Saturday, August 30, 2008

Chalk One Up For The Big Girl!

What a huge day for Molly! We had gone swimming over at Nana and Pa's house and after she got out of the pool I went in the house to get a diaper for her and she said she wanted to go potty, I have heard that a lot lately, but it's just been sitting on the toilet. I usually just say later. But I was thinking what the heck I'm not busy so I took her inside to sit on the toilet, and guess what? That's right we heard the tinkle! Holy cow! I was shocked and still am. She is still my baby and I can't believe she has gotten so big. I'm so proud of her. When we went grocery shopping later today we got some fun toys to use as potty treats and for her first potty treat we gave her an Elmo movie, one of her favorites tied with Barney. But it was an Elmo Potty video. We got some little bath toys that came in a bigger pack for when she goes #1 and then some of the dollar books and a couple of videos for when she goes #2. Wow I really have been looking at her lately and I'm just amazed she is growing so fast. Way To Go Molly!!!!!!!

I love that she is getting so funny about posing for pictures. What's up with she shoulder shrug? She just cracks me up!

Molly's Potty Treats!


The Bairds said...

Alright! that's great! She's such a fun little girl.

Natalie said...

She's totally posing for the pictures! Ha! Way to go Molly! Good luck!