Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Keeping Molly Busy!

I have had to get really creative the last few weeks to keep Molly busy. I always worry about her coloring because I am not one who loves to clean pencil, crayon, marker or anything like that off the wall, So I came up with this idea... She had so much fun and we kept this out for days. It was so much fun to doodle with her and she was happy to color with the color pencils. What a fun activity for her. We are coming up with new things everyday!


Brindley Family est. 1997 said...

Does she do playdates yet? Those always saved me from Kamryn's boredom.

Natalie said...

great idea. Hannah loves to color. I'll have to try this! She'd love it. What other new things are you coming up with?!