Sunday, November 23, 2008

Giving Thanks: Day 23 {Figuring out Stella}

After 4 straight days of screaming form Stella I decided to go to young womens today (that's our first meeting at 9 am) and then bail so that we could take Stella to kid care (it's ista care with pediatricians) and find out the problem. Being as we had already taken her in on Mon for her well baby visit and she has been fighting a cold and then got the flu, and then we found out she has had thrush for weeks and still through all of that she has been a happy baby so when the screaming started Wednesday night I knew something was up. We took her in and guess what? Yep an ear infection! Well It's nice to know what is going on and now we can fix it, Hooray! Hey who knows we might even get some sleep tonight!

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