Friday, November 28, 2008


Thanksgiving with the Baird side is soooo much fun! There is always a plethora of food, not to mention plenty of family and friends to catch up with! This year was especially amazing. There were 2 different families (a brother and sister, and then a young husband/father that was away form his wife and baby. His lives in Taiwan, but is here going to school and then will go back home to be reunited with his family) all three of these people had connections to my sister who is serving a mission in Taiwan. The young husband/father had called my dad the day before his birthday and said that he had just gotten a call from his wife, she had just gotten home form being on splits with my sister and she mentioned that it was her dad's birthday the next day. So they got my parents # and called to wish him a happy birthday form my sister. Oh I just started to cry when they were all talking about what an awesome missionary she is. I just miss her so much, but know that there is no better place for her at this time. I'm so proud of her. I know this was not an easy decision, but what blessings she will have! It was an awesome Thanksgiving! I didn't really pull out my camera so I don't have pictures, but I loved it!

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Angie said...

Sounds like a really special Thanksgiving. I'm so glad. Your girls are seriously dolls. And I sure think Molly looks like you. What a cutie. The Thanksgiving gift that your mom and McKenzie I'm sure spent hours and hours. How priceless. One of these days I want to put together a CD of all the songs my mom used to sing to us. It's fun to keep in touch Linds!
angie (atkinson) whittemore