, but she likes to just sit on her potty. I'm not pushing it, but as long as she is excited about it, i'm not going to stifle it either! Here's to hoping!


Ashley said...

That's important. Sounds like she is taking a great step in the right direction. My hardest part was the patience. Just know she will have to do the same things about a thousand times before she starts to understand! Good luck!

The Wyler Family said...

i can't tell you how much potty training frightens me. ethan might just be in diapers until he can potty train himself. :)

Kari said...

Good luck! My girls all potty trained just after they turned 2 and really didn't take much time. Give her lots to drink so she learns what it feels like to "have to go" and once you put her in panties don't go back!!! We used pull-ups at night for a little while but never during the day. It was a mess for the first day or 2 but they were virtually accident free within a week!