Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Giving Thanks: Day 4 {Our Country}

How grateful and proud I am to live in this amazing country! We are so blessed to have freedom and rights. Today I'm grateful for this as I had the opportunity to go and vote this morning! I was there early about 6:30 and was the 4th person in line the first to vote on my machine and I just feel proud to be an American! To go further in depth I am soooo grateful for those who have fought for our rights and freedom from the beginning. I'm thankful for amazing men and women who defend this right past and present, and who help others obtain these same blessings. My great grandfather fought in WW1 and my grandfather in WW2, and I have uncles, cousins and cousin in laws that are serving their country now! Thank you all, We love you and we pray for you! How blessed we are!
Yea! I voted!

Being as I was early I was able to witness all of those that were working the pools take the oath, That was really cool!
Here we are, all of the early risers ready and waiting to vote!


Ashley said...

Wow! You sure got your vote in early in the morning! Good job!

brittani c. said...

Great! I'm glad we were thinking on the same lines. :) Go, USA!

Angie said...

What a neat idea. You never how realize how blessed you are until you actually stop and write it down. Love seeing all the pics of your cute little family.