Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Big Girl! 4 Months

Stella is such an awesome baby, not a great sleeper, but an awesome baby! I just love this little thing more and more everyday. She is so dang cute and will just sit and smile and giggle. She constantly has her hands in her mouth but loves anyone to talk to her. You never have to work too hard to get a smile! She no longer wants to be held like a baby... She thinks she is a big girl. She likes to stand up and she holds her head up very well. I can be holding her and she will just stare at Kris until he looks at her and then she is all smiles! Oh she is so cute. I feel bad that when I took her in to her 4 month well baby check she wasn't so well. She has thrush and has for weeks but you would never know by her disposition, (unless it's bed time) Well this morning she woke up with what Molly has and has been throwing up. The poor thing, yet she is still smiling. I just wish she would stay little for a bit longer.
Time seems to be moving too quickly!
Here are her stats...

*Weight 12 lb 15 oz 31% You go girl Molly has been 2% since her 2 month check up it's nice to have a kid with some meat on her bones!
*Height 25.5 in 89% Yes she is taking after my side of the family and I have already started to tell her that she is so lucky to be tall, her aunts will tell her it's not good, but from the runt of the family I wish I had a few more inches!
*Head Circumference she is 42 cm 75%

She is growing so well and is such an amazing addition to the family (YES HER PREGNANCY WAS WELL WORTH IT)
She got 3 shots and an oral vaccine coctail as well and she was a trooper especially for being sick!


Camille said...

those pictures are tdf!! seriously so stinkin cute!!! love the brown :)

Liz said...

Time sure does fly. Your girls are so cute in there pictures.