Thursday, November 13, 2008

Giving Thanks: Day 13 {Prespective}

So today I took the girls to get their pictures taken. I wasn't wanting to get them ready before we left so I took everything thing I needed and figured I would get them ready at Kate's. I knew the second I did Molly's hair she would either pull it out or put her blanket over her head. First thing Molly did when I put her in her car seat was put her blanket over her head. (totally glad I waited) When I got there and was getting the girls ready I realized I had forgotten socks for Stella. (bummer) so I kept going and started to do Molly's hair... Oh ya Stella's socks were in the bag with all of the bows!!!!!! Nice. Well cute Kate found what she could to help me out and we made due. I figured I could be totally bugged that I had forgotten a major part of their wardrobe or I could just go with the flow and not stress. Maybe it's that I have total faith in Kate and her photography skills but I was glad that I had the sense and perspective I did and was able to let it just roll off my back!

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